Thanksgiving Turkey Burger Ideas!

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We made two versions of these Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers this year. My boys liked saying Turkey Turkey Burger so that’s what we call them. Just a fun and quick dinner or lunch to make the kids around Thanksgiving time!

These little guys are so cute using sweet potato fries for feathers. This is also a great way to get the kids in the kitchen to create their own Turkey Burger!

Turkey Turkey Burgers Ingredients

  • 2 Turkey Burgers
  • 3 Hamburger Buns
  • 2 Slices of American or Cheddar Cheese
  • 4 Edible Eyes
  • Ketchup
  • Sweet Potato Fries


  1. Put the sweet potato fries in the oven and make the turkey burgers.
  2. Cut a couple of edges off of the cheese and then place the cheese on the burgers.
  3. Cut out feet and a beak from the cheese scraps.
  4. Place the burgers on the buns.
  5. Place on the top bun.
  6. Cut a extra bun in half and cut one half into 2 circles for the head.
  7. Cut the other half into wings.
  8. Place the head on top and the wings on the sides.
  9. Cut the sweet potato fries in half.
  10. Press them on the top back side to look like wings.
  11. Place on edible eyes and squeeze on ketchup to make the wattle.
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger for kids

The kids will have fun making their own turkey burgers! There are so many other things you could use for the feathers like…green beans, carrots, sweet potato fries, mustard, ketchup, etc…

Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers


  • Turkey Burger
  • Cheddar and Provolone Cheese
  • Pickles
  • Hamburger Bun


  1. Cook your turkey burgers in a pan and then set aside to cool down just a bit.
  2. Cut half a slice of cheddar and provolone cheese into feather shapes around the edges.
  3. Slice a pickle and put the slices in the middle of our cheeses.
  4. Place the bottom of the bun on the plate and on top of the feathers.
  5. Add the turkey burger on top.
  6. Use another bottom of a bun to cut out the head and wings with kitchen scissors.
  7. Cut out pieces of scrap provolone cheese for the eyes (we used a very small round cutter).
  8. Cut out the beak and feet from the scrap cheddar cheese.
  9. Cut the tips off of the pickle for the eye balls.
  10. Squeeze ketchup on for the waddle.

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  1. Michelle | Creative Food

    I love how you used the sweet potato fries! Looks yummy and easy to make– will def have to try ๐Ÿ™‚

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