Crochet a Tiny Couch for Your Cat!

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Cats love being enveloped in warmness and cozy things. That is why now some cat owners are crocheting a tiny couch for their cats. They are the cutest things you will ever see. You can crochet a tiny couch for your cat too!

Crocheted Cat Couch

If you were wanting to crochet your own cat couch, you can! It comes from a 1998 pamphlet called, “Crochet Kitty Couches” by Candy Clayton. Annie’s Craft Store has them available for either a digital download or a printed copy. It has three options to choose from depending on your cat’s preferences.

We spotted these Crochet Cat Couches on Etsy from Wolyn Creations…

Crochet Cat Sofa

You can choose from a pink chair, blue couch, or a green sofa to crochet for your cat. You can choose any color you want though for each pattern. The pink chair and blue couch have decorative pillows to go along with the patterns. The green comes with an afghan for decoration.

The inside is made by filling it with a piece of foam along with some polyester. This way it looks like an authentic couch. The best part is that you can alter each pattern to fit your cat personally. You can add length if your cat is bigger, or keep it normal.

We found this adorable Crochet Cat Sofa from Heatloops on Etsy…

Crochet Cat Sofa

Customer Reviews

Many people are reaching out on Annie’s Facebook page to share the beautiful creations they have made. Katie Reynolds shared a picture of her black cat loving the blue couch she made for him.

Others are sharing their results on Reddit as well. One shared how their cat didn’t end up liking the couch and instead chose to sit in a box close by.

Crochet Cat Sofa

from r/blackcats

If you are bored at home during this quarantine, it might be time to start learning how to crochet! Then you can crochet a tiny couch for your cat. If you are on the couch all day, they deserve a couch to sit on as well!

Crochet Cat Sofa

from r/crochet

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