Bee Hive Fruit Snack

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Spring is here and so is the pollen! We thought this would be a good time to make a fun Bee Hive Fruit Snack and teach my 2 year old about bees! A great way to get your little picky eaters to eat some fruit for a after school snack!

Bananas and grapes on a blue plate that resemble a bee hive and bees

We have had record pollen counts here in Atlanta, GA with 8,164 particles of pollen per cubic meter of air!! There is yellow everywhere you look along with puffy eyes and sneezing!

There are so many ways you could make this cute bee snack. Pineapples would also work well with this, but my 2 year old is a banana boy. Get creative with what you have on hand and let your kids help to create it!

Bee Hive Fruit Snack

  • 1 Banana
  • 4 Dark Grapes
  • 1 Yellow Starburst
  • 1 Mini Marshmallow

How To Make This Bee Fruit Snack

  • Slice the banana and place the slices on a plate in a hive shape.
  • Cut the dark grapes in half. Place 3 halves on the bottom of the hive.
  • Make bees with the other halves.
  • Make your stripes by microwaving a yellow Starburst for 6 seconds. Flatten out with your fingers and cut in strips using kitchen scissors. Place the strips on top of the dark grape halves.
  • You can also cut little pieces for the antennas.
  • Cut a mini marshmallow in 4 pieces to make wings.

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13 comments on “Bee Hive Fruit Snack”

  1. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    I'm a banana girl and I love how you used the slices to make the bee hive. It's perfect.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  2. Jill!! You have the best ideas ever. I love when you link up for my Pity Party. As the host of the Queen Bee Market, I especially love this one!!

  3. Tiffany@VintageMarigold

    Super cute and something that is quick which I can do! Thanks for sharing it! Tiffany