Easter Peeps Bunny Brownie Patch

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I had made some brownies the other day and my 6 year old suggested we make something fun with them! We had some bunny Peeps so we came up with this Peeps Bunny Brownie Patch! We had so much fun decorating this with candy we had on hand and this is so easy to make! A great edible Easter craft that the kids can make themselves!

Peeps Bunny Brownie Patch

  • Brownie Mix
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Bunny Peeps
  • Orange Jelly Beans
  • Orange Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Green Sour Straws

How to make Easter Bunny Peeps Brownies

  • Start out by baking our brownies in a 9 x13 pan according to the package directions. You can line the pan with parchment paper if you want to transfer on a platter.
  • Frost the top with chocolate frosting.
  • Use orange jelly beans to look like carrots. Cut pieces off of the green sour straws to make the carrot stem. Attach with orange cookie frosting.
  • Cut the green sour straws in half and then cut them into little pieces to make lettuce.
  • Use mini marshmallows in half for bunny tails.
  • Trim off the bunny ears on the peeps to look like feet for the bunnies diving into the dirt.
  • Cut off the corners of the brownie to shape it to our plate. (We were going to crumble those up to look like dirt, but my 6 year old wanted thought it looked better this way. He’s the boss in the kitchen!:)
  • Make a sign and attach it to a couple of decorative straws.

Here is my 6 year old with his Peeps Brownie Patch creation….

Here is a close up….

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20 comments on “Easter Peeps Bunny Brownie Patch”

  1. Brenda @ChattingOverChocolate.blogspot.com

    Good morning, Jill! I'm co-hosting the Sweet & Savoury Sunday link party today and wanted to stop by and invite you to join in on the fun!! Would love to have you come by and share your ADORABLE Peeps Bunny Brownie Patch and a couple other favorites too! Hope to see you there!! 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend! :*)

  2. Brenda @ SweetSimpleStuff

    Those poor little bunnies have to dig thru chocolate in order to find carrots … too cute!!!

  3. Heather @ eSmoothies

    Your creativity blows me away! My daughter is 10x more likely to eat something if she thinks its cute. She would LOVE this.

    Thanks for the idea!

  4. Heather @ eSmoothies

    Your creativity b-lows me away!! My daughter is 10x more likely to eat something if she thinks it cute, and she would LOVE this.

    Thanks for the idea!