Easter Bunny Butt Bento Lunch

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Easter Bunny Butt Bento Lunch

We created this Bunny Butt Bento today & my boys loved it! This is so easy to make & such a fun lunch for the kids to take to school for Easter!

Bunny Butt Bento

Smucker’s Uncrustables PB&J (or any sandwich cut in a circle)
Babybel Cheese Snack
Bunny Crackers (Annie’s Homegrown)
Hard Boiled Egg
2 Baby Carrots
1 Reese’s Mini White Cup
2 Marshmallow Bits
2 White Jelly Beans
Chocolate Sprinkles

Bunny Butt Sandwich..

Bunny Butt Sandwich

Place a piece of the lettuce in your lunch box & then place a Smucker’s Uncrustable on top. We used a Babybel cheese snack for the tail. We also cut a piece of bread in half & cut around the edges for the bunny feet. We cut raisins in half for the pads.

Bunny Egg…

Bunny Egg

Cut the bottom off using a knife. Cut that piece into ears. Cut a slit in the top & push the ears in. Cut a raisin in half for the eyes. We also cut whiskers from a carrot & pushed them in the sides. Here is a side view…

Bunny Egg

Bunny Crackers…

Bunny Crackers

Reese’s Mini White Bunny….

Reese's Mini White Bunny



We added raisins & cut pieces of mini carrots to make the garden. We also used small pieces of lettuce.

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6 comments on “Easter Bunny Butt Bento Lunch”

  1. Marie bloominghomestead

    Ah, cutest thing ever! Who wouldn't want to dive into this. I love it, thanks for sharing at Sunday Soiree!

  2. Victoria Burke

    That is so adorable! I am saving this idea for next year when my son is in all day kindergarten! So cute!

  3. Carrie at Kenarry Ideas for the Home

    Jill, you've done it again. I love this bunny lunch. Sooo many cute ideas my boys would love.

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