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Halloween Reese’s Spider Cups

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Halloween Reese's Spider Cups

We came up with these fun Reese’s Spider Cups & they are SO easy to make! They take just a few minutes to make & the kids can help make these all by themselves. Who knew that something so creepy could end up being so yummy & cute?!!:)

Reese’s Spider Cups

Reese’s Big Cups
Reese’s Mini Cups
Pretzel Twists (we like Snyder’s)
White Pearl Candies (Sweetworks)
Black Edible Marker
White Sprinkles (jimmies)
Chocolate Cookie Icing

Flip the Reese’s big cup over with the bottom facing up. Attach the Reese’s mini cup on the front using the icing. Break off pieces of the pretzel twists & attach them on the sides using the frosting to look like legs. Color pupils on the white pearl candies using your black edible marker. Attach on the top of the mini cup with the icing. We also attached white jimmies on the front to look like little fangs.

My boys absolutely loved these & these would be awesome to serve at a Halloween party!

Halloween Reese's Spider Cups

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Yet another fun creation my dear. Love them!

These are so cute and looks so simple! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

These turned out so cool! My family is deathly afraid of spiders, so they would be the perfect addition to our "scary" Halloween party this year. I think they could handle them as long as they include all those Reese peanut butter cups. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm pinning these for our party and for sharing.

These look so so yummy! My kiddos would love these! Thank you!


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