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Wine Floats are the Latest Trend and We Love it

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Wine Floats are the new trend and they are delicious! During summer we love to eat as many frozen treats as we can. However, we tend to eat ice cream all year round because it’s just that good. 

That’s why when I heard about this new trend called wine floats, I just knew I had to try it. 

Wine Floats 

Wine is a classic favorite that will never get old. But so is ice cream. So, why not combine them into a mouth-watering drink? 

That’s exactly what wine floats are!

Wine floats are exactly like root beer floats. Except instead of root beer, it’s wine. Doesn’t that sound absolutely amazing? 

How to Make a Wine Float 

To make a wine float just add your ice cream into a wine glass, then top off with wine. It’s as simple as that! 

To make it even better, simply add whipped cream and a little red cherry to the top and you got the perfect drink for the summer. 

I bet even adding some fruit like blueberries or strawberries would be the extra topping that would make it even better. 

Simply mix together your favorite ice cream and bottle of wine. Or, go for some sherbert. 

Just thinking about this makes me want to run to go grab five different types of ice cream to make the perfect wine float! 

Most people love to use red wine because it naturally has a fruity flavor. However, do whatever wine you like best! That’s the best part about this drink, you can create your own personal wine float! 

I love that you don’t need any fancy ingredients and can be as simple or fancy as you want. 

This is definitely a trend I can get behind! 

Who wants to try making some wine floats? What flavors are you going to mix together? I cannot wait to try so many different creations! 

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I would try this with fruit wine!

We’ve long made these floats with tawny port and vanilla or vanilla cherry ice cream delicious!