Cookie Monster Ice Cream

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This creamy Cookie Monster Ice Cream is loaded with Oreos and chocolate chip cookies. No need for an ice cream maker because this no churn recipe freezes in a regular loaf pan in the freezer overnight. Such a simple recipe that the kids can do it.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream with a cherry on top.

No churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Cookie Monster Ice Cream is inspired by everyone’s favorite character, ok, my favorite character on Sesame Street, the Cookie Monster. Blue in color, this incredible vanilla ice cream is colored blue to match the Cookie Monster’s fur and then loaded up with the best ingredients of all… COOKIES. Because Me Love Cookies. I am using Oreos and chocolate chips cookies but of course, any cookies will do because the Cookie Monster doesn’t mind what kind of cookie it is. I mean, a cookie is a cookie, am I right?

Key Ingredients You’ll Need For This Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

  • Dairy: I use cold heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk to thicken the recipe.
  • Flavoring: I use vanilla extract along with mini Oreo cookies and Chips Ahoy Cookies for additional flavor and texture. Of course, you can use any of my other cookies recipes like my Chocolate Chip Cookies or Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Food Coloring: Use blue food coloring gel instead of liquid so it combines into the mixture better for the bright blue color.

How To Make Cookie Monster Ice Cream Recipe

Make the vanilla ice cream base. Add the heavy whipping cream into a large bowl and beat, using a stand mixer with a whisk, until thick and forms stiff peaks. Add in the condensed milk and vanilla and combine until smooth.

Freeze the ice cream. Put half the ice cream mixture into a freezer-safe container and top with half of the cookies. Keep repeating layers and topping with the rest of the cookie pieces. Place in the freezer, with plastic wrap or in an airtight container with a lid, for at least 5-6 hours or overnight for best results. When you are ready to eat, take it out of the freezer and allow it to thaw for 5-10 minutes.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream in a waffle bowl.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream Variations

  • Add a generous swirl of peanut butter to the ice cream for an extra nutty and indulgent twist that will have you coming back for seconds.
  • Use cookie dough. Use edible cookie dough in the ice cream base as a twist on just chopped cookies.
  • Give the creamy base with a dash of mint extract and mix in mint chocolate cookies to create a refreshing Cookie Monster ice cream with a delightful coolness.
  • Elevate the cookie crunch by incorporating chunks of fudgy brownies into the ice cream.
  • Drizzle caramel sauce over the ice cream and layer it with toffee or caramel-filled cookies for a luxurious and sweet-savory variation that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Including nuts to the Cookie Monster Ice Cream is a brilliant idea! Nuts can bring an additional layer of texture and flavor, making the ice cream even more delightful. Here’s how you can incorporate nuts for a crunchy sensation:
  • Serve and Enjoy: After the ice cream has set and is ready to be served, scoop it into bowls or cones, and relish the delightful blend of creamy ice cream, crunchy cookies, and nutty goodness!
  • Opt for gluten-free cookies and use a gluten-free ice cream base to craft an incredible Cookie Monster ice cream that everyone can enjoy, without compromising on flavor.
Cookie Monster Ice Cream on a table.

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Cookie Monster Ice Cream feature
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Cookie Monster Ice Cream

This creamy Cookie Monster Ice Cream is loaded with Oreos and chocolate chip cookies. No need for an ice cream machine because this no churn recipe freezes in a regular pan in the freezer overnight. Such a simple recipe that the kids can do it.
Servings: 6 servings
Prep: 10 minutes
Freeze Time: 5 hours
Total: 5 hours 10 minutes



  • With a mixer, beat heavy whipping cream until thick
  • Pour in sweetened condensed milk and vanilla and fold in until smooth.
  • Next, spoon half of the ice cream into a freezer-safe container. Top with half of the cookies, slightly crushed up. Repeat layers and top with remaining cookies.
  • Freeze for 5-6 hours or overnight. When it is time to serve, remove the container from the freezer and let sit on the counter for 5-10 minutes before serving to soften.

Last Step:

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Serving: 6g | Calories: 4kcal | Carbohydrates: 0.4g | Protein: 0.03g | Fat: 0.1g | Saturated Fat: 0.03g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.01g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.03g | Cholesterol: 0.1mg | Sodium: 2mg | Potassium: 2mg | Fiber: 0.01g | Sugar: 0.3g | Vitamin A: 0.5IU | Vitamin C: 0.01mg | Calcium: 1mg | Iron: 0.04mg


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