Homemade McGriddle Recipe (Mcdonald’s)

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This Homemade McGriddle Recipe (Mcdonald’s Copycat) is really a game-changer for me and makes me get the enjoyment of fast food, but saves money. It tastes amazing and is the perfect Homemade McGriddle. This McDonald’s Copycat recipe is going to become your new go-to breakfast sandwich.

Homemade McGriddle

Homemade McGriddle Recipe (Mcdonald’s Copycat)

This homemade Mcgriddle recipe is so good! This recipe only needs a handful of ingredients to start your morning with a good breakfast. All you have to do is cook all of your ingredients and build your sandwich to have a delicious breakfast in minutes. This recipe is a great one to try along with other recipes like these Sausage Breakfast Muffins and Breakfast Potatoes to have a full meal to enjoy yourself or to share with family.

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Ingredients You Will Need:

(full amounts in recipe box below)

  • Pancake Mix- This will be used to make your “buns” for the griddles.
  • Syrup- maple syrup will be injected into the pancakes.
  • Sausage Patties- Pork sausage will be used to build the sandwiches. Feel free to change out the protein with crispy bacon, chicken, etc…
  • Eggs- Be sure to use eggs at room temperature. Add in chopped veggies or extra cheese if you prefer for a change.
  • Cheese- You will need American cheese for this recipe.
  • Pepper- This will be used for taste.
  • Salt- This will bring out the flavors in your recipe.

How to Make a McGriddle

  • Add a cup of water to the pancake mix and combine.
  • Put the ring of a mason jar into a skillet with the bottom side facing down or the ‘open side of the ring down’.
  • Use oil (or cooking spray) to grease and set the temp to medium.
  • Add in the pancake batter when the right medium heat is reached to about halfway. When bubbles begin to form at about the 60-second mark, take off the ring using tongs.
Cooking the egg white into a circular shape.
  • Turn over the pancake to finish cooking the other side.
  • Continue with the rest of the pancake mix or just about 7 more pancakes.
  • Inject the syrup into the finished griddle cakes using a kitchen syringe when the pancakes are cool. (Doing this will mimic the Mcgriddle without it burning)
Infusing the pancakes with syrup in a syringe.
  • Cook the patties in the skillet on medium heat for 3 minutes on each side until golden brown.
Cooking the sausage in the pan.
  • Take off the skillet and place a slice of cheese on top.
  • Whisk the eggs into a bowl with some pepper and scramble.
  • Cook at medium heat and pour into the skillet and let it spread out to fit the whole bottom of the pan.
Cooking the eggs in a skillet.
  • When the egg is cooked after 30 seconds, fold two times into a square-like shape to fit the sandwich.
  • Build your sandwich with all of the cooked ingredients.
  • Serve and Enjoy!
Building the griddles.

How to store a Homemade McGriddle 

Mcgriddles are best served almost immediately after making for the best results of taste and texture. Having a warm and fresh sandwich will always be the better way to go. However, you can store these sandwiches in an airtight Ziploc bag or airtight container.

How to reheat These Copycat Breakfast Sandwiches

You will want to reheat these, but also make sure you do not burn them. I would recommend defrosting them in the microwave at first. Then, wrap the sandwiches in a paper towel to allow the heat and moisture to cook the sandwich perfectly.

McGriddle with a bite taken out

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The sandwiches with a light blue cloth next to it.
Homemade McGriddle Recipe
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Homemade McGriddle Recipe

This Homemade McGriddle (Mcdonald's Copycat) recipe is really a game-changer for me and makes me get the enjoyment of fast food, but saves money. It tastes amazing and is the perfect Homemade McGriddle. This McDonald's Copycat recipe is going to become your new go-to breakfast sandwich.
Servings: 4 sandwiches
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes


  • 1 1/2 cups pancake mix
  • 1/2 cup syrup
  • 4 sausage patties
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 slices American cheese
  • 1/2 tablespoon of pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of salt


  • Combine pancake mix with 1 cup of water until mixed completely. Place mason jar lid ring in skillet, bottom side down (open side of ring down), spray with oil, and set heat to medium.
  • Once medium heat is achieved, pour pancake batter in-ring to halfway. Once bubbles start to form in the ring (60 seconds), remove the ring using tongs. Flip pancake to cook on another side (60 seconds. Remove pancake. Repeat step 7 times or cook as many pancakes as you have room for.
  • Using a kitchen syringe, medical syringe, or flavor injector, inject syrup into pancakes once cooled. This step will mimic the flavor of a McGriddle pancake with our burning the syrup while cooking the pancake.
  • Cook the sausage patties on medium heat for 3 minutes on each side. Remove and top with cheese slices.
  • Scramble eggs one egg with a pinch of pepper. Cook on medium heat in a skillet. Pour egg into skillet allowing it to fill the whole skillet. After 30 seconds, fold the egg twice into itself. Then fold in half to fit the sandwich.
  • Assemble egg, sausage, and cheese between two McGriddle pancakes and serve.

Last Step:

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