Walmart Store Switches to Self-Checkout Only

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Self-checkouts are nothing new, they have been around for a couple of years now. You can find them in grocery stores, hardware stores, even McDonald’s has the option to use a self-checkout instead of a traditional cashier. A Walmart store is starting to switch to a self-checkout store only.

Walmart Self Check-out

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Walmart Self-Checkout

Fayetteville, Arkansas is doing a new test for its Walmart. They will only be having self-checkouts at their store, no cashiers. This is a new experiment for them to see what works better.

If all goes well and the test is successful, then Walmart will do the same thing in more locations and across the country.

While they did not have a set date in place for these to take effect, it could happen sooner rather than later. These new decisions will also depend on many different things.

One factor is feedback from their employees as well as the customers. The main concern is Walmart just wants to do things that are easiest for both their employees and their customers.

Why the Change

Some people wonder why the need for a change and if it will help employees or just make things worse.

One of the main reasons for this change is self-checkout is very cost-efficient. Having a customer do the same work you would normally pay an employee does save the company a lot of money.

One report found that checking someone into their flight at the airport with a cashier costs around $3 dollars. If the customer checks themselves in, it only costs about 14 cents, which is a significant difference.

Another positive is the privacy that customers get when they buy things. If someone gets a personal item or something they might be embarrassed to get, having the self-checkout allows them to keep their purchases private.

Negatives of Self-Checkouts

A lot of customers actually are against self-checkouts. They feel that they are doing all the work and not getting paid for it.

Others find the machine to be difficult to use and cause more problems and takes up more time. Especially the older people who don’t use technology too often may have more problems with the self-checkouts than others.

Oftentimes customers have to ask the employees for help, which is basically like having a cashier anyway. With there being only one or two employees around to help a dozen or more self-checkout stations, it could end up taking more time on customers to get the things they need.

One other negative is that it does put workers out of a job. With the way the economy is going, we need more jobs open for people to live in this world.

With the way things are going, Walmart may be the first to change out cashiers for a self-checkout only system. Which way do you prefer?

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377 comments on “Walmart Store Switches to Self-Checkout Only”

  1. Avatar photo
    Donna Manning

    I hope anyone that goes in an “Only Self-Checkout” Store…should push there groceries up to the Store-Puppet Idiots(I know they need their job)…and leave the cart & Contents and WALK OUT!!!

  2. Going to self check all the way is a very very bad mistake. I see a lot of Theft and it never stops. It’s simple take all of them out of every store. And cashiers can have there job’s back

  3. I, unlike many, prefer self-checkout because I suffer from back and knee pain and cannot stand in line long. I get out a lot faster with no waiting. TY Walmart

  4. If they go full self checkouts then I will checkout of going there. Other businesses will get my shopping.

  5. I will not be shopping at Walmart if they go to all self checkout. People need jobs and this will help that situation. I bet the theft rate goes up too

  6. Significant discounts should be offered for self checkout. I see multiple advantages for Walmart However the only advantage for customer may be to avoid the significantly slow inexperienced checkout clerk which are more prevalent in the stores now days. Lets please go back to the way it was.

  7. If it happens in my area i will shop somewhere else! If i have to shop their don’t DARE ask for a receipt going out the door. If u don’t trust us get the checkers back!!

  8. i guess it doesn’t make a big differance to me as i usually buy fairly small amounts at a time.. as long as they have an employee near, for when the machine messes up,or there is no bar code to scan.

  9. Avatar photo
    Cari VanOsdol

    You want us to check ourselves out, yet you act like we are thieves when we try to leave. No thanks Walmart, I’ll shop at Target where they respect and treat customers with respect

  10. Avatar photo
    Aileen Morris

    I do not think we should have just self checkout. Especially when someone is buying groceries not much counter space and takes longer. Keep some jobs open, how are kids and some adults suppose to support selves.

  11. I don’t mind using self check out for a few items but if I have a basket full of groceries it takes too much time.. If there’s a cashier there, he/she can begin checking me out while I’m placing groceries on the treadmill.

    1. Avatar photo
      Louise Harwood

      I am wondering why you as a consumers are going to help the cashier– don’t you realize that we are helping people lose their jobs!! I would just stand there so the lines get real long and people walk away, then and only then would they reconsider and hire the cashiers back..