Easy Shamrock Cupcakes

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We came up with two versions of super Easy Shamrock Cupcakes for you to make for St. Patrick’s Day! One version uses our left over conversation candy hearts from Valentine’s Day and the other is a cutout cupcake using a shamrock cookie cutter! You just can’t get any easier than making these cupcakes and they would be fun for class parties at school! Both of these cupcakes use chocolate cake so be sure to try our rich and moist Best Chocolate Cake Recipe if you aren’t using boxed.

Shamrock Cupcakes

Shamrock Cupcakes with Conversation Hearts

We thought it would be neat to find a use for some of the leftover Valentine’s Day candy and came up with these cute Shamrock Cupcakes. We used green conversation hearts and green Sour Punch straws that my boys had from their class parties. You can always keep an eye out for the after Valentine’s Day sales and pick them up for cheap if you don’t have any leftover or you could always pipe these on with frosting.


How to Make Shamrock Cupcapes:

  1. Make your cupcakes.
  2. Frost them with the dark chocolate frosting. (My boys wanted theirs without frosting 🙂
  3. Place 3 green conversation hearts on top in the shape of a clover.
  4. Cut off pieces of the Sour Punch straws for the stem.

Shamrock Cut Out Cupcakes

These Shamrock Cut Out Cupcakes are SO easy to make!

  • Make your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe.
  • Put a few drops of green food coloring into white frosting. We used a cream cheese frosting.
  • When the cupcakes are cooled, cut the tops off with a knife and dust with powdered sugar.
  • Spread on the frosting.
  • Cut out a shamrock with a cookie cutter on the top portion.
  • Place the top back on the frosted cupcake.
Shamrock Cut Out Cupcakes

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