Tie-Dye Jello Shots

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Eye-popping and delicious, Tie-Dye Jello Shots are what you need for your next party. These shots will make the party a little brighter and more fun!

Tie-Dye Jello Shots with sprinkles around them.

These jello shots are so delicious and festive! These tie-dye shots will be the talk of the party. Pass these shots around at any event or occasion and no matter where you choose to serve them, they are sure to be a hit.

Colorful Jello Shots

Key Ingredients You Need

This is a quick recipe that uses only these 4 simple ingredients. You will have perfectly made jello shots in just minutes.

Whipped Cream Vodka: This vodka is whipped and made to mimic the flavor of whipped cream for a sweet and delicious taste. You can however choose to use a different flavor if you would like, but I highly recommend it.

Water: You will need HOT water for the gelatin to allow the ingredient to bloom. Blooming is an action in which the gelatin activates and dissolves when mixed to later be chilled and become firm jello.

Gelatin – It is best to use unflavored gelatin. This will reduce the risk of flavors clashing and allow the full potential of the alcohol to absorb into the gelatin and give a nice strong flavor.

Food Coloring Gel: Be sure to use food coloring gel and not the liquid form to make it blend easier into the ingredients. You will need the colors Neon Pink, Neon Aqua, Neon Yellow, Neon Lime Green.

Supplies You Need

Shot Glasses

How To Make Tie-dye Jello Shots

1. Gelatin. Put the gelatin into Hot water and allow it to sit (bloom) for 5 minutes, then mix until completely dissolved. Pour in the vodka and combine.

Making the gelatin.

2. First Layer. Arrange the 12 shot glasses onto a tray or cookie sheet that can fit in the fridge. Pour the vodka-infused gelatin into each glass halfway and add a small amount of the food coloring using the end of a toothpick and mix. (use different food coloring for each cup, i.e, Neon Pink, Neon Aqua, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green or the same coloring for all) Set in the fridge to chill for an hour.

The first layer of the jello shot.

3. Second Layer. Take the shot glasses out and add the rest of the gelatin into each cup. Use the end of the toothpick to add in the food coloring using a different color than the first layer. Set in the fridge for 2 hours to chill for the best results.

Adding in the food coloring.

Serve and Enjoy!

A close up of the Tie-Dye Jello Shots.

Tips and Tricks

Storage- Place the leftover shots in a sealed container to last up to 10 days!

Setting- The amount of alcohol placed in the jello shots will determine how long it will take to set.

Serving- To enjoy your jello shot, use your finger to gently separate the jello from the shot glasses.

The Tie-Dye Jello Shots on a yellow cloth.

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Tie-Dye Jello Shots stacked in a triangle.
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Tie-Dye Jello Shots

Eye-popping and delicious Tie-Dye Jello Shots are what you need for your next party. These shots will make the party a little brighter and more fun!
Servings: 12 shots
Prep: 8 minutes
Total: 8 minutes


  • 1 cup Whipped Cream Vodka
  • 1 1/2 cups Water – Hot
  • 3 ounces Gelatin – Unflavored
  • Neon Pink Food Coloring Gel
  • Neon Aqua Food Coloring Gel
  • Neon Yellow Food Coloring Gel
  • Neon Lime Green Food Coloring Gel
  • 12 – three-ounce shot glasses – Plastic


  • Sprinkle the Gelatin over Hot Water, and let sit for 5 minutes to allow the Gelatin to bloom.  Stir Gelatin to dissolve completely, then add the Vodka and stir well to blend.
  • Place 12 shot glasses on a tray or Cookie Sheet that will fit in the refrigerator.  Fill each Shot glass half full of the Gelatin/Vodka mixture, and using toothpicks or a small spoon, place a small amount of the food coloring Gel on the end of a toothpick, and stir a different color of the Food Coloring Gel into the cups, i.e., Neon Pink, Aqua, Yellow, and Green.  (You can make these any color you choose, or all one color if you prefer).  Place in the refrigerator for an hour to set.
  • Remove from the refrigerator, and fill Shot Glasses with remaining Gelatin. Using Toothpicks, place a small amount of the Food Coloring Gel on the end of the toothpick, and color the top layer in an opposite color, to make the Shots appear to Tie Dyed.    Place back in the refrigerator to set completely, at least 2 hours for best results.  Serve, and Enjoy!

Last Step:

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Place a small amount of the Food Coloring Gel on the end of a Toothpick to color the Gelatin mixture.  You can use more Food Coloring Gel, and make the shots bright, or less and make them pastel.  Place just one color on the end of a toothpick, using one toothpick per color.


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