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If you love to cook and bake with the seasons, using ingredients that are in-season and following trends like apple and pumpkin spice in the fall, then you’re in the right place!

These seasonal recipes focus on using in-season ingredients, flavors, and even colors. Plus there’s lots of fun things for the holidays too.

Take advantage of fresh fruit and veggies in the summer, with dishes like Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie and Veggie Crescent Roll Pizza. And of course, fall isn’t fall without all things pumpkin and apple, from Pumpkin Cake Roll to Baked Apple Donuts.

Looking for something specific? Browse these sub-categories to find the perfect idea!

The Latest Seasonal Recipes

As I incorporate seasonal flavors and ingredients into my new recipes. I share them here so you can enjoy them too! Here are the latest seasonal recipes that have received my family’s nod of approval.