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7 Reasons Sisters Are the Best Ever

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a sister, you know that the bond between you is so strong, almost nothing can break it. Let’s look at all the amazing ways that having a sister you’re close to will change your life for the better.

Just an idea, but before we go any further, why not do something nice for your favorite sibling? Maybe make her a sweet treat like an Orange Creamsicle Pie or a batch of sweet Citrus Blossom Cookies. She’ll love that you thought of her!

Studies Say Having Sisters Makes You A Better Person

7 Reasons Sisters Are the Best

1. They help each other dial back the crazy. They are a sounding board and a trusted advisor for one another. Having someone to support and encourage you on the regular is as good as a big dose of medicine sometimes.

A study at Brigham Young University in Utah found that “sisters seemed to help siblings avoid negative emotions. Those adolescents with sisters were less likely than those without sisters to indicate feeling lonely, unloved, guilty, self-conscious and fearful. It didn’t matter whether the sister was younger or older, or how far apart the siblings were age-wise.”

2. Sisters help reduce the likelihood of divorce. Okay, so we all know having a sister doesn’t take divorce out of the picture for us. If only. But, it’s interesting to learn that for every sibling a person has, their chance of divorce drops by 2%.

Apparently, all that quality work sisters do (known as fighting) makes us better at working out our differences with a spouse.

3. Sisters help each other be better communicators. Makes sense seeing as how sisters tell each other absolutely everything. Those late night sisterly talks about all the things that are important in life prepare women to be more open with their life partners later on.

4. They are second moms. When they each have kids, the other steps in and becomes a default bonus mom for her sister’s children. She is there when they are sick, or for their celebrations, and she’s right there for all mundane things like learning to ride a bike or tie shoes. Speaking of aunts, read all the reasons we think being an aunt is so wonderful.

5. Sisters are low-key gangsters. Anyone who messes with one sister will feel the wrath of the other. Being in that line of fire is not a place anyone should ever want to be.

6. Sisters fight. Sisters make up. The content of the fight will be forgotten by the time they are eating cheesecake and laughing. Who else can say that?

7. Sisters show up. Whether it’s 3 AM or in the middle of the workday, sisters will always answer the phone. They never have to face sadness or fear alone when they have each other.

What’s the one thing that makes your sister so awesome?

Brag about her in the comments and then for sure share with her so she can read all the good things you have to say “behind her back.”

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  1. I had 6. The one who nurtured us most passed away. But I can attest this is all true. I don’t know where I would be without my sisters. <3

  2. I have 3 sisters and now wouldn’t trade them for anything. Lost the oldest to cancer almost 1 year ago and it still hurts, but she will always be my older sister no matter that she is in heaven now

  3. My sister although we have our differences. She never judges me for my decisions in life. She’s easy to talk to and understanding and always has good advice even when I don’t want it.

  4. My sister is 2 years younger than I, but wr ginish each others sentences, we know what each other are thinking by just looking at one another. She is my greatest asset in this life, sisters are truly blessings.

  5. I have only one sister shes younger than me but by far the mature you more sensible you see. I dont see her often nore talk everyday. But when ever i discuss a promlem with her she helps it go away. There arent the corrects words i can find to select and say that describes what she means to me in every single way. But mess with this girl and i promise you for sure you have more on your plate than u could ever enjore. How far would i go for her well id die thats for sure always rember this need i say anymore xx

    • My baby sister, she’s 32, and she’s my rock. We fought like cats and dogs when we were little. Years later, I’m now 300 miles away from her. I so value our long conversations and verbal flashbacks, and our bickering, lol. She’s become so wise and kind, and has taught me so much. I’m lucky to have her in my life.

  6. What makes my sister a “badass got your back gal,” are many and long qualities but first…she this article to me as a great reminder of the many unsaid things we do for one another to support and live one another.

  7. I have two sisters who are truly my best friends in the world they always have my back and I always have theirs. No matter what happens we are there for each other! Our love knows no boundaries God Bless I love them

    • I have 2 sisters also.  Love them to the moon and back. I also had the privilege of having 2 daughters of my own – 18 months apart – super close.  I know they will both ok when I’m not around anymore – because of their love for each other.  I also have a brother who is like no other

  8. My sister is my mentor in many ways. She is is compassionate, caring problem solver which I has been a lifesaver for me in more ways than I can say. Always there when I need her. Rain, shine sleet or snow…literally! Lol! I love you Kathy .

  9. The comments reflect Our sister relationship. Being the eldest was fun! She REALLY listened to me, at least until she became a teenager. Lol. We still enjoy sharing Time together and would be happy to help Anytime! LOVE her ❤️ VERY much. B

    • My sisters are women I am close to who have other parents. God gave them to me.

    • I have 2 sisters.  One is amazing at listening and giving advice and knowing me.  2 years apart but people thought we were twins when we were little and even in our 20s.  The other sister is 5 years younger and lives 5 mins away.  I love being an auntie to all of their kids!  But my relationship with my baby sister is tense.  I know she has my back in the long run but it makes me sad that I don’t have the same kind of relationship with her as I do with the sister who lives 13 hours away.

  10. I love my 2 sisters they are my best friends. Everything in this passage is true. They are my go to. I go to them for advice on everything in my life because they won’t sugar coat anything they will tell me nothing but the honest truth. I can trust them with my life my kids lives I know they have nothing but love for us as I do for them and their kids. I miss my best friends we live apart but we need to get together ASAP to rejuvenate our souls that fuel up on all the love, laughter and kindness that we could possibly have. My sisters Paij Crocker and Carey Lewis #arethebest!

  11. My sister is a trip. She is very intense amd passionate. We can disagree about almost anything! I love her children like they are my own and feel the same pride in them. She feels the same about mine and also my grand children. When the chips are down no one can feel your anquish like your sister. It is almost like two sisters one heart. Unless you want to go to the mattresses do not mess with her. It doesn’t matter how large and powerful you think you are….take cover… I thsnk God every day for my loving brother in law and her precious children.

  12. My Dad once said be nice to your sister one day she’ll be your best friend. It’s interesting because my sister to me is more than a best friend. She is like my whole family in one person. We have shared everything together and although we are very different we share the same core values, we have each others back, and are fiercely protective of each other. I was to choose someone to be my sister I would choose her again and again everyday no question.

  13. My younger sister has always looked up to me. I know that. However I hope she knows that I have known that she is the one person who has always had MY back. She is my sounding board, my backer and we can always have those hilarious laughing spells talking about our childhood oh and even about things recently. My SEESTER as we have called each other for years now, is someone who loves deeply with all of her heart. I love her!!!

  14. I have 4 sisters

  15. My sister is only 18 months younger than I am. It felt like we were truly one unit growing up. We started having our own lives in high school and into adulthood, but that bond has never been broken. Time and distance have changed our lives, but she is still that one person who cuts through my bullshit faster than anyone and reaches deeper into my heart. Sisters are the best! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I have two older sisters named Leslie and Sharon. They always have my back, and I theirs. 

  17. Being with my sister gives me comfort. I love just hanging in her living room laughing, watching tv, petting , and eating something fun! Toasting & roasting. ♥️ Wish we got to hang w/ our sweet sis in AL.  Love her so dearly too ♥️

    • My sister was my bestfriend.When i lost her i truly lost a part of my heart.Noone knew me like her.And she never judged me.Her pineapple cake was the best and she loved my meatloaf.We had a special bond that will always be in my heart and soul.Untill we meet again Sis

  18. I love my sister beyond measure. The only person that loves me back unconditionally. My first brst friend and sure to be my last.

  19. I drive my sister crazy at times I’m opinionated stubborn a little crazy but I have been there for her no matter what. Sometimes a little to much i took on trying to be her mommy but always had her best interest at heart. But we have always complimented each other my strength are her weakness and her strength is my weakness. I could not imagine my life without my sister she’s my ride or die chick. I am very proud of the women and mommy she has become and she gave me the opportunity to be a aunt to a beautiful little boy who I adore and soon to be another little boy I can’t wait to meet (hes not born yet though). Shelly I love u with all my heart and I’m so thankful your my sister!!

  20. My sister is loving, encouraging and so very supportive. She loves the Lord and is soooo much fun.

  21. My sister is 11 years older than me. She has always been like a second mom to me. She is there no matter the day, time, or situation. She is like a second mom to my 3 boys now. We fight and make up in the same sentence. She is always there to give me advice when I need it whether or not I want to hear it or not. I’m not sure what u would do without her!

  22. It’s awesome to see not all sisters are nasty. Your comments somewhat restore my faith in family. Guess its not suppose to be my reality tho. I thought my sister was my best friend ever, had my back and was always there for me. Lol turns out she’s a backstabber. Helped ruin my marriage by taking to my ex behind my back. Stabbed me in back when our mother passed away and in the end stole thousands of dollars from me.
    Lmao … ohhhh yeah … they’re just bloody lovely!!!

  23. My sister and I are 5 years apart. I was more of a second mom, and I think that’s s why we are not close. Two very different people. One ultra responsible, one very much the opposite. Makes me sad, and I don’t know how to fix it.

  24. My younger sister, Mary, followed me everywhere, so, I would sing to her, Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow and everywhere Mary went , the Lamb was sure to go. Mary was the sweetest and kindest person I have ever known. She was gracious and giving to everyone. She supported me in all of my endeavors and even more than my husband or our parents. She was the Pillar that I clung to when everything around me would fall apart. My sister was killed by a MSSA Staph infection from Barnes Jewish Hospital ER on June 21. 2019. The tears won’t stop flowing even though she is now with the Mary of our Lord. Sisters are blood and come before all others.

  25. Such a well written and accurate article! My sister Amanda is brilliant, one in a million! She encompasses all of what you mentioned (to me) but to a greater level than most. I can only hope my daughter is blessed with a baby sister, can’t imagine my life without one!

  26. I have 5 beautiful, caring, loving, sweet, smart, kind, sisters. I could go on and on….

  27. My sister is my best friend, confidant, partner in all crimes (good and bad) and my entire world. I would be lost and much less of a person without her. I love her very much!

  28. I have a twin sister. I agree. All the reasons above is what makes my sister great. If all else fails, I don’t go to google, I talk to my sis x

  29. My sister and I are eight years apart and in two different states. We are both widows now and have ” reconnected,” and it is great. We talk daily and do sister road trips…next trip in just nine days! So thankful for her.❤

  30. I am the happy sibling of 4 AWESONE sisters…ok, well, 3 actually…. We live far apart but have for the last 16 years gotten together for visits at each others hones or other places of interests. Every year we have a blast..get on each others nerves..swear NEVER TO DO THIS AGAIN…then plan for the next one. My life is ONLY complete because of them.

  31. My sister is AWESOME… ( PAMMY) .. .she is always there to help me and talk with me… and I am talking hours and hours of marathon talking….. she is non judgemental and so down to earth- when she speaks you have to listen … her life experience and love is so amazing and real. I love my sister !!!!! BEST SISTER AWARD 🙂 yay me !!!! lol 561-523-6271 Lizz Zilinsky

  32. Just found out I have 3 sisters! (I was adopted) wow, always wanted to replace my brother hahahaha.

  33. OMG! I have 6 crazy ! I have a sister for every crazybitch you have ever met!  All of my sisters have an amazing strength or 2 or more as well as weakness and with that said we are super women! Just saying! I love them all!!

  34. I LOVE ALL 3. Momma always lined us up for pictures in order….Cheri, Rena, Judy, and Lori…and our dear Mama. We have survived together through storms of doubts, divorce, joys…. we traveled through trials, moves, jobs, and marriages, some winners, some losses. We chose Christianity. We chose positivity… We have lost our dear mama… but the 4 of us sisters have stayed within driving distance… close enough for holidays, births, and family reunions. Our children k ow each other…our houses often full of laughter and many, .any friends who visited often. Our house was Grand Central Station. Our parties on a dime were legendary. We are still close tho we are retired now. Mama is gone. But the sisters…. we stand, we will love each other forever.

  35. I am very fortunate to have two sisters that have traits of our parents. Sadly we lost both parents last year within a month apart. They have helped comfort me and I hope I have done the same. 
    Even as a youngster both sisters acted like a mom to me, they included me, fed me and fought for me. I love them both dearly and if they hurt I hurt. Love you Missy and Julie. 

  36. A very good article and I earthly agree!Lorraine Th

  37. I’m busy mourning the death of my beloved pet. I called my sister to tell her the news and she cried with me. My life would not be the same without my sister. I love you Cheri so so much!!!

  38. All of these things are true of my sissy. I cannot survive without her. If I ever feel lonely or sad or want to isolate, she is the one person who can lift me up and dig me out. My heart is sad for anyone who doesn’t have a sister. She is my lifeline and is “Jesus with skin on” to me.

  39. My sister Robin is the most generous kind hearted hard working person I know. She is great at crafts and cooking. I can’t imagine living without her

  40. I have three sisters and I cant image my life without them. In Feb of this year my oldest sister died she was like my mom. My mom passed 4 years before that. And when my sister died there was a big hole in my heart. She was always the go to sister
    Always looked after me there where six of us. I want to tell her Something and I say gee her not here she has gone to heaven. My sister was a fighter battled cancer for 27 years and kicked cancers butt. I will always have her by my side in heaven.

  41. I have one and she is my best friend. She has always believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Best gift ever is having her for a sister.

  42. Lisa is My Sister!!  What would I do, or what have I done, without her.  ?!?!?!  

  43. I have 4 sisters. Three older and one younger. I’m closest to the 2 closer to my age. I can tell my sisters everything. We argue but we always make up. No one knows you and has your back like a sister. I feel sorry for people who don’t have a sister. They are the best. 

  44. My sister is a very independent, strong, intelligent individual & I absolutely can not imagine life without her. She was born when I was 8 1/2 years old & there’s just the two of us; I am now 70 & she’s 62. She has inspired & encouraged me. My life has definitely been better with her in it! I love her dearly.

  45. I always looked up to and admired my older sister, Alice. I was her “baby” when I was growing up. She taught me a lot of things, how to dress, wear makeup, and she was always there for me. I love her, and she is the only sibling I have left to share my heart with.

  46. I love my sister with all my heart. I can’t imagine life without her. She is and always will be my best friend. I would give her the world if I could. We share everything.❤️❤️❤️

  47. I was blessed with 3 sisters, always there when I need them.

  48. My sister Joyce is honestly the best person I know. And because sisters are competitive, I work hard to be the best person I can be, just to keep up with her.

  49. I had 3 older sisters and I can honestly say that I am who I am because of them. I would do anything for them and vice-versa. I have lost two already and miss them so very much. They were and always be the best friends I’ll ever know. Thank you God for putting them in my life. 

  50. She is my best friend. I know I drive her crazy sometime but without her in my life would be very lonely. We laugh at the dumb stuff that we have done. Sisters are special.

  51. It dosent day, which sister, because I have eight sisters. The one sister who is one year older than me, we are not close at all. My oldest sister, were 20 years apart, and her upbringing is so much different t than mine. I’m a baby boomer and she is……..I don’t know what the 40’s were called. And the other six , let’s just say, they all have their own issues and beliefs. So, I don’t agree with this article. Sorry. Oh, and I’m the youngest of the nine girls.

  52. All that is so true minus divorce statistics but my sister is my sounding board she does know how to keep my crazy in check she’s amazing woman n role model I thank my sister Neisha for ever blow out we ever had and standing by me when I had nothing left I love her more than air I breathe !

  53. My sister has always be my sounding board and still is. She also knows how to keep calm and keep my crazy in check  by calming down! My sister knows if anyone messes with her well let’s just  say they will have a handful of me to reckon with! I love my sister Neisha more than the air I breathe! I couldn’t live this life without her now that our mother is gone she kinda is like my mom too now! Love her to the infinity of the universe ! 

  54. My sister is so loving and giving and I know she always has my back. 

  55. My sissy ROCKS. She helped me when I was little to learn what she was learning in school. She has always been my leader, my teacher. She has no idea how much I’ve always appreciated and admired her. I’ve let her down several times, but she’s never let me down. The BEST BIG SISSY EVER!!!

  56. not in my family

  57. My sister has always been there for me. A second mom , a great listener , my bff! Grateful she took time off to come be with me for my breast cancer surgeries. She was my nurse during that time to help me .. God blessed me with an amazing forever sister. 

  58. I absolutely love my sister Ronda a. Adrian. She could never be replaced. She is my sounding board and helps me with anything I ask for.

  59. I have 3 biological sisters 1 cousin who has only brothers and a friend since grade school who has only 1 brother. I love them all dearly all in a different way. All of them have made me me so furious and yet so delighted I could just burst. I have watched them grow into awesome mothers. J love their children as my own and would do anything for any of them at a moment’s notice.

  60. I love my sister and admire her confidence.

  61. My sister TC has become one of my best friends. She’s always had my back. I miss her. I love her. I admire her strength in dealing with things herself AND in accepting help from others. We have become better friends as the years go by, and I won’t be without her in my life.

  62. My sister is the sweetest, kindest person I know. I’m blessed to call her such!!❤

  63. There are 4 of us sisters, very different But so much alike. We are all BFFs. Can’t imagine life without them. We laugh, advise, cry, fuss together but mostly laugh  Teresa,Dawn and Angelia

  64.  There is nobody better than my sister Mary, 
    I love her so much I would die without her!
    ✝️♥️ She is absolutely the best !!!

  65. My sister is just awesome!! She tells things the way they are, doesn’t sugar coat anything!! She is a great cook! She will always be my older sister… can’t say her age( well I won’t) she still has that little girl inside her and it’s so much fun to watch and listen to. She has the best smile and gives the best hugs. She is not afraid to be who she is! This makes her more beautiful! I love my sister with all my heart! My only sister! She is the best!!

  66. I have five sister. We have each taken diverse paths but one thing remains costant, we love care and watch out for each other. Always.

  67. I am very lucky to have five sisters.  We have made it a tradition to have an annual sister reunion for the past 28 years or so lasting at least 3-4 days each time.   It has not always been easy. Part of our reunions have been devoted to working on our relationships.  I love the support and care that we share for one another and the shared history and understanding.  I am the oldest of the sisters so I feel like my younger sisters help keep me young!  

  68. She is honest with me. She will tell me things that I may not want to hear but need to hear to put things into perspective. 

  69. When I was growing up my parents got divorced. My sister was like a second mom to me and really helped raise me. Her and I are best friends and I feel so thankful to have her. She really shaped me into the person I am today! 

  70. My sister is the best in the entire world.  There are a million reasons I can say this but the one that is at the top of the list is this:
    In 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer which had gone into my lymph nodes.  I was told by my oncologist that if I could possibly take time off of work I would probably want to because of the nasty side effects I would be experiencing during chemo.  Unbeknownst to me, my sister, Ann Sciabarrasi, told her boss she was going to take the summer off so she could care for me.  My husband was working crazy hours & had a difficult time dealing with all of this so I pretty much moved in with her & her husband & she took care of me both physically & spirituality.  I am eternally grateful to both her & her husband, David for their unselfish sacrifice.  They represent the hands & feet of Jesus.

  71. Oh my goodness all of these are so true and I’m so thankful for my twin sister! Oh boy did we fight and like gangster’s fo sho!! LoL love you sis!! ❤️❤️❤️

  72. I adore my baby sister! She is my truest, always loyal to me and as a family in general, she may get fire breathing mad at me from time to time but it is all because she loves me so dang much!! 
    I am the oldest of us 3 but I am the one that looks up to my baby sister and brother they are the role models in my life!! ❤️

  73. I have a bonus Mom and a best friend through it all.

  74. I have 3 sisters.  One passed two years ago in an accident.  I miss her so much.  My partner in crime lol.  I love her so much.  I don’t know how I could survive without the other two.  If you have a sister tell her u love her everyday.  You never know God’s plan

  75. I love, miss, and cherish my sister’s more than anything in the world…they are always there for me no matter what, they make me laugh, they always lift me up, and listen to me when I cry…there’s nothing better than having a sister, and I am sooooooo lucky I am bless with two!!! The only thing better is our mom, we all three love, admire, and of will ALWAYS treasure our mom!!! (Besides the fact, she gave us life!!!!!!!) ❤️

  76. My sister and I have pulled each other from some very dark places in our lives. We always have each others back 100%. When one of us had a broken heart, the other’s heart breaks for the other. When someone says or does something negative to one of us, the other is right there ready and willing to fight the battle with the other. My sister is my best friend in tbe world and I cannot imagine my life without her.

  77. I had 4 sisters,but 2 passed away.We were all close.I hang out with one more than the other,but I love each one equally.We had a wonderful mother who taught us how to love

  78. My Sister, Jayme, and I are close. She moved to CO when my hubby and I and kids did and brought our Mom here, too. She’s a few years older than I am, but she’s been there through thick and thin. I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

    I love you, Jayme. 

  79. My sister Julie is the best and I don’t know where I would be without her in my life! She has always been there for me and talked me off the ledge on many occasions! She has also always been my biggest fan and makes sure to show it in how she celebrates my birthday every year! She is also the one who has made me an Aunt and that has been the best gift ever! She is an amazing Mom and I admire her every single day! I love you Jewels…I’m beyond blessed that God gave me you as my sister ❤

  80. I was really interested in this article but when I read it I realized that None of these are true for me and my sister.

  81. I have three sisters, the second oldest passed away three years ago. She had ALS I miss her a lot. My oldest sister has Dementia and I miss her as well. My youngest sister next to my husband has turned into my second best friend! Love my sisters more than chocolate! ❤️

  82. I didn’t get my best friend until after 8 brothers. Maria is the most precious gift, other than my 3 children, that I’ve ever been blessed with. I thank God for her always!

  83. My sister was all this and more. My second mom, my little sister/daughter, my advocate, my true friend, unconditional love, the best times of my life were when I was with her. We laughed until we cried, talked on the phone for hours. We got in bad fights but forgave eachother so quickly it would shock the rest of the family I called her at my saddest darkest moments and she was there. Never have I felt such unconditional love. We helped eachother in our hardest times, we both have what we had when we had nothing. She is an angel and she changed my life forever. She was the greatest blessing of my life.

  84. I’m lucky enough to have 1 sister and she is my best friend! I would do anything for her and I would be lost without her. 

  85. My sister Rebecca is the most absolute best friend in the world!! I would not be who I am without her!! She completes me!! 

  86. My sister Marlo is the best sister ever for all these 7 reasons plus many more! Having her by my side during these past 4 years while our brother battled cancer then later passing  from it has literally saved  me. I don’t know what I would have done or would do today without her By my side during this very difficult excruciating time. Family love is forever.

  87. She makes me laugh. She gets all my references and genuinely finds them funny. She notices everything I notice. She knows when I’m scared. She understands why I am. She knows what makes me comfortable and what doesn’t. She remembers the strangeness and the beauty of our childhood. She listens. She always has my back But, most importantly, she loves me unconditionally. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

  88. My sister Rachel Walter’s has got me through the hardest times in my life. More like a mom then a sister. Her kids are like my kids. My son is like her son shes unbelievably amazing.

  89. My sister is the best, thanks for sharing this.

  90. It is the greatest thing in the world to have a sister, they look after you even when you don’t want them to!! They are always there for you through everything you go through in life and always give advice that you should probably take, but, don’t always! Having a sister is about the best gift in life anyone could want or have!!! 

  91. I miss my sister! I left for college when she was just 4. It was hard, as we had been roommates for 3 of those 4 years. She’s grown now with a daughter of her own, but halfway across the country, so I rarely get to see them. Visited for two weeks this summer, but it wasn’t nearly enough time!!! I miss all of my niece’s activities and milestones. Having 3 siblings didn’t protect me and my first brother from getting divorced, but my sister and younger brother seem to be doing fine with their relationships.

  92. I Don’t know where I would be without my sister’s… They’ve always played a huge role in my life… For sure my best friends… Not afraid to Corrert me & always able to congratulate me if do…. I couldn’t picture my life without my two Big Twin Sisters…. If ever Letting them down would definitely be a massive heartbreak..
    We’ve share most moments of our lifes together & I do depend on their strength @ times to get me through! I don’t have kids, but they do & just knowing they came from them makes me always wanna be the best I can for them… I love being an Aunt!! I love being a sister… This article I’ve actually found truth in because I need my sister’s….

  93. I have 3 children, two are girls.  All three of my children are close.  My two daughters are 8 years apart
     (28 & 19) and have always gotten along amazingly well especially now that they are both adults.  They are best friends and do pretty much everything together. My youngest is the godmother to my oldest’ daughter.
    Seeing them together makes me wish I had a sister.   They both have great friends but nothing comes close to the sister/friend bond they have.  
    Seeing how close they are melts my heart! 

  94. I have 3 amazing sisters and 6 amazing sister-in-laws!!! I love them all for different reasons and wouldn’t trade them for anything. My 3 sisters and I got into lots of trouble trouble up but had fun and were always there for each other through the good and bad. Don’t know where I’d be in life without them ❤️

  95. I have an interestingly different experience with my two sisters. I’m the middle so I have an older and a younger. My younger sister and I are so close (or at least I think so), I stood up to our dad when he was talking down on her and made her cry but I diverted his unkind attention toward me instead so that little sister could escape and then I’d hug her and not let go even as she stood at the bathroom sink to blow her nose and wash her tears away. Whereas with my older sister, she and I couldn’t even stand each other. I practically used to be her shadow back in high school and under but after that, I noticed more and more that she hated my guts no matter how nice I try to be toward her and I don’t know why. So my opinion on this is that it all just depends on each individual bond.

  96. I’m so lucky to have my Shel Bel as my sister. Our late night talks, wearing the same outfits, arguing with each other, agreeing with each other, puzzles in the dark, same laugh, cherished moments, having each other’s back!  Love Yas Sister!

  97. This is a generalized assuming article that breaks the hearts and frustrates the numerous sisters/siblings who have broken and/or terrible relationships with their sisters. Real life is not so simplistic. Sorry, not sorry.

  98. I was so blessed to have 8 older sisters.  They are the reason I am the person I am today.  Each of my sisters also became a mother and best friend to me over time.  They were my role models for everything, my values, courage, compassion towards others, what it takes to be a good mother,  strength even in the worst of times, the power of trust and faith, how to cook and bake like a pro, loyalty and the importance of being self sufficient to ensure your family is always well cared for.  Most importantly was their unconditional love.  Others come and go in your life but a sister will never leave you.  No matter how unlovable you might feel, a sister will show you that it just isn’t true.

  99. I have lots of sisters and we love being together, we live in different states but stay connected and plan family gatherings fishing in Alaska, celebrations in Hawaii, Birthday parties in Denver, family reunions in Idaho and Utah. My sisters are my best friends and each one of them has special talents, humor, love and laughter when we are together. 

  100. Sisters are the very best it’s having a built in best friend. And definitely someone to tell you when your off your rocker cause you know they love ya. 

  101. Life without my sister would have been dull, boring and lonely. I was blessed with a sister, 14 months younger, we were more like twins. We did everything together as kids and we love each others kids like our own. Our brother was born with Cystic Fibrosis, we loved him and took care of him like he was our own child. I could not imagine the mess I would have been when he passed, without my sister.
    Over the years we have helped each other get over the hard times together. We have never let anything like a silly fight come between our love for each other.
    If anyone hurt my sister, they had better be ready for my wrath! And that goes for gossip and lies, I would not stand for it. Luckily my sister is as sweet as they come, and no one with any sanity would want to hurt her.
    We lost our mother not too long ago, again she was my anchor. At 57 I am the oldest person in our family and her precious granddaughter is the youngest at 4 months. When I pray, I thank God for my beautiful sweet sister, as I plead with him not to part us from each other for very long when he comes for us. My life would be dull, boring and lonely without her.

  102. I don’t know what I would do without my sister. She is my rock, sounding board, and just around great person.

  103. my sister is the most annoying person I know, besides myself of course. however, as we got older our relationship began to flourish. and I am extremely grateful and proud to call her my sister. Love you issy.

  104. Mary P! Youre the best!

  105. We appreciate the success of one another! We help each other financially, emotionally, etc and most of all we all have to take care of our brothers!!

  106. I love this and it’s true

  107. I have the best sister ever ! She is my best friend in the world ! 

  108. My sister is my very best friend, my biggest fan, and always has my back. I couldn’t do this thing called life without her ! She’s the best there is. I love you Jillian Kohl Horton !

  109. My sister was born 4 days before my first birthday, 361 days apart (my bday is 3/1961)..just realized the numbers matching. Haha. Shes in California and I’m in indiana. We dont miss a beat in each others lives thanks to technology. Love her so much.

  110. My sister, Christine Updyke is the kindness more generous person I know. In addition to that, she is loyal and always puts  others first.  My life would not be the same without out her. As my big sister by 5.5 years she was always 
    Patient and kind and never ever was annoyed by her adoring clinging little sister. She will always be the most important Kerstin in my life. 

  111. I am the middle sista and so very blessed to have two people 3 including Mom who love me unconditionally. All the change, challenges, joys and sorrows are shared with this very special bond❤

  112. I am the youngest of 7 sisters. The older we get the closer most of us become. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be if I didn’t have my sisters!!! They are truly my best friends!!!! I love you all.❤❤❤ Plus I also have 3 step sisters with whom I am still the youngest. We have only seen each other 2 times in the last 40 years, the last time being only a couple weeks ago, but we have kept in touch, and hope to see each other more often. I love all 9 of my sisters!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  113. This arrived on a day (14 months since losing my big sis to cancer) that I was missing her ever so much. Knowing I will see her again in the Lord’s Kingdom isn’t helping much today.

  114. My sister is AMAZING!! Always there when I need her, never negative, always encouraging positive options and shes a prayer warrior! I love her guts!!!

  115. My sister is the most awesome sister! She is the most loving,,caring,sharing,giving person I know. She has always been there for me and our family. Donna “compassionate” Calder should have been her given name.    She is a whirlwind of good deeds and doing good. Her heart is tender and she is quick to extend help. My life has been made more colorful, beautiful, and blessed  because of her presence.   Her life is a gift to me.I will love her always and be thankful for her!

  116. I only have one sister but she is truly my best girlfriend ❤ I can’t imagine not having having her in my life. Sisters are a blessing and precious treasure!

  117. My two sisters, Deb and Julie, have helped me through the trials and shared in my Joys!  I’m so grateful God blessed me so much with them for my sisters! 

  118. Unfortunately this seems to only apply to females having a sister.

  119. I recently found TWO sisters in the last year and while it is a bit of a white-knuckle ride, i can say i would not trade it for the world! I have no regrets and i think they make me a better person having them in my life. I feel happier.

  120. I agree 100% !!
    My big sister is my inspiration, she has never let me down and would give her right arm for me! Talking about feeling grateful I think of her! I love you Sister!!

  121. I have a baby Sister who means the world to me. She came to me after 3 Brothers, and I can’t find words to Express my LOVE for her. She is such a SWEETHEART!! I LOVE YOU KATHY!! ❤‍♀️

  122. My sister is the Best! Awesome Aunt too! She is always there when I need to talk and will do anything if I ask her. I love her so much, couldn’t ask for any other sister ❤️

  123. I am the youngest sister of OUR FAMILY. All of MY SISTERS and BROTHERS are half SIBLINGS. TOO ME THEY ARE ALL WHOLE BLOODED. I love them all COMPLETELY NOT JUST HALF!
    God Bless all of OUR SISTERS and (yucky) BROTHERS!! ( lol j/k). God Bless all!

  124. I think this may be true if the sisters are raised to respect each other and to be loyal to each other. If the parents foster too much competition, or show favortism, then this is less likely to be true. 🙁

  125. This is so awkwardly true. I say this because even if I have no one else to turn to I can always turn to my sister! No matter time of day or night. It’s those late nights that are most memorable both ways even ehen she calls I’m up whether 4 pm or 4 am! I’m blessed to have such a great sister and friend, always there for good, bad and even those ugly we won’t mention or incriminate ourselves lol 

  126. I lost one sister to cancer and as hard as that was it brought my other sister and I closer. I can talk to her about anything and she always listens and is never judgemental. I enjoy her company and feel a bond that is unlike any other. We have been through good times and bad but have been there for each other. I love her with all my heart.

  127. Wow that article really hit the nail on the head! Linda, Rachel, Norene & Kathy – sister’s are the BEST!!

  128. I have FOUR sisters so I am truly blessed! Each has her own personality of course – we have a nurse, a law clerk, a jokester, a retail specialist and a professional recruiter. The talents of these women are many but mostly, they just make me laugh.