Autumn Brittle

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Autumn Brittle is a sweet, salty, and crunchy white chocolate snack filled with candy corn, pretzels, and sprinkles.

Autumn Brittle on a checkered table cloth.

Fall Brittle

This recipe is simple to make and comes out tasting so good! All you need to make it is a short list of ingredients and a microwave. In just minutes, you can have a festive treat that is perfect for the Fall season. This is a vibrant and delicious recipe that is great for lunch boxes, an at-home snack, or desserts.

Key Ingredients You’ll Need

Sugar: You will need sugar and corn syrup to sweeten the mixture. The corn syrup will also add a shiny finish to the brittle.

Add-Ins: To make the brittle pop with color and have sweet and salty flavors, I use mini pretzel twists, Fall sprinkle mix, and candy corn.

White Chocolate: This will be used to keep everything in place and stuck together. You will use baking soda to add air to the brittle mixture.

How To Make Autumn Brittle

Step 1. In small bowls, measure out all of your ingredients. Since the candy will harden rather quickly, you will need the ingredients ready to add in, so make sure not to skip this part. Add the sugar and corn syrup into a medium-sized and heat-safe bowl. Heat the ingredients on high for 6 minutes in the microwave making sure to stir halfway through. Use parchment paper to line a cookie sheet. Take the sugar mixture out of the microwave and put in the butter and heat for an additional 1 minute in the microwave.

Step 2. Take the bowl out again and add in the Mini Pretzels, salt, and Vanilla, and heat for another 15 seconds before taking it out again to add in the baking soda. Mix until light and foamy. Pour the mixture onto the prepared pan and use two spoons to evenly spread it into a thin layer. Allow the mixture to cool for 30 minutes until set or hard to the touch.

Step 3. In a heat-safe bowl, add the chocolate and melt until smooth. Drizzle the melted chocolate on top of the brittle using a fork or small spoon. You want to leave enough space so you can still see the brittle in between the chocolate. Top with the Fall sprinkle mix and candy corn. Press the candy gently into the melted chocolate. Let it set for about an hour until fully hardened and cool. Break into pieces, serve, and enjoy!

Do I Have To Make This With White Chocolate?

No, you can use other kinds of chocolate for this recipe if you don’t have white chocolate. The best alternative is milk or dark chocolate.

Best Way To Cut Autumn Brittle?

If you want a clean sliced square of the brittle, you will want to cut it while it is still slightly warm. Once it hardens it will be fragile and break easily.

Tips & Tricks

  • Place any leftovers in an airtight container for the best storage method. This brittle can last up to 10 days.
  • Make sure to use parchment paper to layer your brittle to keep them from sticking together.
  • Best left at room temperature. It needs to be left in an area that isn’t too cold or too hot. You don’t want it to become too hard and tacky or too melted and sticky.
A hand holding a piece of Autumn Brittle.

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Autumn Brittle on a sheet pan.
Autumn Brittle Feature
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Autumn Brittle

Autumn Brittle is a sweet, salty, and crunchy white chocolate snack filled with candy corn, pretzels, and sprinkles.
Servings: 12 pieces
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Cooling Time: 30 minutes
Total: 50 minutes



  • First, measure out all your ingredients into small dishes you can pour into the Bowl of Candy because the Candy will begin to harden quickly, you’ll need the ingredients ready to go to follow the recipe, and won’t have time to get them together after you start.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  • In a Microwave safe medium size bowl, add the Sugar, and Corn Syrup, and stir together.  Place in the Microwave for 6 minutes, on HIGH, stirring halfway through, at 3 minutes.  Line a Cookie sheet with Parchment Paper, and set it aside.   Remove from the Microwave, and add the Butter, and Microwave for 1 minute. Remove Bowl, stir in Mini Pretzels, salt, and Vanilla, and Microwave for 15 seconds.
  • Remove Bowl, and stir in Baking Soda – the mixture will be light and foamy.  Quickly, pour the Brittle out onto the Parchment Paper lined Cookie sheet, and spread out into a thin layer with spoons, or forks – you’ll need two utensils to spread the Brittle.  Let the Brittle cool for about 30 minutes, and make sure the Brittle is set, or hard to the touch.
  • Melt the White Chocolate in the Microwave, and stir until smooth.  Using a Fork, or small spoon, drizzle the melted Chocolate over the Brittle, leaving enough space for the Brittle to show through the chocolate.  Sprinkle the Fall Sprinkle Mix, over the melted Chocolate, and add the Candy Corns, pressing them slightly into the white chocolate.  Allow about an hour for the Chocolate to completely harden, and all ingredients to cool completely.   When Brittle is cool, Break into pieces.  Serve, and Enjoy!

Last Step:

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  • cookie sheet
  • Two Forks or Spoons to spread the candy
  • 6 small dishes for ingredients
  • Airtight container to store the Brittle


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