Study Shows – Keeping A Jasmine Plant In Your Room Helps Reduce Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Depression

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The science is in. Jasmine, a plant with starry, incredibly fragrant blossoms, has the same molecular mechanism of action and is as strong as the commonly prescribed barbiturates or propofol. (source)

I know. That’s a pretty strong statement and one I didn’t make. Prof. Hanns Hatt and Dr. Olga Sergeeva of Germany did.

They suggest that the plant may be used in place of anti-anxiety and sleeping medications. Of course, I’d expect to see a lot more research before doctors recommend it as treatment.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate natural remedies and use them as often as possible. But, if I have to have surgery, please don’t tell me the anesthesiologist has a handful of Jasmine for me to smell!

Jasmine for Anxiety

Jasmine Aromatherapy to Reduce Stress

Jasmine is one of the truly special plants for people who are looking for an aromatherapy answer to stress and sleeplessness.

How exactly does Jasmine work?

Well, it has to do with GABA receptors and nerve cells and neurotransmitters and lots of other scientific reasons.

I don’t know about you, but all that’s not important to me really. I am excited to try it for myself to find out if it works for me.

If you’d like to learn more about the science behind how Jasmine works, click here.

The many benefits of smelling Jasmine:

Experience calmness
Feel restful
Reduce anxiety and nervous tension
Boost mood
Improve cognitive performance and alertness
Improve sleep quality
Balance hormones
Treat hot flashes and mood swings
Increase libido

Jasmine for Anxiety

How to Care for Jasmine

Place the plant near a south window. They love to climb, so make sure you give them a trellis or other support. Jasmine likes plenty of air circulation and a cool place to grow. Prune it regularly.

Jasmine Essential Oil

If you don’t want to try and grow the plant in your home, you can definitely buy essential oil and use that instead. You can use a diffuser for the oil, or simply keep the bottle near you and take a deep, relaxing smell when you’re feeling out of sorts.

Some people love getting a nice massage with the oil and say that the relaxation and mood-lifting effects are wonderful.

You can also dilute it with a carrier oil and put it directly on the skin if need be. Please do take a minute to research a little bit about using Jasmine oil on your body first.

Plants are amazing, aren’t they?

We’ve known for centuries that plants can make humans feel happier and healthier than we feel without them. From improving concentration and productivity to reducing stress levels and boosting our mood, plants are powerful.

What about you? Do you have plants in your home that brighten your mood? Have you tried Jasmine?

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