Monster Green Smoothies for Kids!

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Monster Green Smoothies for Kids!

We created these Monster Green Smoothies the other day & my boys loved them. I am trying to get my boys to eat more healthy snacks & making them look fun really helps! These would also be really fun for Halloween as well!

Monster Green Smoothies
(makes 2)

2 Bananas
1 Apple
Hand Full of Spinach
4 Raisins
3/4 cup Almond Milk
4 Mini Marshmallows
Hershey’s Chocolate Spread
Lollipop Sticks

Start out by cutting the mini marshmallows in half on a angle to make the teeth. Press them on the inside of a glass. Then add the Hershey’s spread around it using a toothpick. Add the 2 bananas, apple, spinach, & almond milk in a blender & mix. Pour it in the glasses. We cut off 4 slices of the banana before adding it to the mix to make the eyes. Press the slices on sticks. Cut the raisins in half & add them for the pupils & nose.

Monster Green Smoothies for Kids!

Get creative & let the kids created their own Green Smoothie Monsters!

Monster Green Smoothies for Kids!

This is a fantastic way to load your kids up on fruit & veggies. My boys not only loved the monsters, but also loved the way this tasted. I plan on making them one of these every single day. We have also used Kale, & other greens in place of spinach. Use what works for you!:)

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