Homemade KFC Halloween Costumes!

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This year we decided to go with a KFC costume theme for our homemade Halloween costumes. Most of you know how much we love making homemade costumes every Halloween and we always have so much fun making them!

Our 2013 Homemade KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Costumes!

Homemade KFC Halloween Costumes

My little chicken boys were in our city of Marietta, GA costume contest last Saturday. They won 1st place as a group! For individuals, my 9 year old Big Chicken won 2nd place, my 7 year old Colonial Sanders won 1st place, and my 3 year old Bucket of Chicken won 2nd place. We had so much fun making these and I can’t believe we got them done with less than a day to gather everything up and put it all together! We are sharing all of our past homemade Halloween costumes below for you to check out as well.

The Big Chicken

Unless you are from Atlanta, GA or have visited here you might be wondering what in the world is that Big Chicken?! We live in Marietta, GA the home of the original KFC Big Chicken! It’s a huge landmark here. If you happen to visit Atlanta and stop to ask for directions it’s pretty much a guarantee that someone will mention turning left or right at the “Big Chicken“.

KFC The Big Chicken

The Big Chicken” is a well known Marietta, GA landmark that rises above a KFC restaurant at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road. It is a large steel-sided structure with a moving beak and eyes.

The Big Chicken History

The Big Chicken was built in 1963 for a restaurant called Johnny Reb’s Chick-Chuck-’N’-Shake (see below). The owner, Stanley R. “Tubby” Davis, created the seven story tall structure as a way to advertise his restaurant. Soon the towering landmark was used as a reference point and phrases like “turn left at the big chicken” or “just one mile south of the big chicken” became common. A few years after construction of the big chicken, Davis sold Johnny Reb’s to his brother who turned it into a franchise of KFC. In 1993, after years of deterioration and recent storm damage, the famous landmark was in danger of being torn down. When news of this plan reached the public, the outcry was so great that KFC agreed to rebuild the entire structure and restore it to its former glory.

My boys always love driving by the Big Chicken. They also love watching the eyes and beak move around. I thought of this costume idea before we had made our April Fools’ KFC Dessert a couple of years ago, but we went with the camping theme instead.

KFC Chicken Bucket Costume

Now lets talk about our individual KFC costumes! Here is my little Chicken Bucket. We had to make this light and easy for my 3 year old to keep on and not complain. The bucket is a clothes basket that we found at Walmart for a couple of bucks and we covered it with poster board. I printed off the 1970’s KFC logo (I just like that one) and glued it on the front. I covered socks with brown paper bags and glued crushed Raisin Bran on top with Mod Podge.

Boy in a KFC Chicken Bucket Costume

We just used what we had on hand and think we ended up with a pretty cute bucket of chicken…don’t ya think?:)

Boy in a KFC Chicken Bucket Costume

Colonel Sanders Costume

Now for our Colonel Sanders! We usually never buy anything extra to make our costumes and always use what we already have. However, we did find this white suit for a really good price and bought it. We had to cut a big white beard (that’s all we could find) to fit & look right. We sprayed his hair white and he also carried around a chicken that looks pretty real. I made his tie from cutting pieces from some black material & sewing it up. My husband remembered he had these old safety glasses and that’s about it!

Boy in a homemade Colonel Sanders costume

Big Chicken Costume

Now for our Big Chicken! Here is our costume next to our real KFC Big Chicken in Marietta, GA.

Big Chicken costume next to KFC Big Chicken

My husband always makes amazing costumes with boxes and shaped a box into this. I was pretty impressed with how this turned out from the beat up box that he had to work with. I was there to decorate and the biggest pain with this for me was hand cutting the letters for the sides.

Boy in a Homemade KFC Big Chicken Costume

The beak and eyes move on the real Big Chicken so we made the beak move up and down which was pretty neat. My 9 year old had fun operating it! 🙂

Boy in a Homemade KFC Big Chicken Costume

Buckets of chicken can be pretty scary as well for Halloween you know!

3 boys in homemade KFC costumes

If you are going to be a bucket of chicken for Halloween you have to lick your fingers quite often because it is finger lickin’ good!:)

Homemade KFC Costumes

Here are my little 1st place winners on stage in the contest! Check out the circus costumes next to them…they were so cute!

Award winning Homemade KFC Costumes

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