Baileys Has A New Piña Colada Flavor!

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With summer right around the corner, it is time for some fun and relaxing time with a new Baileys Colada! Last year it wasn’t like most summers, so thankfully things are slowly getting back to somewhat of a normal summer.

Baileys just made a new Pina Colada flavor and I am all for it!

Baileys Colada
image via Baileys

Baileys Pina Colada

This is a brand new limited-time edition drink and it is completely amazing. Just read the product description and you’ll be wanting one immediately!

“Soak up the bliss of sunshine in a bottle with Baileys Colada Irish Cream Liqueur, a unique twist on a favorite tropical treat. Made with our irresistible Irish Cream and notes of tropical fruit, our 34 proof Limited Edition liqueur blends the flavors of sweet, creamy coconut with notes of juicy, ripe pineapple. For a delicious summertime cocktail, simply enjoy this with ice or served over crushed ice. Please drink responsibly.”

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect summer drink?

Baileys Colada
image via Baileys

Pina Colada 

A traditional pina colada consists of rum, coconut, and pineapple. It is the perfect tropical drink to make you feel like you are relaxing on the beach in Hawaii.

Baileys decided to take all the flavors in a pina colada and mix it together to create one great liqueur.

Blend this drink to make a smoothie or drink over ice. You can even create your own drink and use this as a mixer.  Either way, you will love it!

Baileys Colada
image via Baileys

They even have a list of recipes you can use to create amazing drinks.

This cocktail has a 17% ABV, which means you will love your summer with this drink in your hand. Grab yours now!

Find Baileys Pina Colada via Drizly HERE!

Who needs this drink in their hands right now? I know I do! What recipe will you make with this pina colada drink from Baileys?

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