Walmart Store Switches to Self-Checkout Only

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Self-checkouts are nothing new, they have been around for a couple of years now. You can find them in grocery stores, hardware stores, even Mcdonald’s has the option to use a self-checkout instead of a traditional cashier. A Walmart store is starting to switch to a self-checkout store only.

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Walmart Self-Checkout

Fayetteville, Arkansas is doing a new test for its Walmart. They will only be having self-checkouts at their store, no cashiers. This is a new experiment for them to see what works better.

If all goes well and the test is successful, then Walmart will do the same thing in more locations and across the country.

While they did not have a set date in place for these to take effect, it could happen sooner rather than later. These new decisions will also depend on many different things.

One factor is feedback from their employees as well as the customers. The main concern is Walmart just wants to do things that are easiest for both their employees and their customers.

Why the Change

Some people wonder why the need for a change and if it will help employees or just make things worse.

One of the main reasons for this change is self-checkout is very cost-efficient. Having a customer do the same work you would normally pay an employee does save the company a lot of money.

One report found that checking someone into their flight at the airport with a cashier costs around $3 dollars. If the customer checks themselves in, it only costs about 14 cents, which is a significant difference.

Another positive is the privacy that customers get when they buy things. If someone gets a personal item or something they might be embarrassed to get, having the self-checkout allows them to keep their purchases private.

Negatives of Self-Checkouts

A lot of customers actually are against self-checkouts. They feel that they are doing all the work and not getting paid for it.

Others find the machine to be difficult to use and cause more problems and takes up more time. Especially the older people who don’t use technology too often may have more problems with the self-checkouts than others.

Oftentimes customers have to ask the employees for help, which is basically like having a cashier anyway. With there being only one or two employees around to help a dozen or more self-checkout stations, it could end up taking more time on customers to get the things they need.

One other negative is that it does put workers out of a job. With the way the economy is going, we need more jobs open for people to live in this world.

With the way things are going, Walmart may be the first to change out cashiers for a self-checkout only system. Which way do you prefer?

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360 comments on “Walmart Store Switches to Self-Checkout Only”

  1. Aileen Morris

    I do not think we should have just self checkout. Especially when someone is buying groceries not much counter space and takes longer. Keep some jobs open, how are kids and some adults suppose to support selves.

  2. I don’t mind using self check out for a few items but if I have a basket full of groceries it takes too much time.. If there’s a cashier there, he/she can begin checking me out while I’m placing groceries on the treadmill.

    1. Louise Harwood

      I am wondering why you as a consumers are going to help the cashier– don’t you realize that we are helping people lose their jobs!! I would just stand there so the lines get real long and people walk away, then and only then would they reconsider and hire the cashiers back..

  3. Daniel Trudell

    Why not just have cashiers there to make prices are correct and bag your own groceries? You also need carts near if going to have check out yourselves as there is never enough room for groceries your checking out on the counter and then putting in your cart. Then getting checked out after your exiting the store again??????

    1. Well go ahead and do but then you aren’t going to have customers because you cut out jobs so now no one has money to buy from you and if every store does this no one has money to purchase items.

  4. Dennis Conroy

    I am one of those that will change stores to shop at. We have a store few miles away that is all about service. No self checkouts. I bet Walmart will have more merchandise loss than what it would cost to have checkout clerks

  5. Marla Swartele

    Forget self checkouts. People need jobs otherwise there will be too much welfare. I hate self checkout.

  6. Actually, a Lowes store in Bonney Lake WA already does this, on a daily basis, and it starts at 7pm. Yup. At 7pm there are no cashier’s at the cash registers. It is self checkout only. There is a person at customer service for pickup service or returns. But general cashiers… Nope.
    I will say, I don’t mind self checkout, but I want it to be a choice, not a requirement.

  7. If I wanted to ring myself out I would apply for a job which I am not this puts too many people out of work

  8. Beverly Igo Igo

    When Walmart has no checkers I will shop elsewhere! Will not and do not like self check this is poor poor poor customer service! !

    1. I agree 100%! I do not like self checkout and prefer to pay with a written check and not plastic. I will shop elsewhere if they have no checkers.

  9. Self check 1st off is taking jobs away; many people are not computer savvy not just senior citizen; CEO’s and company are earning billions in profits, what are faithful shoppers getting in return for self check out?? Discount?? Personally I do not shop at stores that have only self checkout. Also, communication is being lost in the process.

  10. Everywhere people say they hate shopping at walmart ! I agree with them ! It was a pleasure before .

  11. Don’t mind using self service if I just have a few items that all have bar codes. But produce, etc. does not. Any store that does not have cashiers will see me walk out, leaving basket behind.

  12. I don’t mine using them if I’m in a hurry or 2 items. But I think you need to keep cashiers. I don’t like it we don’t get a discount for doing it. Why have employees if we’re going to do all the work. Next thing you’ll want us to come in and empty the truck for free. So I say no.

  13. Lorrie Spickelmire

    I do NOT like the self checkouts. Think about the jobs lost along with the loss in taxes paid into our social security and other programs.

  14. John McCallister

    I am over 70. I am not for change. It is bad enough you can not find help in the store as it is now. Self serve is not going to make it better. Please keep human checkers in the store as sometimes this is the only interaction us elder people have with the outside world and are not able to keep up with the technology. Consider the customer that keeps you in business.

  15. Laurie Ripperger

    I’m a part time cashier at Walmart and although I use self checkout I have many customers who say they won’t shop here any longer if there are no check outs with a cashier. I personally love being a cashier at Walmart and would hate to loose my position.

  16. Nanette Singler

    Well You will lose a lot of customers. I saw a woman walk out the front door wit a cart full of grocery that did not go through any check out. I am done with Walmarts. The one near me is filthy .

  17. Linda Oligmueller

    Employees pay income tax. Machines don’t. We’ll all be paying increased taxes to compensate as self-checkouts become more common.

  18. I think it’s a bad idea. Especially for the elderly. What about the people that use checks when they shop??

  19. Tom Thompson

    If they do ill change store without hesitation. The day I walk up and no one to cash me out, I’ll leave my overflowing cart at the register and walk out.

  20. Ronald Merrow

    I think it’s a bad idea, to go with self checkout all together. Employees want more money, then work for it. Not just stand around and when a person needs help you can’t find any help.

  21. Good bye Walmart plenty of other grocery stores in the area. Not a good move with Target opening soon in our area just down the road, actually closer.

  22. Priscilla Wright

    What about all the Sterling? The customer won’t be able to buy all the stuff. That you have to be old enough. What about this?

  23. The negatives listed in the article are all correct.
    Self checkout is a cheep way to have customers do the work and there are always problems….Who wants to stand behind a person checking out with half of the store in their basket? NO!! Walmart does this and they have lost another customer!!!

  24. I was recently asked for my receipt after using self checkout. I told them I’d already done it. If you don’t trust the customer keep the cashiers. Also, I don’t get paid to check out myself.

  25. Then you wonder why the unemployment rate is so high . Ridiculous !!! Just another way to put people out of jobs ! Make some of the corporate jobs robotic & put them out of jobs !!!!

  26. Patricia Malcom

    I am a older person and do not want to check myself out. I have left my cart and walked out before do not know how to use them and don’t have the energy or patience to learn how.sorry

  27. Ate we as customers going to get a w-2 and a employee discount on what we buy. No thank you I hate self check out.

    1. Don’t have to worry about an employee discount. The five finger discount gets you a better deal. Wal-Mart is closing 12 stores in high crime areas already.

  28. I read one the internet some where down south. They are getting rid of the Self Checkout and bringing back the people for the Customer Service. Would be a really the only way for you to keep your customers.

  29. I am not enthused to hear about self check out. It is okay for people, who know how to operate the check out. Older customers are going to have a hard time doing it. I think that you should leave both self & other registers, with a cashier.

  30. This is wrong! why are we buying from a store who makes us check ourselves out when we are supporting them? I will shop somewhere else

  31. I don’t use self checkout so I guess I won’t shop at Walmart any longer! You are taking away much needed jobs for people and I am not looking for one so leave cashing out to someone who gets paid to do it!!

  32. I refuse to use self check out. I don’t work there. I will just shop somewhere else. I think you’ll will loose alot of shoppers doing this. I want even mention the stealing that will be going on.

  33. If I am checking myself out then I should get a discount!! If I wanted to be a checkout person I would get a job doing that! Walmart will lose me as a constant customer. Enough said……

  34. It is harder for a person with a disability to do ALL the work. If that is the case, I would find a store in which cashiers do the work. As it is, they have gone to having your own bags, and you bag your stuff 🙁

  35. I hate self check out! I am. 83 and taking care of a handicapped husband. I am tired. I cannot wait in line too long because I am exhausted. I am not that computer savy. I ordered online and got double orders.I just want to pat my money and go home!

  36. I use to work for Walmart. Yes I have used self checkout , but a full cart I want a cashier. Walmart was built on CUSTOMER SERVICE and seems like all you are doing is getting further away from that. Mr. Walton is turning over in his grave. You can barley find anybody for help anymore. What ever happened to the 10ft rule, cross training in other departments etc. that was Walmart’s foundation ? When I worked at walmart we were trained for almost every department as well as a cashier. You need to seriously get back to CUSTOMER SERVICE or you’re going to loose a lot of business !!!! People need jobs more so now than ever before and not continually being replaced by technology or machines !!!! So go back to the roots of Walmart’s founder and that would be CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!

    1. Yes and amen!!! I’m a former employee of Walmart. I hate shopping there. My Father was a friend of Mr. Walton who cared about customer service and the value of family. Today it’s all about the money. I prefer avoiding Walmart, not worth it.

  37. Faith Turcotte

    Self checkout is nice and all. But people need to work to do anything now a days Especially rent bills food. Food isn’t cheap either . How will you expect people to live

  38. Lezlee Rutchka

    No self checkout! I do not work for Walmart so I expect customer service of a real person checking me out. I spend an average of $700 per month at Walmart. If you go to all self checkout, I WILL take my business elsewhere! How about you move the 2 people who check receipts at the door to work a cash register? Since you don’t do anything when someone shoplifts anyway, there is no need for the receipt checkers.

    1. I work for walmart. Although we can’t do anything to the shoplifter, we hire cops to hang out on their days off from regular cop shift work. As for the door checkers, they are able to stop and retrieve most of the stolen items by checking receipts. I’ve had to do go backs for massive orders of people trying to steal and getting stopped. We don’t get the chance to stop everyone, but I feel like at my store at least we do stop most of the shoplifters and when the cops are there, they cart the offender off to jail because it’s usually theft over $500 when they get caught

  39. For a while at my local Walmart there was an app I could use to scan items as I shopped. It was an incredible time saver. I was sorry to see it go. If they brought that back I wouldn’t mind checking out myself. On the other hand, a huge company like Walmart looking to save money by employeeing fewer people is a bad look.

  40. If Walmart goes strictly to no cashiers I will find some place else to shop! I use the self check out now sometimes if I have a small order but not a big order. I almost always have questions and need help!

  41. I don’t think we should go to self-check outs. People lose there jobs & then people will soon stop talking to one another. It’s bad enough now when people just text each other when sitting at the same table.

  42. If they have no cashiers then WalMart should be able to lower their prices. I am against taking away cashiers.

  43. I think the self check put idea is stupid and put people out of jobs and will not beable to live or pay their bills. I will boycott Walmart if this happens

  44. Evelyn Maestas

    I hate the self checkout. I’m a senior and I need help. It’s really a bummer when you go to the store. Consider the elderly please.

  45. Marilyn Palmiter

    No to self-checkouts puts people out of work!! Doesn’t reflex lower prices. Self checkout should give customer 10percent discount for acting as a employee for Walmart when checking themselves out. Leads to more their..

  46. I will shop somewhere else.I do not like self checkout. Walmart are some of the richest people around.Do they really feel it’s ok to put people out of jobs just to make more money .selfish bas tards

  47. Shelvia Nelson

    It’s about the greed of money on Walmarts part.They save money and customers keep paying the high prices .Then it’s bring your own bag.Just showing they don’t care if cashiers lose their job or not .All about their pockets getting filled

  48. I would stop going to Walmart if they switch to self check out only. If I needed something from them, I would probably just order it online

  49. Lynda Contrucci

    I do not want to checkout my purchases. If you all decide to change, I will do all my shopping at Target or Dollar tree. I do not want you to change. I do not like self check.

  50. Jeanette Ream

    I am not for the Self-Check Only simply because you will be putting people out of jobs that need & depend on that income.

  51. Yes, I’m don’t use the new system,,I don’t going to Walmart no more,is they remove the register.

  52. If I have to check myself out I will be going elsewhere to shop. You need to think about the Seniors and Disabled customers that come to your store. I have no one to help me and I shop once a month since I have to travel to go to the store. I’m sure there are alot more then just me that feel this way. There is another store so I will be doing my shopping there instead of WalMart.

  53. Jamesetta Wilkerson

    I am against the self checkout.I am 78 years old and went to walmart to grocery shop about a month ago and became extremely tired after shopping and checking myself out. It took me several days to feel normal. It was too much.

  54. Keep it like it is. I like self checkout and I am 72 years old but occasionally I need help and I’m definitely slower than a cashier so when I have a lot of items I go to the cashier. Much faster!

  55. They already have enough self checkouts. We get no discount on merchandise we checkout. All it means is more profit for Walmart

  56. Anita Vannatta

    I am totally against self checkout. I don’t want to check myself out and my parents definitely can’t do the task. This is unfair to the public. Put the cashiers back in place and enough to do the job without having 15 people in line trying to check out.

  57. If I want a job I’d go get one. If it come to me doing the work of someone else and your to money hungry I’d go to a different store where I can get waited on. There are plenty of other grocery stores and department stores I can go to that waits on there customers. I’m afraid your going to lose customers. I already know people that go other places where there waired in because of the self check out. Besides that people don’t like to think they have to show recipe after they do the work. If they can’t be trusted then do your job and have cashiers for them. Your going to be hurting yourselves. You already make enough money so leave things be and hire the people to do the job.please let me know when this is going to happen so I can plan where I’m going to shop. “Thank you!!



  59. Keep the cashiers. I hate self check out. We don’t get a discount for using them. I don’t work for walmart.cashiers need their jobs in this world to make it

  60. I am against self check out. It’s a shame to put people out of a job. It would take so much longer for customers and older people like me will need help. If this happens I will shop elsewhere.

    1. Where are you going to go that’s cheaper what want is for everyone to o line order and they’ll just bring it it you

  61. Self check outs are ok for a few things but if I am doing grocery shopping there and have a careful I refuse to use them so I would shop elsewhere where I have people working check outs. It also takes away jobs which people need. Could be penny wise but dollar stupid.

  62. I feel that if they are gonna be self check only.. then we should recieve the discount to do cashiers jobs.. also there are something like wic. That you can’t use self check out for. Also if the item rings up wrong we aren’t able to adjust it. I understand the need to save money. But customers need to save money too. Plus when you go to leave people want to see your receipt… you want us to do the cashiers job and save the company money.. then you need to trust the customer to ring up the items… I refuse and will not prove I paid for items. When I’m doing their job for them. Long story short… bring people back to ring out customers. Having only 1 or 2 isn’t helpful. You have to stand and wait in line 30 minutes.. even self check out is a wait too.

  63. Keep the cashiers! It is a shame that customers have to do the work that it would be so much easier and quicker for the cashiers to be doing!

  64. I was totally against self checkout when it first came about. But after standing in line for one of the two cashiers I finally caved. I’m fine with checking myself out, I always give myself 5 stars. But there should be some perk for doing so. I am doing a service for this company! I am saving them money! Where’s my incentive??

  65. Tasha Talalotu

    Putting all their employees out of a job should reduce prices too. I personally hate sf check out. There is never enough room to put everything

  66. Jaynie Lewandowski

    I do not think it’s a good idea, there are old people who do not get technology, special needs people who need help, never mind putting people out of work! It’s like everyone is trying for no human contact at all, it’s terrible! Just leave it the way it is now!

  67. My mom is elderly and has no idea how to use self checkout. I myself do not mind self checkout if I only have a few items but if I have a whole cart No, I want a cashier! And if you’re not going to supply cashiers then the public deserves a discount for bagging and ringing their own groceries!

  68. There are so many disabled people who shop there now. What are they going to do? If people have to check out and load their own groceries, the prices on everything ought to come down bigtime, pronto !!

  69. I’m 81 years old and I love self checkout
    Why should I have to stand in line for 15 or twenty minutes to wait for a cashier to ring me up. The only objection I have is at least have all the self checks open that way you can hire more cashiers.

  70. I will stop shopping there. Not crazy about them anyway…but…this will do it for me. I can go on line and buy if I want no “human” contact. Sad country we are living in anymore.

  71. Virginia Lee Priem

    If a customer has to check out themselves then why bother GOING TO THE STORE?! Stay home n shop online and have it delivered! You are going to lose alot of impulse sales and customers. I think its stupid, what if there is a price inquiry required? People need one on one at a register. I feel this is a major mistake on your part. Very bad decision!

  72. Wanda Galford

    I don’t mind self checkout if I have a few things but if I am buying 200.00 to 300.00 groceries, I prefer cashiers. Also, Walmart put all the small stores out of business becoming one of the largest companies in USA now they want to get rid of most of their employees and ask customers to do their jobs.

  73. Donna Malcolm

    I agree ☝️ with the negative side for self checkout. I’d rather go to a cashier. Not everyone is tech savvy. And the lines could get longer and slower. I dislike the self checkout.

  74. If Wal-Mart goes to all self checkout I will stop shopping there. Do not like the self check out, I want a cashier.

    1. Agreed and of course the corporation makes a lot of extra money and WILL NOT increase workers wages. Corporate greed is what I smell.

  75. I’m a Walmart cashier and I don’t want to lose my job. There is not much to choose from in my town as far as work goes. Leave the cashier’s in place for the ones that want it

  76. Because you are not paying as much for check out personnel, will that reflect in reduced prices for your customers? It definitely should!

  77. I am older poor eye sight I do not like self check out we only have 1 to 2 checkers at our store now the lines with cashiers is always long and full your getting rid of people’s jobs I’m a no on self check out

  78. I work all day and am too tired to have to listen and deal with other people’s screaming unruly kids in Walmart, then have to check out my own groceries too with the high prices. The lines are already long. I will find another grocery store if this is the case. I hate Target but will go there if necessary.

  79. If it saves the consumer 10%…That’s fine. Although for some of the elderly,it’s nice to have a few lanes open

  80. Patti MINCHER

    If they are going to lower price to reflex the reduced staff I could support this but they won’t, they will just pocket the savings and increase their wealth.

  81. Keith Rayborn

    Remember the $15 and hour minimum wage all liberals are clamoring for- this is the result. Thousands of jobs have disappeared because they were not worth $15. Now those people are drawing unemployment – you voted for it so live with it!!

  82. I need a cashier, self check is a joke and doesn’t keep hard working people a job. The items are not going to cost less, just more trouble. Half the time prices aren’t right, a cashier is the to correct the problem.

  83. It is hard enough for older folks to shop as it is and then to have to handle it by them selves and then check it out and then still have to bag it all. It is hard enough to pick up a 30# bag of cat and dog feed and most of the time have to get a months worth of supplies because they don’t drive or just don’t have a car.. Doing the self check out is a BURDEN ON US.

  84. I have a sore shoulder and it’s hard on me to lift things and I ask for help, and the help acks like you are really putting them out, the last one i had, didn’t say anything but by her action’s I knew she was MAD. she didn’t help with the bagging either, very rude person. Also I’m 83 years old, I’ll shop where they don’t have selfserve, Sorry Wal-Mart

  85. Laurie Deaner

    I don’t like self check out unless I have only a couple of items. Don’t get any discount for doing it myself plus taking away jobs

  86. Most Walmarts I’ve been in only have one or two cashiers open with the self checkouts open at either end. And there are a couple people working there — they aren’t completely automated, because sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes things need approval. So I don’t see much of a change here. At any given time it’s maybe one or two fewer people up front.

  87. Vernon Starks

    Absolutely a smart move. You can make any new change as difficult and negative as you wish. When I first used the self checkout, I had to get help. Walmart has people who have large families, who are subsidized. They may go to store maybe once or twice a week. I always got behind someone who bought a dump truck load in a pickup cart. This will get you motivated to learn how to self checkout. 

    The only thing I wish would happen, is that all self checkout machine be standardized.

  88. Ann Patterson

    Dont mind the self check out  for a few things but not a cart full.Paying more for our grocerys then doing a cashiers job for free.Sam Walton started these stores to give jobs and help people,think he would turn over in his grave if he new how they treat people today.

    1. You don’t have to lift to fill a tank of gas! Self checkout you are lifting ea item a second time. They raise prices than we to an employees work. No thanks. Also they malfunction then you stand and wait foe an employee….happens Very often to many at same time at Kroger. With only one employee to fix everyone’s machine. Been there several times happening!

  89. I would rather them switch to the Sam’s Club way and let me checkout/pay with my phone. I still remember an AT&T commercial years ago about being able to check out a whole grocery cart at once…this is the answer. Scan as you put items in your cart and hit pay at the end and walk out. Never a line except at the exit while an employee does a sample scan and quick glance for high-priced items to verify. Still a quicker line with multiple employees doing the check.

    1. You can do that with a Walmart Plus subscription. I think it’s 100 dollars a year and one of the benefits is mobile scan. Exactly like your said, use your phone to scan as you shop. When done, scan a QR code at a register and you’re done.

    2. There is one.. it’s called Walmart + plus. It’s a scan n go . Scan items as you shop then You have to go through self check and use walmart pay when exiting. A cashier will scan 3 items to insure you’ve paid

    1. Don't want to subscribe apinion yes

      The Bible for told that at a time society would become a cash less society.

  90. I find that most people, especially younger people tend to steal using the self checkout. I’ve found this out because most people aren’t ashamed to say that they do this. This effects people whom do pay full price like myself. That would be the only reason I don’t like them.

  91. Kristine Officer

    They should do both. A small Walmart Neighborhood store close house switched to.only self checkout and I can’t go with my girls. I have a 2 yr old and 5 yr old. I would normally load my groceries on conveyer and then put bags in while keeping my girls occupied. With no conveyor. It stack as many groceries as you can in small area but if you don’t have enough room you are having to swap out scanned bagged items for ones that haven’t been and if you are swapping you are scanning so checking out can take twice to 3 times as long as before and my kids are going crazy in the cart putting things I already scanned back in the small area. So yeah some self checkout for people who want to but some of us need the help.

    1. The article says Fayetteville is the first Walmart to go cashierless. Guess they don’t know about your  store? Btw, if you use the regular aisle scan and go lanes you can unload your entire cart on the belt just like you always could. Don’t use the small capacity registers.

    2. My Walmart took out all the long belts, now we only have the small stations.

  92. Mr Walton is rolling over in his grave. He was a Christian man. He was all about the customer and the employees. The store now is all about the bottom line.

  93. You will be loosing lots of customers. If I have a few ideas, no big deal. If I have a cart full, NOPE!

  94. I hate self checkout! When I’m forced to by use them, 1/2 the time I have an issue with the system and have to wait on the attending cashier to come fix the issue.  

  95. I do not lioe the self checkout. Ot is not efficient. It puts employees out of a job. As customers we are not paid to do their job. It is going to lead to a huge negative impact on employees and customers.

  96. No it takes way to long to use the self check if you have a buggy full of groceries and we don’t get paid to spend money on there high priced merchandise.

  97. Sandra L Barton

    I hate self-checkout. if they go all self-checkout i will have to go somewhere else to shop. I am 78 years old and I don’t know how to do the product and I shouldn’t have to do all that work plus bag myself.

  98. Have self checkout for 10 item or less; cashiers for all the rest. 
    How do you stop underage people from buying alcohol?

  99. I do feel like, if I have to check myself out, then I need a 3% deduction in my final total. If they do self check only and no rebate, then I will shop elsewhere.
    or shop on line only.

  100. Cheryl Stringfield

    I only use self checkout if I have one or two items and the lines are horrendous. I am NOT receiving a paycheck from Wal- Mart and will not do the job I of their cashiers. If our local Wal-Marts go to self checkout only, I will no longer shop at Wal-Mart.

  101. A lot of people will use Drive thru pickup or not shop there at all ! You will rarely if ever seems bagging my own groceries! N

  102. I’ve done self checkout a Walmart. I quit going to that one, because the plastic bags were pretty much stuck shut, I could not put my items in the bags, whilst the computerized lady voice kept telling me to bag my items. Dang it

  103. That’s just another reason I quit going to Wal Mart. If we’re doing self checkouts we should pay less.

  104. Self checkout could be for 20 items or less but still have cashiers.   There will be a lot of people that can’t do self checkout.

  105. I prefer cashiers. Sometimes it’s just awkward to run items through… need two people & I shop alone. Then what about weighing produce, etc.? Then bagging things as you’re taking them out of the cart, that’s where two people are needed.

  106. In your article you mention self checkouts have been around for a couple years now, as a point of fact, K Matt was using self check outs in the mid 2000s.  Granted the units lacked the advanced video capabilities, but the check out system used today is the same that they were using some 15 years ago!

  107. Marjory Busby

    have both, if I have a few items, self check out is a plus, no need to waste time standing in a long line with large buggies, But if I have a full buggy, I want full service, that is when things go wrong and prefer someone is there to handle the bigger orders for that reason, plus self checkout cannot handle the larger bag volume, not enough room to put the full bags before paying.

  108. If I wanted to self check I would, but I DONT, I’ll stop shopping there.I have already cut back cause they are trying to cram their brand on me and I want name brands on some things.

  109. I despise the self check outs. You’re taking away another job. They’re nice for a few items, but other than that, they’re a pain in the rear. I usually shop for a months worth of items. I’ll be damned if I’m going to self-check all of that by myself!!!

  110. the self checkouts do not have enough room and the bags are hard to fill, but if they used different bag other than their small plastic ones sure would help

  111. If I have to check myself out, then I should get a 10 or 20 percentage off of my total bill. I don’t go to the store to check and bag my own stuff. You should have a choice of both and have more than one cashier. Because of self check outs I shop Amazon or Sam Clubs now. I can shop from home and get things delivered to my home.

  112. Mary Beth Blochlinger

    You need to have both cashiers, and self check out. so if u have a problem then and are not sure of how to do the different items then u can go to a Cashier to check out.

  113. Alma Dale Powell

    I think they should have both. I use cashier check outs most of the time. If I get a big order I don’t want to have to bag all of it.

  114. I feel the need of both still because there’s days I would prefer to go to the cashier and socialize with them and times where I just want to get something quick. BUT in the state of California, purchasing Alcohol is prohibited through self checkout and the moment the holiday season hits guess what’s gonna happen. .. how will the California Walmarts gonna have to deal with customers buying their booze in one go but can’t when the only available lanes are self checkouts? And again getting rid of a check lane is killing a bit of the job market.

  115. Carrie fisher

    Have both. I know in our store we could have more self check and regular check out. Just have extra staff for the self check out.  Think it has to do with your location. We don’t use all our check out lanes so turn those lanes over. Then those who stand around put them on a lane where hey can’t leave. I work for customer service and want to train for csm. Or transfer to appear. I love my job. But we need to do something else.

  116. I had my first experience today with a Walmart store that eliminated all of the regular check out except for two. I had a cart full of groceries with produce and I have no desire to use a self check out. I was furious. It takes twice as long to do self check out and if you have produce it takes even longer. I asked the employees how many people have lost their jobs and they said none so far. But believe you me there will be Employees to lose their jobs. There is no customer service anymore. I think the problem is you have a lot of young people in corporate who have no experience in life I don’t have large families and have no idea what it’s like to check out a cart full of groceries. It is especially difficult for people who are older. Just another sign of an uncaring world.

  117. My husband refuses to use self checkout. He feels that people are losing their jobs and the company now has us to do their work. People wake up why are you allowing this to happen. If everyone stands up and refuses to do the work they will bring cashiers back. I will leave a full cart of groceries if I have to use self checkout. Someone better open up a lane. Goodbye Walmart.

  118. sharon w black

    I am elderly and the cashiers are a very big part of my shopping experience. Seeing and speaking with them is also very good for my mental health. I do not work for walmart and will not use self-checkout.

    1. Darrell Hinton

      If Walmart can save that amount by self checking, the prices in their store should go down. Self checkout for the soul purpose of the bottom line, no thank you. I will shop elsewhere.

    2. Businesses are in it to make money. Many years ago when I started working in a factory it was one person and one machine to work. Some years later it was one person and five to six more automated machines to work walking in circles to feed them. The company saved not only the pay but all the insurances by having only one employee. Airports use mostly kiosk machines. Robotics is the future. There are some stores where there aren’t any humans. We may not like it but the future brings changes.

  119. When they do away with cashiers I will be done with Walmart. I will not take a job from someone so Walmart can keep that person’s wages in their pockets. I do not get a check from them and will not do another person’s job in order to spend my money.

  120. I’ve gone through self checkout at Walmart. When I have a problem I usually have to hunt for an employee to help me or wait because they are busy.

  121. I will not use self checkouts unless of coarse they pay me to or give me a discount on my purchas. It’s ridiculous of a store to to put some one out of work and then expect their customer to pick up the work of that employee for free. Like seriously are they crazy! The day that my walmart switches to self check out only, is the last day I shop there. I have left a full cart of items near a cashier at walmart because they would not add a cashier but offered to help me with the self checkout.

  122. Farrell Smith

    All this does is make me not want to go to their stores. To me this is a very good way to eliminate employees. I have almost stopped going to Walmart because of their rising prices and the having no people checkouts has made me to stop going to their stores even more. Like today I called the store in my area to ask a question, the lack of people working I could not even get a person to answer the phone.

  123. William Lanphar

    I prefer to check out at a register with a human there. For the most part, checking out at self serve stations is alright when you have straight forward transactions. However, when there is some unusual circumstances surrounding the process, the lack of human intervention can stall the swift completion of the sale. Having only one attendant in a busy store can result in curt responses which leaves the customer with a bad taste in their mouths. I have experienced some rather unpleasant reactions from the single employee monitoring the self serve stations. Annoyance at my not intuitively being able to navigate the transaction without bothering them for clarification of the correct route to address some element of the checkout process. I will admit, I too have felt that I am being put in the position of an ” unpaid employee ” with this approach. With the current trend of buying everything online for a company like Wal-Mart to eliminate cashier’s all together i feel is very short sighted. Without the interaction the customer can get from a live checkout individual, what motivation is there for anyone to even come to the store in the first place ?

  124. Self checkout should be limited to 20 items or less. I view self checkout as an Express Checkout, a speedy way to process an order and get out of the store.
    This way cashiers jobs are protected.

  125. Walmart makes more than enough money to have both available. I use self checkouts if I only have a few items, but normally… I have a cart full. I like being able to have human interaction. Most of the time, with the self checkouts, I end up having to ask for help anyways. Stupid idea.

  126. William Cooper

    I will never shop at a walmart like that I dont use self check outs since I dont get a discount for using them and I dont get paid to use them after all I dont work there so why do their job that is taking jobs away from people

  127. The first Walmart store that I enter with all self check outs, will be my last trip to their store. It is bad enough that they hire employees and work them within one day of eligibility for insurance, and then lay them off. They are taking jobs away from workers, but it is about the almighty dollar. I bet Sam Walton has been spinning in his grave since they buried him over how they tore apart all that he was proud of about his stores.

  128. I love self checkouts. I personally use it all the time and  I think they’re awesome IF you only have a few items. There are people who buy baskets full of Groceries and just the thought of them having to stand there for a long time checking out every single item It’s very discouraging and would make me just want to go shop somewhere else , especially since those machines mess up half the time and you have to wait for Someone to help you. What about buying gift cards and putting money on those ,how does that work and the people who buy the groceries with WIC And pay with checks, I’m not a smoker  What about the people who want to buy cigarettes or how do you go about getting some ice. 
    It’s hard enough to get one person to notice that your machine went down when you do self check out imagine everybody else’s having problems. What if the item rings up a different price than need an employee with that to help you. How are you supposed to do all that in self check out?
    Never mind having the cashier stand there and smile at you and greet you that DOESN’T happen at my Walmart!!
    Half the time they don’t even make eye contact. I say have both options

  129. This has happened in our Wal-Mart Market’s in Georgia and it’s horrible! If something on the check out doesn’t work, (which we know happens often), the one cashier gets pulled over to help times that by 10 with other issues. Not to mention the young Mom with children! I can’t lift any real heavy with my left hand due to surgery so I have to lift with my right which slows it down as well. I have many friends not going to our local Walmart because of the self checkout 

  130. Both are needed.  Large orders need a cashier to assist.  Smaller orders the line can move more slowly with self check out.  Coupons, payment issues, alcohol purchases, price adjustments all require a cashier’s assistance and slow down the flow of traffic already.  Having someone ask me if I was able to find everything has value in customer service also.  And consider the theft that will take place with self checkout only.  

  131. I dont work at Walmart. If my groceries are not discounted then NO THANK YOU. I’m not interested in self checkout. I can go to Brookshires. They will take your groceries to the car if you ask.

  132. Walmart doesn’t care one bit about the customers and certainly not their employees. I have never NOT had a problem with self checkout, not once, and I’m pretty tech comfortable. They’re trying to cut costs, and people will be out of work and out of luck in a market that doesn’t always have a lot of openings, especially in areas where Walmart has driven other stores out of business. It’s a very, very bad idea.

  133. Archie Tweedie

    I’m not on Walmart’s Payroll so I don’t and won’t use self checkout. Self Checkout doesn’t contribute one dime to the local economy like an live employee.

  134. I think there should be both. In super walmarts where people buy their groceries, customers often have a cart over full of items. The customer should not have to ring up and bag that much stuff themselves. Personally, I would shop elsewhere if self check out was the only option in that circumstance. On the other hand, if you are buying one thing, it’s nice to have the option of running through the self check out quickly and be on your way.

  135. Chad Johnston

    There is some untruth to this.
    1) While they can eliminate the majority of registers, they can not eliminate all of them. There are multiple things that have to be done on the register that can NOT be done on a self check out.
    2) The number of employees needed to run the self checks is the same as the number of cashiers in open lanes (at least it’s supposed to be)
    3) More self checks equals more jobs. I work for the company that makes and maintains Walmart’s self checks. My particular territory has the 3rd highest number of Walmarts in the US. Every time a Walmart adds more self checks…we add more employees. And thats just techs…. that’s not even counting our parts manufacturing and repair, distro, etc.
    In other words… more jobs created than lost.

  136. I don’t like the self check out. Keep the cashiers!!! I will stop using Walmart if they go strictly self check. Too stingy to keep cashiers, then I’ll be too stingy to give you my hard earned money!!! Shame on Walmart!! 

  137. I guess ima stop going to Walmart, and I go there weekly. I don’t work for them, so I shouldn’t have to ring up, and bag my own groceries.

  138. We’ll see how long that lasts. Not long. Nice try, Walmart, again trying to stick it to its employees.

  139. I do not believe I should have to check Myself out I am not getting a discount to do that and I am not a cashier…all this is is a way for Walmart and other places to save money and make the customer do the work of their cashiers. So atleast they should be passing the savings on to the customer as a discount for checking them selves out…

  140. Have both, sometimes I use the self checkout when I have a few things but when I have alot, no, I will use a cashier.

    1. Im a long time retail worker and i cant say as if I didnt see this coming. I personally hate self check out for that reason. They are working on making everything e commerse. Fred meyers has been talking about getting rid of meat cutters also, send everything in already cut. You already see more and more of it! Dont buy it folks. What is america going to do when weve allowed big retail and a million other places to faze humans out all together with the already millions of people outta work i have to say way to go walmart!  Patriotism at it finest. Then you have them and fred meyers already running stores and sept short handed so they can make money hand over fist. When they say hiring event, we will get you people, hr goes on vacation. Hahaha ok rant over


      depends on how much you have. i shop for a month at a time, it is not faster to self check with that much. my daughter likes to when she has her own money….she thinks it’s fun–for now.

  141. Patricia Zwick

    I feel there should be both. When people have a full cart load of groceries they don’t want to scan everything and bag, most self check outs don’t have room for that, if you have a child with you it gets distracting trying to watch your child and use the self check out. Plus like everyone else has said it isn’t any faster if you need to call for help. Self checkout is only good if you have a few items in my opinion.

    1. I agree there should be both. As a mom to more than one child it is hard enough taking the items out of the cart and keeping a watch on yr child as well. It’s nice to use a cashier.

  142. If this happens no more Walmart I don’t work for them and I don’t intend on checking myself out I refuse to do so. When I’m in the store I do not go to self check out. I’ll leave everything there if I can’t get a person to check me out.

  143. I want the choice. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and do self check out, other time I use a person because, normally I write checks. Pandemic time not as much.

  144. Mona Cavalier

    I feel you should have both. There is people in this world who can’t do self checkout. I personally do both. I have a lot of family who can’t use self checkout. I vote both.

    1. Paulette Wright

      will Not be shopping at walmart,,,obviously my business does not mean anythoing to them. I will not do their work and not be paid.

  145. Mark Schlensker

    At this rate, Walmart will be losing a lot of business including mine. If I am not paid or getting any discounts for their cheap China made junk and have to check out and bag my own low-quality items because they have run out all of the local owned establishments because of the “convenience” of their locations, I will be driving a lot further to get the things that I need. This also goes toward this “cashless” system that many stores seem to be gearing towards as well. If you don’t want my cash, you don’t want my business!

  146. I wont do self checkout when I come and buy lots of groceries if this does happen I will no longer shop at walmart. I cant believe u would even consider this, and the people u would put out of work. I really like shopping at walmart but if this happens, I wont come anymore.

  147. I have to use a motorized scooter to shop due to medical problems. I CAN walk a step or 2, but standing, twisting and turning to get things from the basket, scan them then bag themis going to be a long slow painful process. I will be doing very business at Walmart if this change comes here. And the damn machines don’t work half the time either. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Did anyone ever heat “the customer is always right”?????

  148. Sharon Mclaughlin

    Absolutely. Positively hate self checkout. Will always shop at a store with humans when I can. Walmart will have less people on the payroll but prices will not go down.

  149. Tammy Buchanan

    We already shop less and less at walmart ,theyhave no variety, no customer service, the workersfilling on line orders will completely block wholeisles or wont move their carts so you can get somthing ,and god forbid you need an associate for anything,you will die of old age before you get any help. And why do u have to go 50 feet down the side walk just to come all the way back and go in the door beside the people that are coming out, makes no sence at all. And whos stupid idea was it to close one entrence? As a handicapped person i can tell u walmart does not have adiquit slots. A d now u have made half the slots useless. Great job.

  150. I think Walmart is making a big mistake.   They are worried about losing their big profit margin and putting many people out of work.  Shame on them.  I hope people begin to boycott Walmart.  Would serve them right.  No body thinks about the American people any more.   Just the almighty dollar padding the pockets of the ceo,s. 

  151. I have NEVER and do not plan to use your self check out machines. I am a retired Kroger clerk … and I knew the day would come when this would happen that most checkers would not be needed. I discouraged the use of the machine as much as I could … telling people checkers would be obsolete in time… why can no one see … it is one thing closer to lining up like sheep and letting someone tell us what we will HAVE to do next. No more shopping walmart at all for me if this happens!! I haven’t shopped walmart since masks are required, they want correct change, and who knows what is next. It may be convenient for many of you … and faster than standing in line … but that will cease when everyone is using them, especially with huge orders. Come on people ,can you not see this is one more area that they are starting to be in control of…. DON’T shop where are no checkers, no cash, no one to help you when you need it. It will soon be like trying to talk to a live person on the phone.. Doesn’t happen!!

  152. Juanita Crosby

    I am very disappointed in Walmart ownership and the reason is the fact that it breaks my heart that many thousands of employees will be unemployed at a time when our country is going through a pandemic for God’s sake! I am sure the Walmart Store owners are not facing unemployment, hardships of foreclosure, vehicle repossession, loss of medical coverage , pension, and the dignity of proudly supporting their family. How heartless can people be when they lose empathy for the pain they inflict upon others! What happened to the gratitude for the hard working employees who helped make the company a success? How important is buying a new airplane, making more money through the stock market, etc.? As we were born, so will we return to the Earth. We will not take money or riches with us to meet our Lord. Our Lord will ask how you treated people and his children and not how much money you made. I will no longer shop in your stores because I disagree with your decision to lay off decent employees. In any event I wish your family health and happiness.

  153. Any company that makes the switch to all self checkout will lose my business. That includes Walmart. I am still discontented over the forced self service at gas stations. Not everyone is able to do the work that a cashier does. Not everyone is able to self serve at a gas station, and not everyone is able to even load their groceries into a car. Not to mention the minus factor of employment, or customer service. This is wrong on so many levels. 

  154. self checkout is nice when u have a few items. So, if this was my choice and I had a buggy full of things I needed to purchase, I would stop somewhere else. Plus it’s hard enough trying to put just a few items in the area of a self checkout, I can only imagine a buggy full of items. Not to mention the elderly that may need help.

  155. I always use self check out.. I don’t like to wait in line. It’s faster.. if you make the self check outs long enough for a full carts worth it should be fine.. any issues there is a cashier there to help..

  156. Periann Souza

    It sounds like a good thing. But with most good things you will run into problems. For me its buying produce. I have a problem with weighing the item. But all in all it sounds like a good thing. I use self check out all the time

  157. I don’t mind self checkout for 10 items or less, but truly hate it when I’m doing my large shopping. I’m also a people person and enjoy the conversation with most of the cashiers. I would really be disappointed and probably use pick up even more often if this happens, which I guess saves me money (I don’t buy extras) and time in the long run. 

  158. I prefer the self check out! I actually was a checkout girl years ago  I would race to be the fastest checkout girl in the line. Never any errors! But now a days, it seems like it takes for ever to get your groceries checked out.  I still check out so fast my husband complains that he can’t keep up with me! I love that.

  159. Sylvia Kempson

    You should keep both. Sometimes I want to check out myself. Then there are times when I’m exhausted just from doing the shop and need the help to move quickly. When I check out myself, I always require help. I find that frustrating, so then I want to go to the teller! 

  160. I like having both. If I have very little I like to go in self check, but 95% of my time I use a cashier. I think self check takes away from the employees. If Walmart goes to all self check I will shop other places. I will order online. If you are embarrassed buy online. it comes to your home and no one knows what it is.

  161. Carol Pensoneau

    I usually do self checkout but my husband prefers having a checker.
    Helpers are required for self check because the machines do jam up.
    You could have a few check out lanes, maybe 2 or 3 and the rest self check.

  162. Love self checkouts!  I’m in the senior age group and most of the time I have no issues.  I can group together items that go to different areas in my home and it’s fast.  The employees that usually cashier can certainly be utilized for stocking shelves and helping customers in the store!

  163. Since i learned self checkout i like it because i like to bag my own stuff and not put frozen with paper stuff and other items like cashiers do. Some are not friendly or courteous at all!! I like cash only though and right now all self checkouts are cards and i am not happy! Right now with covid if u check ur own stuff out you have less exposure. Its a lot faster to!

  164. Linda Tubberville

    When I have a full basket, it helps to have a cashier. Any time I have just a few items, I don’t mind. Just curious about alcohol sales. Will you have a special cashier for these items?

  165. I prefer both. I actually like the human contact . My husband prefers self checkout. I think if I had to do my “big” shopping with the little amount of bagging space I would go somewhere else. 
    Would also not like to see fewer jobs! I have also benefited from a cashier noticing that I had picked up a damaged item that I in my hurry had not noticed.  I like the friendliness and the service I receive at Publix the best.

  166. Senita Shoemake

    If I have a couple items I will self check out
    If I’m grocery shopping I prefer to use the cashier

  167. Wendy Shelton

    I don’t mind using the self checkout, if I only have a handful of items and there are lines of people waiting at the full service registers. But, if I have a huge cart full of items, I refuse to use the self checkout. There is not enough room on the belt for everything, much less in the bagging area.

  168. I love self checkout but dont want to see people put out of work. Updates have to be done. You cant do wic at self checkouts.

  169. I prefer to let people keep their jobs. We can live with less technology and allow individuals to be an active part of society.

  170. I am 72 and prefer self check out. I don’t always lift things out I just scan them right in my cart. Much easier on my back, Also the cashier spins the bags tray and I miss a bag every now and then.

  171. Self checkout is ok if you have a few items. I dont like it if I have a cart load of items and like fruit or vegetables you have to weigh and deal with. Plus itll put lots of people out of work which us not good

  172. I do not mind checking myself out. What I do not like is the sign that says credit card only with no cash back. Not everybody has a credit card.

  173. I Personally like the self checkouts, there is never a line up, easy to get my things and get out. I’d rather do my own check ex specially in times like now. Less people touching your stuff. In Toronto here there opening a new restaurant that dosent have staff it’s all done by machines. Only staff they have is in the back on the other side of the wall cooking, you don’t even seen them. 

  174. Donna Donnelly

    Makes no difference to me. I already do self checkout. But I think it will make more people order online. I may try that myself.

  175. I have no problem with self checkouts. I use them all the time. I believe you’re always going to need a clerk to handle problems that arise. People are always going to complain. 

  176. Christina Hammac

    I only use self checkout if I have only a few items and I am in a hurry. Otherwise I prefer a cashier.

  177. I use self check outs all the time and don’t mind but their is a lot of ppl that just do not understand
    The instructions and may not read very to understand instructions on self checkout so yes we still need cashiers

  178. Vanita Turner

    I would rather go to self check out with small amounts of products. But when I have food and house/ garden ware, I want to go to the check out. Besides I do not like using my card everywhere. Next you’ll will be wanting people to have numbers on their hands, just to by food. Like in Revalu

  179. I use self check and the cashiers but there are drawbacks to self check, I would never do away with cashiers in a store.

  180. I prefer the self checkout method as long as you can use cash and card. I find it quicker and easier to use. It’s a pretty self explanatory system and easy to use. 

  181. Im a rep in walmarts….this is not the only things coming up…soon your cart will check you out…it will know what you put into it and how much it is..then you swipe your card right on the cart or you sign up before and it will just know who you are. So you just walk in pick up what you want and walk out…it will charge your card…

  182. Charlene freeman

    Ok sounds great, but what about the elderly who don’t know how to use self check outs and the disabled…hopefully you have thought of this.

    1. Dawn McDaniel

      THIS!!  I’m only thirty nine but disabled.  I will not go through the self-checkout for a cart and hurt myself and end up in bed for days just so that Walmart can save a few bucks.  I am not above waiting in line at the cashier where EVERYONE is lined up because no one is using the self-checkout and loudly proclaim that having only one cashier is neither customer nor disabled friendly.  Of course since I have a service dog I’m taken seriously and I usually get a line to open up nearly immediately when I do this.  They take out the registers and I’ll shop elsewhere.  If I’m going to have to bag my own groceries I’d rather go to Aldi’s where the bagging area isn’t down low.  

  183. I’m not sure if the self-checkout only option is good for my community. We have so many older people who refuse to use the self-checkout lines. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes in Arkansas.

  184. Krista shelto

    I use self checkout all the time because it’s usually quicker because their is less people in self checkout which is what I like I don’t like being crowded by people, downfall on that is if you scan to fast the machine locks up and need an employee to fix it, or if you’re buying certain things that you need to be 18 or older to buy you need an employee to come approve it Everytime and usually have to wait 5 10 minutes for an employee to help you

  185. Lillian Poston

    I would rather keep things the way they are. The human touch is very important l think. Also I this economy we need all the jobs can get.

  186. cashiers are preferred. It takes way to long to do self-checkout, and I always end up having to call for help. They may want to be cheap, but in the end, they will end up hiring more people back as the self-checkout lines get really long

  187. If I’m just running in to get a couple of things self check out is fine but the majority of the time I would prefer being checked out by a cashier

  188. Robert a Hayes

    I admit to using them on rare occasion however that is only when I’m just running in the store for one thing and running right back out otherwise I want a cashier

  189. i think this is a good idea because not every cash register is open at my walmart. it can be slammed in there and only 5 registers will be open. if you have self check out only then that means all registers will be opened and people can get done faster instead of waiting in 5 lines with 30 people standing in each line!  

    1. Dawn McDaniel

      Actually, my Walmart only uses a third of the self-checkout stands at a time.

  190. If I were Walmart I would leave as is!! You have lots of older folks and ones that are getting there that don’t like or have problems with them!! Meijers has where you can only use efts at their self-check out lanes so you have to take any cash or bottle deposits to the cashier run aisle!! They should really look at Meijer and see how their self check outs go!!

  191. David Gridley

    I prefer self-checkout because it allows me to catch pricing errors that often go unnoticed with a cashier.

  192. Mary Gilliland

    For myself, I prefer cashiers. I realize self check my be cost effective, but some of us older customers, 1. Are slower 2. For some older customers, we have a difficult time learning some of the modern devices such as self check out machines. Why can’t there be both, cashiers & self check as it is now. For us, the mid to older generation, keep cashiers also. Thank you for allowing us to comment.

  193. Zane Childress

    I’ve heard they loose a lot from people stealing. They call it something like “bag and go”. So how do they benefit.

  194. Zane Childress

    I suggest everyone use curbside services so they don’t only have to pay someone to scan your items, but also do your shopping.

  195. Brenda Griffin

    Why you corporations already make enough money . Why Take the jobs away from people who really needs it. Save yourself more money by hurting families.  Self checkout are good but people are much better. Privacy. What privacy. No such thing anymore. Stop the foolishness. GOD is not please  because the people with wealth does not give a crap about the people that is really in need. But of course it’s not you big corporations problems. You have so much money why not keep them both. Both are convenient. Everyone is not computer savvy.  Greed. When is enough ever enough???

  196. Should not to self check out, if I wanted to be a cashier then I would applied, second if it saving the company money how much is the company loosing to theft?

  197. Beverly Delahunty

    I prefer having the ability to choose. Leave a few check out registers that are manned by the employee.

  198. Hopefully a Walmart will reposition many of their cashiers into stock and sales floor workers.  It takes a lot of man power to keep a big store clean.  More people to assist shoppers on the sales floor.  The key to the self checkouts
    Would be to have at least two people at the registers to assist guests with their needs.  I’m sure they will have such as price overrides,  receipt paper replacements, system crashes.  Selling cigarettes and tobacco products should be interesting without an actual cashier.  

  199. Our Walmart has stopped accepting cash at self checkouts, you have to go thru a cashier if you pay cash. what is that all about?

    1. Jeannie Anderson

      There is a coin shortage according to the government. Most are rounding up change given back to the customer.

  200. I think it is a good idea!People do get thru them faster too and it is more private!I absolutely love it!

  201. I love self checkouts. However I have cashiered at Walmart. But they will find that there will be more theft. They will switch back. They will also lose business. Older people will go somewhere else to shop.  The company who keeps cashiers will make out in the long run. But as I said they will try and they will go back to cashiers. 

  202. I would prefer to have a cashier as I have a disability and cannot lift a large amount (1gallon) of weight.  The cashier can sack the groceries much faster than I and keep the line moving.

  203. I prefer self check out. Easier and Quicker for me however I was a trained cashier in one of my former jobs! So no problem for me!

  204. It will never happen for those who still pay by cash unless Walmart changes the self checkouts to accept cash and coins. 

    1. I think it’s best to have both.
      I didn’t sign up to be a cashier.
      It’s to much to have to bag your purchases if you have a lot.

  205. I prefer a choice of both.  The store should have plenty of check out preference  at their location.

  206. I don’t mind if it’s a small order, but I also feel I should get at least 10% off (or more!) for doing the work 

  207. I personally like the self checks. But where we live there are so many elderly and disabled who just no way could do it on there own. Not sure about anywhere else but for store 2287 in New Castle PA it is a very bad idea.

  208. There needs to be a combination of both. All self help is not customer friendly for seniors and folks with physical challenges.

  209. Leland Chandler

    I like the self checkouts myself, I feel like I can do it faster than some of the cashiers they had that would take forever to scan someone’s groceries, probably because they got payed by the hour. What I really don’t like about Walmart’s new rules is closing the pharmacy entrance. I’m older and don’t like to have to walk a long ways and so I parked in front of the pharmacy, then noticed the change when I got up to the door. I had to walk the length of the store outside, then the extra distance to go around the rails they put in front of the store to make you go around the side of the store. Then I had to walk all the way to the other side of the store, and get my wife’s prescription, and then walk all the way back to the other entrance, then walk the length of the store outside in the heat back to my vehicle. I don’t know who came up with this asinine idea, but I refuse to go back in Walmart, so we switched our prescriptions elsewhere, and if we can’t get it on grocery pickup, we won’t get it or we will get it elsewhere.

  210. Sometime I do self check out but other times really need a cashier and seems more people cash out electrinics when limited up front and most times full. Buggies

  211. I have not problem with self checkout, often prefer. However, it’s very difficult to get the bags to open so you can move through the process quickly. Both at Wal Mart and grocery stores.

  212. That’s insane what about all those workers what happens to them , I don’t even like self checkout I never use them .. what is this world coming to… 

    1. Chad Johnston

      If they are manning the self checks correctly, then it takes the same amount of people. Anybody that IS extra goes to a different department. This is how Walmarts grocery pick up originally started.
      Or the quit Walmart and get hired by the company that makes and maintains the self checks. That’s where I work, and we have a LOT of former Walmart employees. Self checks don’t cost Walmart employees their jobs and actually create more jobs within my company.

    1. True. Sam’s club you can scan the item as you put it in your cart and pay in the app and show your online receipt when you leave. So no going through self check or cashier’s. If they are going to get rid of cashier’s why not just get rid of checkout period and just do app in-store purchase?

  213. Is getting rid of needed jobs for the self-checkouts, which absolutely despise, and taking out the personal interaction w a cashier going to lower food/purchase prices? If not then what is the point. I will not b returning to wal-mart stores if this is done. People need personal interaction… there is t