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Instant Pot Buttons for Beginners

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The Instant Pot is the hottest cooking innovation to come along in a while. In this post, we’ll take a look at each of the Instant Pot buttons and note what they do.

Instant Pot Buttons for Beginners

There are actually several versions of the Instant Pot. There are Ultra and Duo, Lux and Max and Mini. At last count, I believe there are 8 different types and you can find the highest rated ones HERE.

Each has different benefits and as such, some have different buttons and can do different things.

Must Read: 15 Instant Pot Tips for New Users (and a FREE printable).

Instant Pot Buttons

Delay Start

Set the cooking function you are going to use and set the delayed start time of your choosing.

Keep Warm/Cancel

When the cooking time has ended, the Instant Pot will switch to Keep Warm. It will be kept at 145–172°F for up to 10 hours.

You’ll also push this button when you are ready to turn off the Instant Pot or when you need to cancel something.


Switch between high and low pressure.


Adjust cooking times to LESS and MORE. This is also the button that allows you to change the temperature for Slow Cook or Saute.

Manual/Pressure Cook

Press this button, then use the [+] and [-] buttons to change the cook time. You’ll hear a beep when it’s starting the pressure cooking.

Instant Pot Buttons for Beginners

Slow Cook

This button turns your Instant Pot into a slow cooker.


You can brown meats and saute vegetables using this setting. The really cool thing is that if you’re using the Slow Cooker setting, you can also use Saute to prep the meat and onions, for example.

Wait until it displays HOT before you start.


Yogurt is a little trickier than some of the other things you can make in your Instant Pot. It involves boiling the milk in the pot and incubating the yogurt. More on that soon!

Instant Pot Buttons for Beginners


Cooks at high pressure for 30 minutes. Try: Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup


Cooks at high pressure for 35 minutes. Try: Instant Pot Beef Stew


Cooks at high pressure for 30 minutes.


Cooks at high pressure for 15 minutes.


Automatically adjusts cooking time based upon the weight of the rice.


For rice and grains that take longer to cook. It cooks at high pressure for 40 minutes.


High pressure for 10 minutes.


Cooks at high pressure for 30 minutes to make soft and moist cakes.


Cooks at high pressure for 10 minutes.

Less – Normal – More

Press the same cooking button repeatedly until you get to the setting you need.

[-] and [+] Buttons

Adjust the cooking times up or down.

Which Instant Pot Buttons Do You Use Most?

What version of the IP do you have? Are you glad you bought it, or are there things you wish you’d known beforehand?

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I cook eggs on high for 2 minutes….let the pressure go done for about 5 minutes, release the remaining pressure and the eggs are perfect.

I love making chicken and dumplings in my instant pot. All together it takes about an hour and a half. I don’t need anyother pots. The dumplings are perfect. Best small appliance I ever bought.

Do you have this as a printable for quick access?

I used my ip for the first time last night cooking beef tips.  I did pressure cook for 25 minutes.  But at the end of the time the count down for natural release didn’t start.  Is there something I missed?  Meat turned out great.

It seems you have to season heavily so the flavors are still there after steam escapes.  Am I missing something?

I have the DUO, 6 Qt. I have cooked wings in it about 5-6 times since I bought Black Friday weekend and we LOVE it! I haven’t quite mastered mac-n-cheese yet, but it wasn’t bad.
How big of a roast, chicken or turkey will fit in the 6 Qt and proper cooking times, any tips?

My Instant Pot does not have a Manual button. Do I use the Pressure button instead? Ty!

How the heck does a person get the lid on? I’ve had it since Christmas and still can’t. I’ve had several of my friends try to help and they can’t figure it out either.

Line up the triangle shape on lid with townhome shape on outer lip on front of IP. Tip: three steam vent and release button are supposed to be in the BACK, not the front. (Yep..I do it wrong all the time!)

Just received pot. need to get going on it.

When the recipe calls for a natural release or quick release, do I hit cancel first?

WHEN I turn on the pressure to cook the warm light is on and it won’t go off even when I push cancel.


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