You’re Never Too Old To Need Your Mom

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Throughout our lives, our moms take on a myriad of roles for us. When we are younger, they act as cheerleaders and role models for us. They cook for us, clean up after us, and take care of us when we are sick. As we get older, the roles of our moms start to change. They become more friends than a mother. No matter what stage in life you are in, you need your mom.

No Matter How Old I Get " I Want My Mom" Will Always Be There At Moments

Why You Always Need Your Mom

As little kids, whenever we have negative feelings, we instantly think of our mothers. When we get hurt or afraid, all we need is our moms to comfort and protect us. However, as we get older and become adults, we don’t vocalize the need for our moms as often as we should. But, no matter what you may say or not say, you still need your mom. Let me explain why.

Moms are True Friends

Through the good and bad times of life, your mom will always be there for you, no matter what. It is hard to say the same thing about other friends you may have. If you live close enough to your mom, if you are hurting or sick, she is instantly there to help you, and that is because you are her entire world. She lives to be there for you.

Unconditional Love

She is your mother, of course she loves you unconditionally. However, that is not a bad thing at all. A mother’s love is the deepest love you will ever encounter. While yes, sometimes we hurt our moms, that still doesn’t change her love. No matter what you may do, your mom will always love you regardless.

Stay Close Always

Because you will always need your mom, it is important to develop a strong relationship so you always remain close, despite the distance you actually live from each other. If you are across states or countries, you can still have a great relationship with your mom.

Regular Calls

Schedule a time to call your mom, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. Always keep your schedule. Never miss a phone call with your mom. You both need that time to share life stories, laugh and cry together. If you can, make sure to video call her to actually see each other.

Little Random Acts

Do little random acts of kindness for your mom, to let her know you are always thinking about her. You can give her a little text sharing how much you love and admire her, or do a social media post. If you can, send flowers or another simple little treat to let her know you care.

Share a Hobby

Share a hobby with your mom. Find something you both enjoy doing together. This will help you stay in touch as you talk about the thing you always do together. It could be watching the same show, or doing a particular craft. Whatever it is, make it special and meaningful to you and your mom.

There are numerous things you can do with and for your mom to develop a solid relationship. It is important to start early on because you never know when you may need your mom. No matter how young or old, a mother is the best thing in your life.

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