Flower Fruit Snack

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We came up with this Flower Fruit Snack today and they are SO easy to make!

flower fruit snack

Flower Pot Fruit Snack

These would be fun for the kids to make mom on Mother’s Day or just a fun and healthy after school Spring snack for the kids! Takes just minutes to make and the kids can help make these. You could also use other fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon, etc…

What You’ll Need

  • Strawberries
  • Black Grapes
  • Pineapple
  • 1 Green Grape
  • Green Picks
flower fruit snack

How To Make a Sunflower Snack with Fruit

  • Start out by cutting off the top of a strawberry down the to middle.
  • Then cut off the bottom so it will stand up straight.
  • Cut the dark grapes in half & place in the strawberry to look like dirt.
  • Cut out flower shapes using a cookie cutter from a slice of pineapple.
  • Push the pineapple flower on a green pick (you can get these in any grocery stores) and poke it down in the strawberry.
  • Cut a green grape in half and then cut that half into another half. Place the pieces on top to look like leaves.
  • We also cut the tips off of the black grapes pressed them on the pineapple flower to look like sunflowers.

Super easy right?! Here is a top view.

Fruit Flower Snack for Mother's Day!

This is another way that you can make these cute Flower Fruit Snacks using clear plastic cups. This idea is even easier for the kids to make all by themselves and would also be cute for Spring class parties at school!

flower fruit snack
flower fruit snack

Other Easy To Make Fruit Snacks

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3 comments on “Flower Fruit Snack”

  1. My dog loves me

    Thank you for the lovely recipes I was trying to find the perfect small and easy snack for mother’s day now all I have to do is sneakily get her to buy the supplies for her to have the perfect mother’s day!