Easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops

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We came up with several different fun and easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops for you to make. They are super easy and the kids can help make them as well!

Easter Bunny marshmallow pops

Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops

For these Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops we added pipe cleaners and they came out so cute! There are so many ways to decorate these and here are just a few options.

Easter Bunny marshmallow pops


  • Regular, Jumbo, Stacker & Mini Marshmallows
  • Orange Starburst (for carrots)
  • Green & Pink Edible Grass
  • White Cookie Frosting
  • Black Sprinkles or edible eyes
  • Pink Heart Candies (or sprinkles)
  • Jelly Beans
  • White Pipe Cleaners
  • Decorative Straws or lollipop Sticks

Bunny 1

  • Start out by decorating a regular sized marshmallow.
  • Cut a mini marshmallow in half and attach them on the front using the white frosting.
  • Use black sprinkles for the eyes and a pink heart sprinkle for the nose.
  • Cut a stacker marshmallow in half and cut around the edges to make ears. Attach them with white frosting.
  • Wrap a white pipe cleaner around the top of the straw leaving a opening at the top for the marshmallow.
  • Cut off a piece of pipe cleaner to make the arms. Loop it at the bottom to make feet.
  • Put an orange Starburst in the microwave for 8 seconds and then shaped it into a carrot. Use pieces of green edible grass on the top.

For Bunny 2

  • Use a jumbo marshmallow.
  • Decorate the face using mini marshmallow halves, black sprinkles, pink edible grass, & pink heart sprinkles.
  • Leave a opening at the top to wrap and loop the pipe cleaner into bunny ears.

For Bunny 3

  • Follow the same instructions as the first, but add another regular sized marshmallow for the body.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle to make the arms and wrap them around jelly beans.
  • Cut a stacker marshmallow in half to make bunny feet.

Another Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pop

We made these fun Bunny Pops using marshmallows and left over heart candy. Super Easy!


  • 2 Large Marshmallows
  • 2 Square Marshmallows (the s’mores kind)
  • 2 Mini Marshmallows
  • Pink Heart Candies and Mini Black Circle Candies
  • 2 Edible Eyes
  • White Cookie Frosting and Chocolate Cookie Frosting
  • Lollipop Sticks


  • Push 2 large marshmallows on the stick.
  • Cut the two square marshmallows in half. Cut around 2 halves with kitchen scissors and make the ears.
  • Cut around the other square halves and make the feet.
  • Dip the sides in a little bit of sugar if it is sticky.
  • Decorate the feet and ears with the candy with your white frosting.
  • Attach the ears on the head and the feet on the body with the frosting and let dry.
  • Attach a pink heart candy on the face for the nose.
  • Cut a mini marshmallow in half and attach on the face.
  • Attach a small white heart candy for the bunny teeth. Attach the edible eyes.
  • Pipe whiskers onto wax paper and let dry and attach those.

Easter Bunny S’mores Marshmallow Pops

Most of you know that have been following us for awhile that my boys favorite thing ever is S’mores Pops! We usually do not get through a holiday without making something fun out of s’mores! We decided to make these Bunny S’mores for Easter.


  • Graham Crackers
  • Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Square Marshmallows (S’mores)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Pink Mini Marshmallows (from the multi colored mini marshmallows)
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Chocolate Cookie Frosting
  • White Cookie Frosting


  • Start by cutting the jumbo marshmallow in half and set aside.
  • Cut graham crackers with a round cookie cutter.
  • Break a cracker in half and cut small round pieces for the cheeks.
  • Attach the round graham crackers to the square marshmallows using the chocolate frosting.
  • Take a graham cracker and break it in half. Cut around the edges with kitchen scissors to make the ears.
  • Attach the small round graham crackers to the face with cookie frosting for the cheeks.
  • Use white cookie frosting to attach everything on the face.
  • Cut a mini marshmallow in half and attach those on for the eyes.
  • Use mini chocolate chips for the pupils.
  • Cut the s’mores square marshmallow in half. Cut around the edges to shape for the inside of the ears.
  • Cut the teeth out of those scraps.
  • Cut another square marshmallow in a triangle on the side to make the whiskers.
  • Use a pink mini marshmallow in half for the nose. Attach everything on with cookie frosting.

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