Your Cat Needs This Wall-Mounted Bed

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If you have a cat, you will definitely want to get the newest thing for cats out there. Your cat will want this wall-mounted bed, and so will you!

Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

This new invention is called the MYZOO Spaceship Gamma. It is the perfect place for your cat to relax all day long while still keeping on things in the house.

Your cat will enjoy the circular shape of the bed that has an extended window in the front. That way, they can watch you while you cook, clean, or lounge around.

It has one larger opening on one side to allow your cat to safely get in and out. On the opposite, it has four smaller holes that help with air ventilation. Those smaller holes also help cut out all the echos so your cat can safely hear everything but it not be overwhelming for them.

This wall-mounted cat bed also has many different wood finishes to choose from, so it can match any furniture setting in your home. Some of those choices include walnut, light brown, and oak, to name a few.

You also have the option to choose what side the large hole is on, depending on your living arrangement.

Bubble Wall Cat Bed

Other Options

This is not the only bed like this, however. If you want this type of bed, but not on the wall, they still got you covered. You can get a bed that has two bubble windows on both sides and sits on the ground.

They also have the option to add accessories as well. Your wall-mounted bed can have a food bowl attached to the side as well. It has a weight limit of 33 pounds.

Bubble Wall Cat Bed

Equipment Required

The best thing about this bed is that you don’t have to buy anything extra to get it all set up. All the equipment to mount the bed to the wall comes with the bed.

The base is made out of wood while the window is transparent acrylic. The bed weighs 12.5 lbs and measures 25.6 inches long x 16.5 inches in diameter. The opening on the side of the bed is 8.6 inches in diameter.

This is the perfect cat bed for a cat who likes to lounge around and observe others. It is new and modern and will look amazing in anyone’s home. You can find them on Amazon, so you don’t even have to leave your house!

Head on over to amazon and get your cat a new bed that they deserve!

You can purchase this Awesome Bubble Wall Cat Bed HERE!

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