Halloween Spider Pizza

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Halloween Spider Pizza

We were very busy the other night & needed a quick dinner so we decided to make Tombstone Pizzas. The garlic bread is our favorite & my 7 year old wanted to decorate one of them for Halloween. He made this fun Halloween Spider Pizza using olives & turkey pepperoni. Super easy & so much fun for the kids to make themselves!

Halloween Spider Pizza

1 Cheese Tombstone Pizza
Black & Green Lindsay Olives
Turkey Pepperoni

All you do is cut the olives in half. Place some of the halves on the pizza. Take the other halves & cut them into slices to make the spider legs. Also place on pepperoni slices & cut a few other pepperoni into slices for the legs.

How simple is that & kids love this!!

Halloween Spider Pizza

Here is my 7 year old making this fun Spider Pizza….

Here is my 7 year old making this fun Spider Pizza

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