DIY Candy Easter Basket

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This DIY Candy Easter Basket is a fun and entertaining way to create cute and edible holders for Easter Day using different types of candy and supplies.

DIY Candy Easter Basket for Kids

Homemade Easter Basket

This is so simple to make and will for sure be an excellent activity for kids and adults to make together. With spring and summer weather coming to us, this will be a wonderful outdoor activity. It is made entirely out of candy which will excite the kiddos and make them even more anxious for Easter morning to see what the bunny brought to them.

Key Supplies You’ll Need

Candy: You will need Snickers Chocolate Bunny, Reese’s Chocolate Bunny, Sour Patch Bunnies, Swedish Fish, and a Nerd’s Rope.

Supplies: To make sure this craft stays sturdy and looks cute, I like to use paper grass, a sheet of card stock, glue, and tape.

How To Make A DIY Candy Easter Basket

Step 1. You will start by gluing each of the candy boxes together with the short boxes on the end and the longer ones on the sides. Allow the glue to firm and dry for about 15 minutes before continuing. Using the card stock paper, cut a rectangle shape to place on the bottom of the basket and glue it.

Step 2. Tape the ends of the nerd rope and place it on each end of the basket in the center of the short candy boxes. Put your preferred amount of paper grass inside to fill the box. Finally, fill it with your kiddo’s favorite candy or toys.

Substitutions For DIY Candy Easter Basket

You can use some of these suggestions below to alter the craft to your liking.

  • Use any boxed candy that you prefer!
  • You can use any colored paper grass for each child; use their favorite color!
  • If you don’t have any ideas on what to fill it with, you can use things like plastic eggs, jelly beans, peeps, other candies, or toys/trinkets.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you need this to be done quickly or you plan on making a couple of them, I recommend using hot glue instead of regular. This will not only dry faster but make the basket a lot stronger.
  • If you can’t find any paper grass, you can make your own at home. This will take a bit extra work, but it is fairly simple to make. Cut strips of your preferred color paper and make crinkly folds to look like grass. If you would rather not do this, you can skip it and use a green card stock OR use green tissue paper.

My boys absolutely loved their Candy Easter Basket! You can get really creative and make an individualized basket for each kiddo using their favorite treats.

DIY Candy Easter Basket for Kids

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DIY Candy Easter Basket for Kids
DIY Candy Easter Basket for Kids
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DIY Candy Easter Basket

This DIY Candy Easter Basket is a fun and entertaining way to create cute and edible holders for Easter Day using different types of candy and supplies.
Servings: 1 basket
Prep: 30 minutes
Total: 30 minutes



  • Glue the ends of the candy boxes with the shorter boxes on the ends. Let the glue dry. Cut a piece of card stock paper to fit the bottom and attach it with glue.
  • Add a piece of tape to the ends of your Nerds rope. Press the taped ends in the middle of your small boxes.
  • Fill the box with paper grass, plastic eggs, Jelly Beans, candy or little toys and trinkets.

Last Step:

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  • Glue
  • Tape


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  1. 5 stars
    love, love, love this idea!
    It’s simple and unique
    My kids are teens now but, I’m totally going to make them these for Easter this year! Thanks