Easy Apple & Bear Bento

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We created this Bear Bento and Apple Bento Lunch ideas to share with your today and they are SO easy to make!

I have made my boys a ton of fun lunches over the years, but this is the first time we have made Bento themed lunches. We tried out Easy Lunchboxes containers and we absolutely LOVE them! I make my kids lunches every day and have always used what seems to be a billion baggies. I never realized how many baggies I go through until trying these out! My boys love these containers and you can make so many cute themed school lunches that will brighten up their day at school!

Bear Bento

Bear Bento Instructions

  • You can make any type of sandwich with this.
  • Cut the bread in a circle. Use the circle as a guide to cut your other piece.
  • Take the crust scraps and roll them up for the ears. Use the bread scraps to make the mouth.
  • Cut a dark grape in half to make the nose and cut a raisin in half to make the eyes (use what you have).
  • For the clementine bear, cut two half small circles using a knife on the top sides. Flip them out to look like ears.
  • Cut off a small slice from the back side. Cut a small circle from that using kitchen scissors to make his nose. Draw the face on with an edible or black marker…they are not going to eat the peel.
  • Add teddy grahams to complete our Teddy Bear Bento!
Apple Bento

Apple Bento Instructions

  • Cut out a circle from the bread (use a round cookie cutter or kitchen scissors) and snip off a bit from the top to make a apple shape.
  • Spread peanut butter in the middle.
  • Poke a hole on top and add a gummy worm.
  • Spread strawberry jam/jelly on the outside under and around the worm.
  • Cut off your crust scraps to make a stem.
  • Cut a green grape in half to make a leaf.
  • Use an applesauce cup and write a sweet note making an apple heart on the top.
  • Add pretzel sticks (apple stems).
  • Serve with apple juice and you have a complete apple themed lunch!
  • You can also add apple slices in place of the apple sauce.

I do not have time to make fun lunches every day so I plan on using these for homemade lunchable type of lunches…using crackers, cheese, and turkey (without all of that processed junk). Also the pizza style lunchables that they have as well (my boys always beg for those and I never want to get them not knowing what is really in it). This is what the Easy Lunchboxes look like and you can also choose from lots of colors for the cooler pack!

Easy Lunchboxes and bag
Easy Apple & Bear Bento School Lunches

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