Ultimate Christmas Dinner Menu

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Looking for the best Christmas dinner menu? I’ve got you covered here, with all my favorite Christmas dinner recipes, ranging from ham to turkey and duck, plus the very best holiday side dishes, drinks, and desserts!

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How to Create The Best Christmas Dinner Menu

We LOVE Christmas. In fact, Christmas dinner is one of my favorite meals to host throughout the entire year – even moreso than Thanksgiving and Easter.

But if you haven’t hosted Christmas dinner before or you’re hosting a bigger group than normal, coming up with the perfect Christmas dinner menu can be stressful.

After years of hosting and trying new recipes, I’ve come up with a pretty good idea of which dishes are going to be a hit. Ham is the most traditional main course but turkey, pork loin and duck go over well too. And when it comes to side dishes, I like to make a few classics and one or two new dishes. Think mashed potatoes with cranberry apple coleslaw.

Below you’ll find my top recommendations for Christmas dinner recipes, including holiday cocktail recipes and desserts like Christmas cookies and pie. These recipes are also great for special occasions any time of year.

Starting the day early? Check out my Christmas brunch ideas too.

27 Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Pick a few of these Christmas dinner ideas and you’ll have a menu everyone will be raving about. We’ll start with the main entrees and sides, then move on to the drinks and desserts!

Christmas Charcuterie Board on a red snowflake cloth.

Christmas Charcuterie Board

This Christmas Charcuterie Board is the perfect way to start off your holiday dinner. With meats, cheese, crackers, cookies, and more, it'll give guests something to snack on while you finish preparing the main course.
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Christmas Ham on a white table.

Christmas Ham

With orange juice, orange zest, and pomegranate seeds there's no better main entree for your holiday dinner than this festive Christmas Ham. Juicy, flavorful, and easy to prepare!
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Brown Sugar Ham Glaze feature

Brown Sugar Ham Glaze

Sweet and tangy, this Brown Sugar Ham Glaze is the perfect addition to any holiday ham. Made with just 5-ingredients!
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Overhead view of a pineapple ham

Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham (Slow Cooker)

If you're short on oven space, this Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham makes the perfect holiday entree. Sweet and tangy, this ham recipe is made with just 6 ingredients.
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Ham Gravy Recipe feature

Ham Gravy

This ham gravy is made with ham drippings and just 2 other ingredients. The perfect complement to your holiday ham!
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The whole Christmas Turkey Crown.

Christmas Turkey Crown

Made with thyme, basil, and fresh oranges this Christmas Turkey Crown is a show-stopping holiday main course. The end result is juicy and tender turkey with an incredible flavor.
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cooked cranberry orange turkey on a wood block

Crock Pot Cranberry Orange Turkey Breast

If you're hosting a small dinner and don't need a full turkey or ham, this Crock Pot Cranberry Orange Turkey Breast is the perfect option. It's tender, juicy, and easy to prepare.
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Best Turkey Gravy feature

Turkey Gravy

Made with ingredients like turkey drippings, chicken stock, butter, and fresh herbs, this Turkey Gravy is ready in just 25 minutes. A foolproof recipe!
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Cranberry Orange Chicken feature

Cranberry Orange Chicken

Cranberry Orange Chicken is a perfect dinner for the Holiday season, but it’s also great for any time of the year. This chicken thigh recipe combines the sweetness of cranberries with the tangy flavor of orange zest to create a mouthwatering chicken dish.
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Roast Duck Feature

Roast Duck with Brown Sugar and Soy Glaze

This Roast Duck recipe is an elegant but surprisingly simple entree that's perfect for Christmas. Prepared with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, and herbs, this recipe is savory with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.
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Cranberry Pork Tenderloin feature

Cranberry Pork Tenderloin

This Cranberry Pork Tenderloin is incredibly tender and made in the slow cooker. This easy pork recipe combines cranberry sauce with onion soup mix for a perfect flavor. It’s a comforting meal for weeknights or even as a main dish for holiday dinners.
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Creamy Mashed Potatoes feature

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a holiday side dish staple and you won't find better ones than these Creamy Mashed Potatoes! They're ready in just 35 minutes and made with only 4 ingredients!
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Candied Sweet Potatoes Feature

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Candied Sweet Potatoes are the perfect potato side dish to make for a holiday dinner, picnic, potluck, or to go with a quick and easy weeknight meal. Fork-tender sweet potato medallions baked in a simple glaze of butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and spices, this is sure to be your new favorite way to bake sweet potatoes!
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Green bean casserole on a white plate

Classic Green Bean Casserole

This Green Bean Casserole is a classic recipe that always deserves a spot on the holiday table. With canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and fried onions, this side is ready in just 30 minutes.
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Sausage Stuffing Feature

Sausage Stuffing Recipe

Made with cornbread, Italian sausage and stuffed vegetables, this Sausage Stuffing recipe is a savory side that pairs perfectly with turkey and other Christmas dishes. Not to mention that it's quick and easy to prepare!
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Homemade Biscuits feature

Homemade Biscuits

Leave the can at the store! These Homemade Biscuits are made with just 6 ingredients in 30 minutes. They're fluffy and buttery, just as a good biscuit should be!
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Freshly baked 30 minute dinner rolls

30 Minute Dinner Rolls

Homemade dinner rolls don't have to be complicated or time-intensive! These 30 Minute Dinner Rolls are light, fluffy, and better than anything you'll find at the store.
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Honey Glazed Carrots Recipe

These Honey Glazed Carrots will add a pop of color to any holiday table. They make a quick and easy veggie side sure to be loved by everyone – including the kids!
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Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts feature

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts are topped with honey and balsamic vinegar for a side that's a little sweet and a little savory. They're ready in just 20 minutes and made in the air fryer so no oven or stovetop space required!
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Cutting the brie with a cheese knife.

Cranberry Baked Brie

The combination of cranberry and brie is one of my favorite pairings and this Cranberry Baked Brie is no exception. It makes a simple side dish or appetizer with an elegant and festive presentation.
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Pomegranate Salad pin

Pomegranate Salad

This light and fresh Pomegranate Salad is a great accompaniment to any meal. With the crunchy nuts and pop of fresh pomegranates, it’s full of great flavor and texture that you will crave more of!
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Watergate Salad in a clear bowl topped with whipped cream and a cherry, next to mini marshmallows and chopped pecans.

Easy Watergate Salad

If you love a sweet salad filled with pineapple, marshmallows, pecans, Cool Whip, and pistachio pudding, then this Easy Watergate Salad is just perfect! A deliciously cool and creamy addition to any dinner plate, this salad is impressive yet very quick and easy with only 5 ingredients.
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Cranberry Apple Coleslaw

Cranberry Apple Coleslaw

Made with coleslaw mix, dried cranberries, crisp apples, walnuts, and green onions, this Cranberry Apple Coleslaw is sweet, tangy, and crunchy. A fun addition to any Christmas dinner menu!
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Gingerbread Cookies Feature

Gingerbread Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

These Gingerbread Cookies are soft spiced cookies topped with cream cheese frosting and holiday sprinkles. The most requested Christmas Cookie Recipe and so easy to make.
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Santa Hat Cupcakes feature

Santa Hat Cupcakes

How cute are these Santa Hat Cupcakes?! With fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream on a chocolate cupcake, they're a fun and festive dessert to enjoy after your Christmas dinner.
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Apple Pie Recipe

Apple Pie Recipe

With a tender filling made of sweet and tart apples in a delightfully flaky crust, this Easy Apple Pie Recipe will quickly become your go-to for every holiday. It’s hard to believe that a homemade pie this good is so easy to make! No special skills or tools needed.
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No Bake Peppermint Cheesecake feature

No Bake Peppermint Cheesecake

Featuring an Oreo crust and creamy, minty cheesecake filling topped with a rich chocolate ganache, this No Bake Peppermint Cheesecake is a holiday dessert meant to impress. With no baking required, it’s perfect for making a day or two in advance.
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Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

Chocolate Pie Recipe

With fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings, this Chocolate Pie is a rich and decadent dessert that is surprisingly easy to prepare. Plus, it's best prepared a day in advance, so that's one less thing to make on Christmas!
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The recipe on a table with pearls surrounding it.

Holiday Paloma

Made with tequila, grapefruit juice, tonic water, and rosemary simple syrup this Holiday Paloma is a festive drink that the adults will love. A bit tart and a bit bubbly, it makes an excellent after-dinner cocktail.
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Christmas Margarita in a clear glass.

Christmas Margarita

This Christmas Margarita is always a huge hit for Holiday gatherings and so simple to make. Flavored with cranberry, pomegranate, lime and Tequila.
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Naughty and Nice Cocktail in a clear glass.

Naughty and Nice Cocktail

Have you been good or bad this year? Whatever the case may be, you are sure to need a good drink by Christmas with this Naughty and Nice Cocktail. It is made with whiskey, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and orange juice for a blend of sweet and tangy flavors.
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