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Bunny Butt Fruit Snack

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Bunny Butt Fruit Snack

We came up with this fun Bunny Butt Fruit Snack the other day and my boys loved this for their after school snack! We wanted to make a fun and healthy snack for Easter and this definitely made them smile!

Bunny Butt Fruit Snack

1 Red Apple
Dark Grapes
Green Grapes
Mandarin Oranges
Whipped Cream Spray

Cut several dark and green grapes in half. Cut the red apple in half. Take off the peel using a knife. Place the peeled apple half on a plate. Arrange the dark grape halves around the apple. Then line the outside with the green grape halves. We cut the other apple half into another half. Cut around the edges to shape feet. Cut the outline of circles for pads and then cut off the peel around those circles. This will leave the red peel on the little circles for the feet. We used a few mandarin oranges to look like carrots and cut grape halves for the lettuce and carrot stems.

Easy to make and fun for the kids to help with!

Here are my 3 little boys with their fun Easter fruit snack….

Bunny Butt Fruit Snack

Oh…and one more thing! We sprayed whipped cream on for the tail. You could also cut a large marshmallow in half and it would look just as good!

Bunny Butt Fruit Snack Close Up

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How cute, I love it! Another great snack idea.



Very cute! I'm sure the boys giggled and loved it:@)

That is so cute!! Erica

this is super cute! Love the mandarin orange carrots!! 🙂

lol! love it!

haha this made me laugh, and how cute are your boys?! xx

I would love it if you could share this on my link party ~ Serenity Saturday

Natasha @

How cute! You have such creative ideas, I love them!!

Sarah Lynn @

I love your ideas and this one is adorable.

That's so cute!

Love your creations! Thanks so much for joining me at Two-Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker. I hope to see ya again tomorrow night.

What a sweet idea!!! I will definitely make this for my son. I hope he likes it 🙂

I love bunny butts and this snack is so sweet!

I never thought to make bunny butt but I do have smiles over it!


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