Fox Fruit Snack

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We made this cute Fox Fruit Snack using a mandarin orange and cheese. This is so easy to make and is a fun and healthy Fall snack that the kids will love!

fox fruit snack

Fox Snack Ingredients

  • 1 Mandarin
  • 1 Slice of White Cheese
  • 2 Pretzel Dippers
  • 4 Raisins

How To Make A Fox Fruit Snack

Start out by cutting the mandarin in half. Cut off a small piece from the other sides to stand up (without rolling) on the plate and set aside. Place the mandarin halves on a plate. Cut out pieces from the cheese to make the face.

Cut the reserved mandarin pieces into triangle for ears (securing with toothpicks) and a tail. Place the pretzel dippers on the front for legs. Cut a raisin in half for eyes and use the other raisins for a nose and feet.

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