Upside Down Turtle Watermelon!

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This is so silly, but the kids got a kick out of this Upside Down Turtle Watermelon! I have to say that the adults got a good laugh as well!

Upside Down Turtle Watermelon

Upside Down Turtle Watermelon

We had half of a watermelon and I asked the boys if they could think of anything fun to do with it. It seems like I have seen everything under the sun made out of watermelon so we wanted something different. Their uncle Brian was in the room and said…make it into a turned over turtle. I’m sure he was not thinking that we would actually do it, but we sure did!

We cut the bottom off of the watermelon to make sure it did not roll around. Use the part that is cut off to make the tail. We used 2 green apples. Take one apple and put a tooth pick in the bottom and stick it on the edge of the watermelon for the head. We used a scrap piece of the cut off watermelon for a little support under the apple. Cut four sides off of the other apple. Shape those into feet and pop them in the sides with a toothpick. We used 1 mini marshmallow cut in half for the eyes and 2 mini chocolate chips. We made the mouth with chocolate cookie frosting.

You just can’t get any easier than this!

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