Ding Dong Doggies

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Ding Dong Doggies

We made these cute little doggies using pre made Hostess Ding Dong cakes and vanilla wafers. Just something fun we decided to make one day. My 8 year old actually thought of this one…we just liked the name.:) They were so easy to make and turned out so cute!

Ding Dong Doggies

Hostess Ding Dong Cakes
Vanilla Wafers
Chocolate Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
Edible Eyes
Red Cookie Frosting (you could also use a red heart candy for the tongue)
Brown M&M Candies (or any other brown candy)

Cut some vanilla wafers in half to make the ears using a knife. Take the other vanilla wafers and cut 2 triangles out of the bottom leaving the a small piece in the middle using kitchen scissors. This will be the tongue. Round off the edges with the scissors. It’s very easy and works great!

Take the chocolate cookie frosting and make spots on the ears…if desired. Attach the ears on with the cookie frosting and let dry. In the picture I show the ears placed on 2 different ways. We attached the first ears on the cut side and the other ears are just layed on top. I like the ears attached on the cut side a bit better. Attach the nose on with cookie frosting as well. Use the red cookie frosting for the tongue and the chocolate cookie frosting to dress up the rest of the face. We used a brown M&M candy for the nose and cut off the top of it. We also used edible eyes.
Ding Dong Doggies
We had lots of fun making these! Would be cute and easy to make for a dog themed party or just some fun for the kids to make themselves! Here is a close up…
Ding Dong Doggies
Here is my 8 year old with his Ding Dong Doggy…
Ding Dong Doggies

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