What This Guinness World Record Mom Can Teach All Moms

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Cynthia Arnold, a mom of 3 from Montana, set the Guinness World Record for the fastest full marathon while pushing three kids at the Missoula Marathon. So yeah. She’s the most impressive person you never met.

For me, exercising with kids is like trying to wrangle feral cats while pretending there is any real hope that you’re actually going to complete a workout. This mom though? She is my inspiration and my hero.

Why? Because she routinely puts her 3 kids in one stroller (yes…3 kids!) and runs for miles. Miles! I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even walked to the coffee maker yet.

What This Guinness World Record Mom Can Teach All Moms

Meet a Guinness World Record Mom

Before this marathon, Cynthia had already broken the Guinness World Record once for the fastest-half marathon while pushing a three-person stroller at the Missoula Half Marathon in Montana.

Oh, Cynthia Arnold, teach me your ways. How in the world do you run a marathon (with 3 kids in tow) to break a Guinness World Record? If I could win any Guinness record, it would probably be for most excuses any mom has ever made to avoid running.

She maintained sub-7:20 pace for 26.2 miles with her six-, four-, and one-year-old in tow, says Runners World. They also report that “her three kids combine to weigh about 130 pounds, which brings the total to roughly 185 when taking the weight of the stroller into account.”

I just died. An extra 185 pounds! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear next that she did it while handing out fruit snacks and juice boxes. Please don’t tell us that, Cynthia. We can’t take it.

What this Guinness World Record Mom Can Teach All Parents

1. When you include your kids in your physical activities, like running, they get to see new scenery and experience the sites, sounds and smells of the world around them.

“The atmosphere is perfect for the family, it is the perfect combination of beautiful country scenery and urban crowds in downtown Missoula,” Cynthia said. “We live in rural Montana and see lots of wildlife on the bike path right out my door, I keep a pretty consistent routine and see some regular commuters each day, and the kids like saying hello to the cyclists.”

2. Moms are among the most ingenious, resourceful humans ever.

In order to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, the entire run must be videotaped. When her camera fell off the stroller right before the race started, it didn’t slow her down. With a lot of tape and as much determination, the camera was secure and she was all set in minutes.

Every mom I know has, at least once, fixed a toilet with a butter knife, turned plain “on-sale” hamburger meat into a feast, and magically done laundry when there is no actual laundry soap. 

3. You don’t have to give up who you are and what you love when you become a parent.

“Running with the stroller has so many benefits for running parents,” she said. “Those of us who run know how much it is a part of our identity. You can’t just give that up if you become a parent. The stroller gives one the freedom to carry on a lifestyle with new ones in tow.”

Do you exercise with your kids?

If you are a runner who loads up the stroller and takes off as Cynthia does, you are a remarkable person. Yes, I know that lots of moms (and dads) run while they are pushing strollers. I happen to think you’re all amazing and if I could hand out trophies, each of you would get one. That’s if I didn’t have to run to get the trophies.

I only hope you’ll share your tips and tricks with those of us who want to do what you’re doing.

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