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Head Protector Backpack for Babies

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Head Protector Backpack

Babies and toddlers are always falling while they learn to sit up and start to explore. Accidents are expected, but it’s nerve racking to think of their little heads taking a hit. Getting hit on the back of the head could turn into a serious injury, but we have discovered a bee backpack that has a head protector. This comfortable backpack will protect your babies head if they fall backwards.

Bee Head Protector Backpack for Babies

The baby wears the head protector by slipping the straps around the shoulders just like wearing a backpack. The back has a circular protector that is super soft if they fall backwards hitting their head.

Not only does it protect their head, but also helps prevent flat head syndrome when lying down. The hole in the center gives room for the babies skull to keep its proper shape when they lie down for long periods of time.

Check out this cool Spiderman…


or this adorable Owl for girls…

We love how they have turned something safe for babies into such cute designs! Find all of the different styles HERE on Amazon.

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