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Why Babies Born in February are Special

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February is a short month filled with many holidays, including Valentine’s Day. To many it may seem like the perfect month, short and sweet. However, if you have a baby born in February, it will be an even more special month. Science says that babies born in February are extra special for many reasons.

February Babies

Better Careers

Research done by Harvard shows that babies born in February were both taller and stronger than other babies by the age of seven. February babies also weighed more and were just overall bigger than those born in the other 11 months.

This exact study also showed that winter babies, including the month of February, also did much better on intelligence tests.

Taking into perspective all these factors, your baby could have a pretty significant job. Being taller and stronger could mean a higher chance of playing in the NBA. Doing much better on intelligence tests could mean your baby will eventually become a lawyer or even a doctor.

More Artsy and Creative

Along with being tall, smart, and strong, if your baby is either an Aquarius or Pisces, they will be more artistic and creative than other babies. As the astrology signs mention over and over again, those who are more creative and into art are typically an Aquarius or Pisces.

Being born in February is linked to being an artist. Which means, your baby could end up being famous! There are many many actors and actresses born in February, and even presidents as well!

Rare Birthday

We all know that every four years February has an extra day,  just like this year. That means, if you are due in February, your baby might be one of the very few born on February 29! It is the rarest birthday to have, as only around 200,000 people all around the country have that same birthday.

Even though you cannot actually celebrate their birthday each year on the exact date, it is still a very special birthday to have. If you have a child born on leap year, they are usually called, “leaplings.”

Some people will celebrate their birthday on March 1 or February 28, while a select few only celebrate every four years. It is something very few people can participate in, making them all the more special.

If you have a baby born in February or are due in February, be of good cheer! Your baby is destined to be wonderful and special. Science is showing that babies born in February are more special. No matter what, each and every baby is special and unique in their own way.

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Our daughter was born On Feb 15, she weighed 9lbs 2oz at birth. This year she’ll be earning her Doctorate in physical therapy. So proud of our February baby. ❤️

I was born on Feb 29 1952. I always have a lot with my age( will be.17 yrs old this the oldest 17 year old( I will be 68 in my unbirthdays) I know.

My daughter was born on February 15th and she’s going for doctor of occupational therapy 🙂 

My baby was born in February, and only weighed 3 lbs. So guess that doesn’t go with February babies weighing more than the other months!

Mine was 7.3 lol

My February baby was 10.5 lbs

All 5 of my kids are born in February. And mine! We are all Aquarius

I’m a leapling…..this year is my birthday!!!

This is absolutely true ! Bob Marley was an Aquarius born on February 6th and I on February 7th!

Me too!! February 7th

Love all your posts! I agree. Aquarius and spices are the artistic ones 😉 

Just to clarify, babies born on the 29th of February should be correctly referred to as “Leap Day” babies. 

Yay I’m born on Feb 14th!

I’m born on February 28th, and the creative/artsy one is soooo true!!

I was born on the 29th. This birthday I will be 72 or 18 which should I choose.. HAHA

My son was born February 14th at 5 pounds 11 ounces and 18 inches long. He will be 19 this year and is 6’4″ and still growing!!

this article was a little on the superficial side. 

My son was born on February 28 1983 he is a Pisces and he is both highly intelligent and also very artistic I am so proud of my son even though I was 36.5 hours in labor with him he has become the man that I am proud of and he weighed 8lbs 1.5ozs so I believe that February babies are special .

My daughter is born on February 9, she’s 7.10 lbs, now she’s a Doctor

My beautiful daughter Ruth Anne Willis was born on Febuary 23rd and she is very artistic, excelling in painting and also photography ! S he is a very special lady! Patricia Cohn .

I am a February born


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