Christmas Snack Bags

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These Christmas Snack Bags would be perfect to hand out to the kids for Christmas class parties at school! These take just a few minutes to make and I plan on giving these out to my 4-year old’s preschool class this year. I bet the kids will love these and you will love how quickly you can make a ton of these!

Rudolph Snack Bags

These fun Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Snack Bags are so easy to make using mini pretzel twists.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Snack Bags


  1. Start out by filling up the baggies with the mini pretzels.
  2. Twist a brown pipe cleaner around the top & then shape the ends into antlers.
  3. Glue on the eyes and nose.

We created Christmas Snowman Snack Bags and filled these guys with popcorn…so easy!

Snowman Snack Bags


  1. Fill the baggies with popcorn.
  2. Twist the bottom and then twist around a red pipe cleaner to look like a scarf (we cut the pipe cleaners in half).
  3. Cut out noses from a orange piece of paper. Glue them on the front.
  4. Make dots for the eyes and mouth using a black sharpie.
  5. Cut out hats from a black piece of card stock paper and glue or tape them on the top.

These fun Grinch Snack Bags are filled with green grapes.

The Grinch Snack Bags


  1. Start out by drawing the face on the baggie before you fill it using the black sharpie.
  2. Then cut out the eyes from the yellow duck tape with scissors.
  3. Press the eyes on the baggie and make the pupil using red sharpie.
  4. Twist the top and wrap around the green pipe cleaner.
  5. Shape the ends to look like Grinch hair.

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