Over 20 of the Best Camping Fun Food Ideas for Kids!!

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We went on our 1st camping adventure this past weekend and we have Over 20 of the Best Camping Fun Food Ideas for Kids for you!

Over 20 of the best Camping Fun Food & Treat ideas for Kids from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons.com

Our 1st Camping Adventure!

We went camping in a vintage Serro Scotty Travel Trailer that my husband restored. I am not the camping type and never thought I would like it, but we had a blast! He did such a awesome job on this camper! Even though I stepped on a frog (so gross) I really had a great time and can’t wait to go back! The weather was perfect and no bugs!! Things like this make me realize how girly I can be, but I am going to have to toughen up having 3 wild little boys that love to get dirty!

Remember our homemade Camping Costumes from last Halloween! We recreated our little vintage trailer out of boxes! My boys loved them and they won 1st place in the city of Marietta, GA costume contest!

Camping Costumes

Our Serro Scotty Travel Trailer

Here we all are with our cute little restored Scotty….

The table folds down and cushions lay down for the bed. The top comes out into a bunk bed….

The kitchen worked out great. The counter comes off for the stove and there is a microwave underneath it.

My 2 younger boys wanted to sleep together which is great so now we will use the top bunk area for more storage!

The boys had lots of fun playing with rolly pollies, they went on scavenger hunts, they made pine cone people and we went on lots of walks.

Such a fun trip and we are already planning another one! We have lots of fun food ideas for camping and can’t wait to try them out! I thought we would go crazy having all 5 of us in this little camper, but it was surprising at how well we all fit!

Our Favorite Camping Fun Food!

We made Banana Boats and stuffed bananas with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham cereal. We also had Corn on a Stick (this is the only way my 2 year old will eat it). Break the corn in half and push a bamboo stick in the bottom….

We made Acorn Treats using a Hershey’s Kiss, Mini Wafer, and pinching off caramel bits into 3rd’s and pressing on the top. Attach the kiss to the cookie using chocolate cookie frosting!

Acorn Treats

We also came up with these fun Animal S’more Toppers. We made a Bear, Racoon, & Bear Claw Feet. You can do all sorts of animals ahead of time & let the kids place them on top after they heat the marshmallows.

Animal S'mores Toppers

We used the new Jet-Puffed S’moresMallows, a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, and Graham Crackers. Cut the graham crackers into circles using a round cookie cutter or you can also just cut around the edges using kitchen scissors. We used edible eyes, chocolate cookies frosting, red sprinkles (tongue), white sprinkles (teeth), and mini marshmallows to decorate. Put them in a container before you leave and pull them out for a easy and fun s’mores treat for the kids!

Campfire Cones

Campfire Cones

Watermelon on a Stick from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs….

Watermelon on a Stick

Camp Pudgy Pies from Making Memories with your Kids….

Pudgy Pie

Campfire Cookies from Our Best Bites

Campfire cookies

Campfire Mac & Cheese

Campfire Mac & Cheese....these are the BEST Camping Recipes!

Brownie Bear Claw Cookies

Owl S’mores from Living Locurto (the original source)…

Owl S'mores fun food

Tacos in a Bag from Camping with Gus….

Tacos in a bag

Campfire Cake from Cake Decorating

Campfire Quesadillas from Dirty Gourmet….

Campfire Quesadillas

Dutch Oven Caramel Apple Pie from Rhodes BakeNServe….

Dutch Oven Caramel Apple Pie

Grilled Pizzas from KOA

Grilled Pizzas

Grill Cupcakes from The Peach Kitchen

Grill Cupcakes

Potato Boat Dinner from Echoes of Laughter….

Potato Boat Dinner

Chocolate Skillet Cake from Content in a Cottage

Chocolate Skillet Cake

Love this Camping Cake from Coolest Birthday Cakes

Camping Cake

Campfire Pizza Pockets

Campfire Pizza Pockets...these are the BEST Camping Recipes!

Cinnamon Bread on a Stick from Farmgirl Recipes

Cinnamon Bread on a Stick

Omelets in a bag from Artwife Needs a Life….

Eggs & Toppings for camping

Worm & Dirt Pie from Camping with Gus….

Worm & Dirt Pie fun food

Other Camping Ideas and Recipes

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