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Peachy Piggy Fruit Snack

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We live here in Atlanta…home of the Georgia peach! It’s peach season & you will see peaches everywhere around here. My boys are never big fans of fruit so we are always coming up with fun ideas to get them to eat different kinds of fruits for healthy snacks. Today we came up with this Peachy Piggy. Super easy to make & my 3 year old had so much fun helping create this!

Peachy Piggy

1 Peach

Start out by washing your peach & then cutting it in half using a knife. Cut a little bit more from one half. This will be the head & you will use the cut off slice to make the ears, nose, & feet. Cut raisins in half to make the nostrils, mouth, eyes, & tail. Place raisins on the bottom of your plate to look like mud.

My 3 year old was so excited to give this fun Peachy Piggy to his big brothers when they got home this afternoon!

Here is another fun creations we have made using peaches…

Peachy Parrot

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  1. Both are really cute but I think you know which is my favorite:@)