Shark Attack Snack!

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Shark Attack Snack!

Discovery Channel is wrapping up their shark week and my boys have been talking sharks non stop! My 7 year old thought we could make a shark out of fruit and this is what we came up with. They thought this was just the coolest snack ever!

Shark Attack Snack

We used 1 red apple, mini marshmallows, 1 chocolate chip, blue jello, 1 gummy Swedish Fish, goldfish crackers, & peanut butter.

We picked a good rounded side for the top of our shark from the apple. Cut a piece of the bottom so it will stand and not roll over. Cut the sides angled to the back to shape the body. Cut out a slit for the mouth. Save the scraps to make the fin. Cut the mini marshmallows diagonally to look like teeth. Attach them with peanut butter. Attach a chocolate chip with peanut butter for the eye. Cut out a fin from the apple scraps and also attach it with peanut butter.

Spoon the blue jello around the shark and add the gold fish. We had gummy Swedish Goldfish so we put one of those in his mouth.

We hope that you are having a fantastic shark week!

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14 comments on “Shark Attack Snack!”

  1. I saw this on Pinterest a while ago, and we made our own on Friday. Our girls loved it! We had to improvise a little on the eye, and were missing the candy fish (and let me tell you, they were pretty disappointed, because it was their favorite part of the picture!), but other than that it was a total success! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I've loved looking exploring your blog!

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