Teen Wins ‘The Biggest Loser’ – 10 Years Later, He’s A Super Hot Firefighter

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If you are working hard at losing weight, good for you! Sam Rouen, the 2008 winner of Australia’s “The Biggest Loser” has some advice.

Biggest Loser Firefighter Weight Loss

On day one of the competition, Sam weighed in at 340 pounds. When he was crowned The Biggest Loser, he was down to a slim 183 pounds and in great shape. Unlike so many others who took that title, he’s kept it off.

In fact, he was on one of those hot firefighter calendars!

Biggest Loser Firefighter

Losing Weight Tips from The Biggest Loser 2008

Based on some of his interviews and his social media page, here are some lessons we can all take away from his experience in losing so much weight and staying fit.

1. Meal prep is a secret weapon.

Sam preps meals in advance, making sure that they feature smart choices, like chicken and vegetables. Prepping meals and snacks is a powerful weapon when you’re focused on losing weight.

Yes, it saves time, which is great. But the really important reason to prep food is to set yourself up for success. When we’re tired we tend to eat more and to be less discriminating about what we eat. Healthy food that’s prepped and ready to eat solves those problems.

Never underestimate the negative power of fatigue over our diet!

Try this recipe for Chicken Fajita Meal Prep Bowls and maybe these Skinny Buffalo Wings. Soooo good.

2. Get your workout in early.

Firefighter Rouen gets to the gym early in the morning. He knows that if you get your workout finished before your day starts, you won’t be tempted to put it off later.

A study by Brigham Young University found that exercising in the morning actually makes food seem “less appealing.” That’s incredible!

3. Maintain your focus.

Sam talks a lot about maintaining focus when you’re losing weight and keeping it off.

He defines his goals, creates a roadmap of exactly what he has to do in order to get there, and removes obstacles that could get in his way.

Your goal might be to lose 1.5 pounds a week up to 20 pounds. The roadmap you lay out would list how you are going to make that happen. Exercise, cutting calories, cutting out carbs – those kinds of plans are the key.

Get rid of things that trip you up and it will be easier for you to make good choices.

A package of cookies in the cabinet is an obstacle. Sleeping late is an obstacle. Being hangry is an obstacle. The good news is you can overcome all of those things.

4. Losing weight isn’t a magic wand that will fix your life.

Imagining life lived as a skinny, super fit person is such a great exercise in motivation for most of us. If we can see ourselves in that body it makes it easier to reach our weight loss goals.

Be warned, though. That same imagination can lead to the belief that if you lose weight, your entire life will be better and all your problems will disappear with the pounds.

In an interview with The New York Post, Sam told Natalie O’Neill that even after losing weight, he has had his share of problems.

He worried about how his body looked before the weight loss. You may find it surprising to learn that after dropping all that weight, he says he still does.

“I had social anxiety going in public,” he said. “I have struggled with body dysmorphia and I still do.”

He worries that the women who stare at him are still doing so because they see the overweight Sam. It’s hard for him to believe that he doesn’t look like that anymore.

Be kind to yourself. Do the hard work of getting your heart and mind in a good place. It’s every bit as important as losing the pounds.

Your weight loss.

Do you think Sam’s experience can help you in some way? What are you doing to get fit? Are you on a specific diet?

Take a peek at our post about the benefits of eating avocado every day and give our delicious southwest egg muffins a try. Soooo good!

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