7 Reasons Sisters Are the Best Ever

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a sister, you know that the bond between you is so strong, almost nothing can break it. Let’s look at all the amazing ways that having a sister you’re close to will change your life for the better.

Just an idea, but before we go any further, why not do something nice for your favorite sibling? Maybe make her a sweet treat like an Orange Creamsicle Pie or a batch of sweet Citrus Blossom Cookies. She’ll love that you thought of her!

Studies Say Having Sisters Makes You A Better Person

7 Reasons Sisters Are the Best

1. They help each other dial back the crazy. They are a sounding board and a trusted advisor for one another. Having someone to support and encourage you on the regular is as good as a big dose of medicine sometimes.

A study at Brigham Young University in Utah found that “sisters seemed to help siblings avoid negative emotions. Those adolescents with sisters were less likely than those without sisters to indicate feeling lonely, unloved, guilty, self-conscious and fearful. It didn’t matter whether the sister was younger or older, or how far apart the siblings were age-wise.”

2. Sisters help reduce the likelihood of divorce. Okay, so we all know having a sister doesn’t take divorce out of the picture for us. If only. But, it’s interesting to learn that for every sibling a person has, their chance of divorce drops by 2%.

Apparently, all that quality work sisters do (known as fighting) makes us better at working out our differences with a spouse.

3. Sisters help each other be better communicators. Makes sense seeing as how sisters tell each other absolutely everything. Those late night sisterly talks about all the things that are important in life prepare women to be more open with their life partners later on.

4. They are second moms. When they each have kids, the other steps in and becomes a default bonus mom for her sister’s children. She is there when they are sick, or for their celebrations, and she’s right there for all mundane things like learning to ride a bike or tie shoes. Speaking of aunts, read all the reasons we think being an aunt is so wonderful.

5. Sisters are low-key gangsters. Anyone who messes with one sister will feel the wrath of the other. Being in that line of fire is not a place anyone should ever want to be.

6. Sisters fight. Sisters make up. The content of the fight will be forgotten by the time they are eating cheesecake and laughing. Who else can say that?

7. Sisters show up. Whether it’s 3 AM or in the middle of the workday, sisters will always answer the phone. They never have to face sadness or fear alone when they have each other.

What’s the one thing that makes your sister so awesome?

Brag about her in the comments and then for sure share with her so she can read all the good things you have to say “behind her back.”

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190 comments on “7 Reasons Sisters Are the Best Ever”

  1. Nancy vercammen

    What an enjoyable sweet article that I think most all agree with. Our kind Father who made us gave us all the things we need, Him being our number #1 need. Thankyou for posting this precious article and your lovely recipes!

    1. My sisters have always been amazing Christian siblings for me, to cheer me up, redirect me, give advice, be honest, hug me, but most importantly love me. These 3 sisters are the best I could ask for in my life, thank you❣

  2. I have 2 sisters – one older by 4 years and one younger by 2 years. My younger sister and I were more like best friends growing up. We told each other everything and we fought about everything. We played sports together, went out together, and shared a room with each other for 13 years. I still love her very much and when we get together we have an absolute great time. My older sister was more like a mom to us since my mom worked so much. She could also be as mean as a rattlesnake to both my younger sister and me but she was also a fearless protector. NO ONE was allowed to mess with her 2 younger sisters (except her). She was an awesome big sister and paved the way for my younger sister and I growing up. Because of her antics as a teenager, my mom was too tired to worry much about either of us!

  3. Cynthia Klein

    I never have had a blood sister but the good Lord gave me the most wonderful ‘adopted’ family. This family accepted me as one of there own,. By the grace of God I have a sister that means the world to me, plus a spare. I also was blessed by the most wonderful women who treated me as her own. Unfortunately Mom just went home to our Lord and Savior on Christmas Day. I thank God everyday for my sister.

  4. I have 2 amazing sisters. I am the oldest then there is my sister 4 years younger and my baby sister 11 years younger. Our parents raised us to enjoy being with family and we have continued that family togetherness whenever possible. I am the only one of us with children. My youngest sister was like my own baby and she calls me her bonus mother and she is like an additional sibling to my four kids. She is a free spirit and jokester. My other sister has been like a bonus Mom to my kids. They celebrate my grandchildren and support them in their life and endeavors too. They have both gotten me through some hard times in my life and are there for me, my husband, kids and grands whenever needed. I am truly blessed to have them and could not have chosen better myself! Love you Patty and Michelle!

  5. My sister is my hero. She and I are only 13 months apart. She is 62 and has had my 87-year-old mom living with her for the past 18 years. Not only has that been a huge sacrifice, but my sister is now fighting Stage 4 Ovarian cancer which is now in her liver, and we are in miracle territory as there are no treatment options available because of the number of tumors. She also deals with a neurological disease which affects her muscles, nerve endings and balance. She continues to work fulltime and tries to stay positive. Because she and I understand what her prognosis is, we are able to share and laugh about some things that others might not understand. I pray for her healing, but we both know that might not be on this earth. Do we still have different points of view or get on each other’s nerves, but in the end, we will always be there for each other.

  6. I was struggling to except another big change in my life.My “Sissy”simply said”It’s not the last stop on the train of life”.I think of that all the time.It helped me focus on the journey which I would never want to take without her.

  7. Lucky to have two older sisters. One is far away, but it is nice to know that she has all my family in her special prayers. My closest sister is one of the pillars of my side of the family. She has come a long way and I am thankful for her time with us. She reminds me that God doesn’t give us hard tests to endure if He knew we where week.

  8. My older sister Eydie is my only sibling and there are hardly words for what she means to me. She has mothered me, nursed me, coached me, pulled for me, pushed & encouraged me, she has counseled me, and helped me to be the special kind of person she is. Someone who will go above and beyond in any situation to make sure you’re healthy, happy, and prospering. She is an ultimate Boss Babe holding down both her job and her household with Class and style. She’s crazy busy, but never too busy to take my calls.  To say I love her for everything she is, is an understatement. 

  9. Nice content and thoughts that everyone can follow through. And I agree that it reduces the case for divorce through sisters help and guide.

  10. Don’t know what I’d do without my sister. She always has my back.  I only have one but she is all I need.  She listens, gently guides and is always there for me. I love her so much. Only wish I was physically closer to her. I’d do just about anything for her. Can’t wait to hug her again

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