Why December Babies Are Special

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December doesn’t just bring the joys of Christmas, presents, and snow, but it can also bring a blessing for a family welcoming a new baby. And that is amazing news for your family if you are one of the lucky ones to get a December baby because scientifically babies born this month are special!

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What Makes Them Special?

Of course, all babies are a bundle of joy and a huge blessing no matter what month they are born, but December babies have a few facts about them that you may want to know that makes them special:

1. December Babies Are Rare

Statistically, babies are born the least during this month. According to USAToday, it is even rare to get a baby born on December 24th or 25th. Although this makes them special right off the bat, this does lift up questions asking if they become the unluckiest kinds of birthdays because they fall so close to Christmas. While some may get extra gifts, others may not.

2. Less Fussy

According to a study at a European College for Neuropsychopharmacology, they gathered 366 students to ask about their behaviors. And found that those born in warmer months tend to be far moodier than those born in colder months. I wonder if this is because the Holidays bring happiness to most if not all families. Maybe it’s also those who get lucky with more presents?

3. Less Likely to Get Major Diseases

A record of 1.75 million people born from 1900 to 2000 was treated at the Columbia University Department of Medicine. This record showed that in December babies were less likely to get major diseases. They searched through 1,668 diseases and focused on factors like the months they were born, diet, exercise, etc.

4. December Babies Have a Longer Lifespan

Yes, as if all the other examples of why December babies are special, living longer is just another perk that you may get. According to a German study in the Journal of Aging Research, babies born this month have a “significantly higher risk of surviving up to age 105-plus compared to the June-born.” You can also find another study from the University of Chicago that shows the survival chances for birth months to reach 100 years old, and yet again, December-born babies are at the top!

5. Righty or Lefty

You might be surprised to find out that it is more likely for boys to be left-handed according to the University of Vienna. Psychologists found that males born between October through February have an increased likelihood of being left-handed. We still don’t know why this is the case, but since it’s rare to be born in December and rare to be left-handed, this just makes them even more special.

6. Youngest in Class

Once your kiddo begins school, you may realize that they could be the youngest in their class. This may cause concern for some parents because when your peers are older, it may be harder for your child to interact with them in social and academic settings. But don’t worry about that because studies show that those who were older and more mature didn’t have the same edge as their younger peers in the long run.

Holidays For December Babies

As I said before, some kids may get extra presents while others may get a combination of Christmas/Birthday presents. And, for parents, this can be a cause for concern because you don’t want to disappoint your children. For me, I think it is important to keep them separated so that your child can feel just as special as those born in other months. If their birthday happens to fall on, before, or after Christmas, just find time to throw them a party or give them separate gifts! And, if you’re lucky and get the least fussy out of the bunch, they deserve it!

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1 thought on “Why December Babies Are Special”

  1. Connie Bratten

    My bd is December 7. I always say me and all the other disasters happened on that day. I can attest that bd and xmas gifts are combined. I am the youngest in my class. My family say I cried all the time as a baby. I tell them I must have been really unhappy.