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Eggnog Latte

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Eggnog is a must-have drink for the Holidays! And, it is even better in Latte form! This Eggnog Latte is a creamy and delicious beverage that is great for starting up your mornings during the winter.

The eggnog latter on a wooden coaster.

Eggnog Latte

Eggnog Latte is so good! You get all the best Christmas spices in this latte and the first sip will just melt in your mouth. This recipe is for sure going to be a favorite and is great for almost any time of day. If you want another amazing Christmas time latte, then this Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte is perfect for you. If you want an incredible dessert to enjoy with this recipe, then have this Crumble Eggnog Pie because you can’t have too much eggnog!


  • Eggnog– This will be used as the main flavoring for the latte.
  • Milk– Use 2% or whole as a substitute for this recipe.
  • Brown Sugar– Use this to add richness to the recipe.
  • Nutmeg– Use this for additional flavoring.
  • Espresso– Prepare brewed espresso to add to the latte.
  • Toppings– Use your choice of whipped cream, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

How to Make an Eggnog Latte

First, in a medium saucepan, pour in the eggnog, milk, brown sugar, and nutmeg.

Secondly, cook the ingredients on medium-low heat while whisking regularly until the mixture becomes hot and steams. (about 10 minutes)

Combining the ingredients in a saucepan.

Thirdly, pour the milk into a frothing pitcher and blend until foamy.

All of the Eggnog Latte ingredients in containers.

Next, while the eggnog is cooking, prepare some brewed espresso using an espresso machine or a stovetop espresso maker.

Combining the coffee ingredients for the eggnog latte.

Afterward, put 2 tablespoons of the espresso into your favorite latte mug and top with the frothed eggnog mix. (keep enough space on top if you plan on adding whipped cream on top.

Pouring the mixture into a cup.

Serve with whipped cream and nutmeg and enjoy!

What is an eggnog latte?

Eggnog is a blend of egg whites and other ingredients to make a creamy and delicious milky drink. This is a latte form of eggnog in which you heat eggnog with a few ingredients. You pour in prepared and brewed espresso and mix it with the eggnog mixture.

What kind of coffee should I use?

For this recipe, you will need to use espresso. You will need to prepare and brew espresso using a machine or stove-top maker. However, you can use other coffee, if desired.

Eggnog Latte topped with cream and cinnamon.

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The recipe in front of a plate full of cookies.

Eggnog Latte Feature

Eggnog Latte

Published By Jill
Eggnog is a must-have drink for the Holidays! And, it is even better in Latte form! This Eggnog Latte is a creamy and delicious beverage that is great for starting up your mornings during the winter.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Beverage
Cuisine American
Servings 2 Latte


  • 1 ½ cup eggnog
  • ½ cup milk 2%
  • 2 teaspoons brown sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons brewed espresso
  • Optional toppings: whipped cream nutmeg, cinnamon


  • Add eggnog, milk, brown sugar, and nutmeg to a medium saucepan. Heat over medium-low heat, whisking frequently until mixture is hot and starts to steam, about 10 minutes. Pour into a milk frothing pitcher and blend with a milk frother until it’s foamy.
  • While the eggnog mixture is heating up, brew espresso in either an espresso machine or a stovetop espresso maker.
  • Add two tablespoons of espresso to a latte mug. Pour frothed eggnog mixture on top (make sure to save room for whipped cream, if using). Top with whipped cream and nutmeg.


I used a Stovetop Espresso Maker to make this recipe. I brewed a full pot of espresso (5oz) and used two tablespoons from it to make this recipe. Leftover espresso can be used to make multiple servings or to enjoy on its own.
This recipe makes 1 or 2 servings depending on how large the mugs are.
For best results and optimal freshness, enjoy it right away while it’s hot.
Tried this recipe?Mention @kitchenfunwithmy3sons or tag #kitchenfunwithmy3sons!

Eggnog Latte image.

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