Girl Saves Her Mom From Drowning After a Seizure

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We as parents will always protect our children no matter what. However, sometimes it is the other way around! Sometimes, our kids end up being the ones to save us, parents! One five-year-old little girl saves her mom from drowning after her mom had a seizure.

Girl Saves Drowning Mother

Allison Saves Her Mom

Allison Anderwald from Texas and her mom Tracy were having a mother-daughter day. They decided to head to Allison’s aunt’s house to spend their day together. While outside by the swimming pool, Tracy had a seizure.

She blacked out and fell face first in the pool. If she did not get any help soon, she would not have survived! Luckily, Allison knew exactly what to do.

Allison remained perfectly calm. She jumped into the pool to her mother’s aide after seeing that her mother was unconscious.

Allison swam over to her mom and using all her strength pushed and pulled her mom to the shallow end of the pool. From there, she flipped her mom over so she could breathe and then ran to get help.

Thankfully, one of Allison’s aunt, Tedra Hunt was making her way to the house anyway. Allison ran and told her what happened. Tedra quickly called 911 and proceeded to the pool. Luckily, the emergency people arrived quickly and rushed Tracy off to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-Memorial.

Tracy was Saved

When she awoke, Tracy could not remember what had happened at all. She was in shock that her own daughter saved her life. Thankfully, there were security cameras and she was able to replay the footage to see her daughter being a hero.

Apparently the doctors noted that if Tracy would have been underwater for any longer, she would have died. Everyone is so grateful that despite her small size, Allison was able to save her own mother.

The doctors also were worried that Tracy would have brain damage for everything that happened. However, because Allison was so quick, there is no damage whatsoever! Allison truly is a guardian angel.

Allison had learned how to swim from such an early age, as young as a toddler. It was due to this that her little body had the strength to pull and swim her mother to safety.

That is why it is so important to teach your children early on how to swim! You never know when it will save someone’s life like this little girl.

The family shared this story because they want to inspire others. They especially want parents to take the time to teach their children how to swim. It is so important in this day and age.

Just like this little girl who saves her mom from drowning, your child could as well.

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