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Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!

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Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
Here is the Storm Trooper cheese ball. We used 2 packages of cream cheese, 1 packet of Ranch dressing mix, 2 cups of monterey jack shredded cheese, and black olives.

Mix everything together besides the olives. Shape the ball into a Storm Trooper head. Slice up the olives for the face and other details. This cheese ball was actually very good!
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
The Falcon Ship Dip! We just took 2 styrofoam bowls and cut one of them out to make the ship. We had to have something healthy and this is all we could come up with for veggies.
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!

Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
We made sweet and salty sabers with large pretzel sticks and fruit roll ups.

These were so easy and the kids loved them! Just wrap up the pretzel stick with the roll up leaving some of the pretzel sticking out at the bottom.
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
We made Jar Jar Binks in a blanket. These are always a hit at kids parties and we thought the name was cute. We used turkey dogs and croissant rolls.
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
Darth Vader Taters. Another easy dish and well…kids like tater tots!
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
Light Saber Sickles. We thought this would be fun to stick out last minute. We just took different colored popsicles and put them in a bowl. Of course we put them out later so they would not melt.
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
One of the party tables and the birthday boy! We made a giant Darth Vader out of boxes and trash bags. We used one of those pool toys for his saber.ha Another thing that we did was blow up long balloons (the ones people make animals out of) and wrap foil on the bottom for the kids to have their own sabers. Plus…no one gets hurt! They loved them! Forgot to take a picture with all of the craziness of the party.
Lots of Star Wars Party Ideas!
My Troopers and our little Darth Vader. Such a fun party! This will wrap up our week of Star Wars…check out our other postings! We tried to think up original ideas and hope that you can use some of them for your next Star Wars party!

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so cuteeee!!

Oh my gosh, awesome! Like everything I've seen on your blog. Would LOVE for you to come back and share these at my For the Kids link party! Come join the fun!!

How creative and fun! I bet they had a great time!

I'm a new follower from the Welcome WEdnesday hop. Hope you'll visit me at!

Seriously, I was laughing the whole way through reading this. I LOVE your food names! I love this party idea! I've featured your post in my Fab Finds Friday blog post at


Jill, I am loving your party food girl. Those pretzels are so cool, and that cheese ball is awesome. Oh those little piggies, are making me DROOL, I'm so hungry right now.

Thanks so much for sharing this at my new party.

Hugs, Bella :0

great ideas! doing my son's 7th party soon, star wars of course so i am going to have to use some of your awesome ideas!!!

Awesome! Those ideas are so clever!

This party is awesome!

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