Ice Cream for Lunch or Breakfast

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Ice Cream for Lunch or Breakfast

My boys loved our Ice Cream for Breakfast that we made awhile back so we thought it would be fun to make a grilled cheese sandwich and bananas look like ice cream for lunch! You could also cut a cone shaped waffle to make this for breakfast as well! We used 2 pieces of wheat bread, cheese, butter, 1 banana, and 1 strawberry.

We cut the corners off of the bread to shape it like a cone. Save the scraps. We buttered our bread and placed our cheese in between to fit on the bread. Grill it up and place on the plate. Take the crust off of the scraps and pinch off pieces of it to cross on top of the bread. You can skip this, but we thought it looked more like a cone that way.

Take 1 banana and slice it. Pile the slices on the top edge of the bread to look like ice cream. Take a strawberry and cut it to look like a cherry.

This is very easy and the kids loved it!

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47 comments on “Ice Cream for Lunch or Breakfast”

  1. I made this waffle grilled cheese look a like yesterday for my daughter as a surprise lunch. I loved making it for her and she thought it was pretty cool. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  2. ~Randee@Randee's Organized Chaos

    Will be making these with waffles tonight!!
    Chaotically following you!! 😉

  3. Marisa Hopkins

    Love this! So, so cute. I used a cinnamon waffle and vanilla yogurt and walnuts for whipped cream and sprinkles and my 4-year-old LOVED eating it for breakfast!

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