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A Roaring Breakfast

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It’s Waffle Wednesday & our theme this week is animals. We came up with this fun Roaring Breakfast using Eggo waffles, eggs, & bacon. This is a breakfast that the kids will absolutely love & you will be surprised at how easy this is to make! We have had so much fun being Chief Waffle Officers for Eggo & we hope that you have enjoyed our Waffle Wednesday’s so far!

A Roaring Breakfast

2 Eggo Homestyle Waffles
4 Eggo Minis
2 Eggs
1/4 cup Shredded Cheeese
1 Piece of Turkey Bacon
8 Mini Chocolate Chips
1 Mini Marshmallow
1 Dark Grape


Start out by beating 1 egg in a small bowl & beat the other egg in another small bowl. Add the shredded cheese to one of the beaten eggs. Heat up a pan on low heat sprayed lightly with cooking spray. Pour 1 egg in the pan and flip it over like you are making a omelette. Do the same with the other egg. You will then cut them into slices like you would do with a pizza….

Next you will toast the waffles. Cut a square shape out of the bottom of one of the Eggo Homestyle waffles then place it on a plate. Cut the shape of feet with 2 of the Eggo minis using kitchen scissors & place on to sides. Then you will layer the egg slices around the top like this….

Place another Eggo Homestyle waffle on top of the eggs. Cut around 2 of the other Eggo minis & add on as the front feet. We cut out ears & a tail from waffle scraps. We also made the ends of the tail with some of the eggs underneath the waffle. Cut a mini marshmallow in half for the eyes. Cut a piece of turkey bacon to make the whiskers & mouth using kitchen scissors. We cut a grape half to make the nose. We also used mini chocolate chips to make the pupils & paws.

My 3 year old thought really loved this fun Eggo breakfast & had so much fun playing with him & eating him!:)


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  1. SO cute! Love this one.

  2. Can you come over and make me cute lion waffles for breakfast sometime? I'd love it! So much love goes into your food creations:)

  3. Wow, I love it and I think my daughter would love to see it on her plate!
    Gosia | Kiddie Foodies