French’s Now Makes Mustard Ice Cream

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Yes, you read that title correctly. The producer of condiments, French, is now making mustard ice cream. We have all seen our fair share of interesting ice cream flavors, such as wasabi and whatnot, and this is another new one.

French's Mustard Ice Cream
photo via French’s

Mustard Ice Cream

French’s wanted a new interesting snack of National Mustard Day, which falls on August 3rd. So, they involved an ice cream and sandwich company, Coolhaus, to help with their plan.

After 115 years of simply using mustard to add flavor to things, they wanted to change things up. The company thought, why not ice cream?

Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case shared her experience with helping their new ice cream. It was a challenge because they wanted to incorporate the brand and taste of the mustard while making a delicious treat as well.

They use real French mustard in the ice cream and then incorporate cake batter to create a delicious snack.

How it Tastes

One described the taste of this new ice cream flavor. It has a creamy base and a rather sweet taste. This ice cream tastes more like a soft pretzel with little hints of mustard. If they didn’t know better, it seemed like salted caramel ice cream.

National Mustard Day

On National Mustard Day they plan to serve their ice cream along with a pretzel cookie. You can get some of this delicious French mustard ice cream in Los Angeles and New York City. Coolhaus will be serving scoops on August 2-4 and August 9-11.

French will also have their own ice cream truck that will be in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Hamptons throughout August 1-3.

However, if you don’t live in any of those cities and still want to try out the new intriguing ice cream, you are still in luck. French has created a recipe that they will share with you all. Now you can enjoy this new flavor of ice cream no matter where you are at.

You can make your own Homemade Mustard Ice Cream with this Recipe!

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