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Fun Food for Kids

We just love fun food for kids! In fact, coming up with fun food ideas is where it all started for me.  I have so many great memories of making my boys fun meals, healthy snacks and treats.

These Candy Land Cookies are a bright and colorful treat and this Dunkaroo Dip is a guaranteed hit. And for something different, try these adorable Cheese and Olive Penguins!

Don’t miss Wild Eats and Adorable Treats, our fun food book that has many recipes for you to try as well. It’s an awesome way to introduce new foods to your kiddos if they are picky eaters as well as get them in the kitchen with you to make a new creation.

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Our Latest Fun Food Creations

Even now as my boys grow older, I’m always trying to make new fun foods for them to enjoy. And, let’s be real – myself! Just because we call it “fun food for kids”, doesn’t mean that the adults can’t love it too.