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Rice Krispies Baby Bird Nest Treats

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My boys have helped make a ton of fun desserts in our house. In fact…it’s in the hundreds! They have fun with all of them, but there is a different kind of excitement from them when I pull out the Rice Krispies & say to them that we are going to create with Rice Krispies Treats! They absolutely love Rice Krispies Treats!

Rice Krispies has a awesome Pinterest page with a ton of fun food ideas. We checked out all of them & thought that the Robin Nests looked fun & easy for kids to create themselves. We turned ours into Rice Krispies Baby Bird Nest Treats so this is our take on their popular idea. We had so much fun making these & I think my boys did a awesome job on their baby bird nest treats! They rated this treat a big 10!!

Make sure to check out the Rice Krispies Pinterest Contest HERE to win lots of prizes!

Rice Krispies sent us this fun box of goodies to help us create our fun treats…

Rice Krispies Baby Bird Nest Treats

6 Cups Rice Krispies
1 10oz. Bag of Marshmallows
4 T. Butter
Robin Eggs
Orange Cookie Icing
Orange Sprinkles
Black Edible Marker
Green Edible Grass

Start out by melting the butter on low heat. They add the marshmallows & stir until melted…

Pour in the Rice Krispies & stir….

Spray a muffin pan with cooking spray. Then we used a ice cream scoop to measure our nests like this…

Press up the sides to form a nest…

Make 2 eyes on the Robin Eggs using the black edible marker. Then make a dot on the front using the cookie icing….

Press on the orange sprinkles to form a beak. You can make most sprinkles work for this. We had some tiny little duck sprinkles & trimmed off the sides using kitchen scissors to make our beaks…

Add a dot of icing to the bottom of the birds & press on the nests. Then have the kids add on the green edible grass around the birds…

Here is a close up of the blue birds…

Another close up…

These are seriously so much fun for the kids to make & would also make really cute treats for class parties at school!

Here are my 3 boys with their Rice Krispies Baby Bird Nests…

We had a little bit of our mix left so my 3 year old wanted to try out the Rice Krispies Surprise Egg using our mold. Let me tell you…this is a must make for the little ones. They love making these & have so much fun with them! Here is his experience with making his fun Rice Krispies Treat Egg…

Check out the directions for the Rice Krispies Treat Surprise Eggs HERE!

When you check out all the fun ideas on the Rice Krispies Pinterest page make sure to share your ideas using the hashtag #easytomake. Also check out the Rice Krispies Facebook page for lots of other fun food ideas!

What is your favorite Rice Krispies Treat to make?

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  1. These are so cute! I didn't know you could buy edible grass! I will have to check that out. Pinning! 🙂

  2. Your boys did a great job with their nests. They look like they have so much fun:)

  3. Thanks Beth…they all had fun making these. My 3 year old loved it the most…he had a blast!

  4. adorable!! love the little birds, happy easter to you all!

  5. The edible grass, I have never seen this before, who make it and is it coconut?