The Hulk Watermelon

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This Hulk Watermelon was so fun and easy to make. It would be great to make for a The Hulk or Marvel party!

The Hulk Watermelon

We come up with a couple of fun watermelon ideas every year and this year my boys wanted to make The Hulk!

The Hulk Watermelon

  • 1 Watermelon
  • Dark Grapes
  • Raisins

How To Make an Incredible Hulk Watermelon

Start out by cutting a piece from the bottom of the watermelon to have it stand up straight. You will use that piece to cut out the nose and ears. Draw on the mouth and eyes using a pencil. Then cut the top layer off using a knife. Cut the lines for the teeth and then cut out the mouth around the teeth. We attached on the nose, eye balls, and ears using toothpicks. The eyebrows and pupils are raisins cut in half. The hair is grapes cut in half. Wash off the watermelon before you attach on the fruit…everything will stick.

We also cut a big hole from the back and cut out the watermelon in pieces. We place the cut watermelon back in for serving to a crowd.

The Hulk Watermelon

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